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Highlights from the world of vanity.                        December 30, 2009
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Gina and the LookinGood Team
Jared AllenHairball:
A new game in the NFL

Jared Allen is never going to end up on the cover of GQ. Leave the magazine covers to the pretty-boy quarterbacks like Tom Brady and Tony Romo.

But it was that same 6-6, 270-pound, scruffy defensive end for the Minnesota Vikings who recently grabbed the spotlight for ... of all things ... his hair.  There's an amazing interview on YouTube with Allen talking about his mullet and the lifestyle it represents. Apparently, it involves extra mayonnaise. Who knew?  Click here for more.

Bo-tax out, Tan-tax in
The proposed 5% excise tax on cosmetic surgery and other vanity procedures was taken out of the Senate health care bill last week and replaced with a 10% excise tax on consumers of tanning salons.  The tanning industry is burning, of course.  Critics say it would only raise half the money of the so-called Bo-tax, and they are right.  Read on.

Lady with fingers in her earsThe do's and don't of everything "holiday"

There are so many people who want to give us advice around this time of year, convinced of impending doom.  How to avoid "holiday behavior problems" (who wants to?); etiquette rules for bringing home that special someone for the first time (don't mention Grandma's teeth); travel tips for safe, pleasurable journeys  (leave the kids behind); diet disasters (bring 'em on); what gifts to bring the perfect hostess (another martini).  So, here are a few words to the wise that we picked up in our research, including some illuminating advice about bad breath.

New skin for the New Year?
If you are a man or woman considering microdermabrasion to eliminate those fine lines or acne scars, there are two things two keep in mind: You want it hard and you want it rough. Microdermabrasion is the buffing of the skin with the grains of diamond (the hardest substance on earth) or aluminum oxide crystals.  Learn more here.
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Gina Maniscalco,
Chief Vanity Officer

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