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Highlights from the world of vanity.                           January 6, 2009
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False breasts in a boxBosom buddies help determine implant size

The tricky thing about breast implants is deciding upon the right size, wouldn't you say?  The traditional method of determining just how much your cup size should runneth over is to "try them on" during consultations with your cosmetic surgeon.

But we're not talking about a pair of jeans here.  Sure, you can strap on the falsies and check yourself out in the doctor's mirror, but you're going to have to LIVE with these things.  Any new chassis, whether it's boobs or a Buick, should be taken for a test drive.  After all, we really need to know if they're going to be in the way when we slam the tailgate or bend over to rinse our face in the sink.

Of course, we're not the first to think of this. Click here for more on the story.

Organic products hit the skidsUSDA Seal
Over the last few years, consumers have demanded natural ingredients in their personal care products.  Political organizations were spawned to lobby Washington and educate the public about potential toxicity in hair shampoos, makeups, sunscreens.  Enormous investments were made to launch new products that could receive the Holy Grail of approval - USDA certification of organic.  But we're a fickle bunch of consumers and now that the stats are in, the sad truth is - we don't like organic products. LookinGood explains here.
Winterizing your skin
Everything takes more work in the winter no matter where you live.  In Tucson, Arizona, it can snap from 80 degrees to 30 in a day's cycle, then rain like hell for a week.  On the East Coast, we've been layering our clothing since October.  Whatever the weather prediction, winter means protecting your skin, and LookinGood has some real and inexpensive tips for the "tips" of you.

Ives RocherYves Rocher dies at 79
Yves Rocher, who founded the beauty company that carried his name for 50 years, died last week.  Rocher began his career selling hemorrhoid medicine. He founded his beauty company in 1959 as a mail order business, selling products that delivered "beauty from plants."   You might say he was ahead of his time. 

More can be found on the LookinGood Briefly page.
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Gina Maniscalco,
Chief Vanity Officer

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