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Organic Fruit
Consumer Boycott of 'Organic' Cheater Brands Begins

FINALLY, the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) has voted to ask the USDA to enforce the law for organic personal care products the same way they do for organic food. This would mean shampoos and other body care products that claim to be organic, but are not certified, would be forced to drop the organic claims made on their products or improve formulations to meet organic standards.  While we wait for the USDA to adopt the recommendations, the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) has called for a boycott on several products for fraudulent claims.  Click here for the list.

GinaBo-Tax passes; Bo-Po Campaign stiffens

Oh, I love a little controversy!  The Bo-tax, which passed and is now included in the Senate health care bill, has twisted more underwear than Tiger Woods!  The 5% tax on cosmetic procedures has brought together very unlikely political bedfellows - "L Word" fans who have never worn lip gloss or high heels are teaming up with Hollywood plastic surgeons to decry the tax as unfair to women. But of course, I have a solution to the problem.  Click here to learn about the Bo-Po Tax, designed to tax men equally for their own "lift."

La Mer Creme de la MerLa Mer Creme de la Mer
This $130 an ounce crème didn't pass even the minimal test for LookinGood.  Basically it's water, thickening agents and some seaweed, which, before you get excited, is also in your table salt. And some of the ingredients are considered hazardous by the experts.  See the review here.

Glossy lipsMaxoLips for the pucker
We found this cute press release that shared the "secret" behind those luscious lips at the recent American Music Awards. It was a lip plumper called MaxoLip.  Now, we don't seem to sound skeptical but it would really only be a secret in Hollywood the celebrities weren't painting on a little plumper to make their puckers pop. (whew!)  But the secret they are talking about is rather irritating.  Read more.

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