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A compromise approach to the

By now, most of you have heard that the health care bill currently in the Senate includes an excise tax of 5% on cosmetic surgery and a host of other elective procedures, including teeth whitening and Botox.  It's nicknamed the "Botax," and so far, isn't all that popular.
Plastic surgeons and esthetic specialists are against it - it hits them right in the pocket.  But the opposition also makes a good point that this tax burden is lopsided between the genders: "86% of cosmetic surgery patients are female ..." said Dr. Michael McGuire, the president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).  So women are the ones who will shoulder the majority of the burden.
Personally, the move could send me directly to the poor house, given the amount of money I spend on upkeep, but I understand that we all have to rise to a national crisis.  I do, however, think that men and women should shoulder the burden equally, so my proposal is that we also add a 5% excise tax on pornography and combine the two into The BoPo Tax!

It's a brilliant idea, so let me explain it to you by clicking here.  We're going to start a new campaign!

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Things you might have missed

Researchers  conducted a random survey of plastic surgeons recently and found that only 62% of them reported having undergone at least one type of minimally invasive procedure, and only one-third of the respondents reported having at least one surgical procedure, the most common of which was liposuction. Female plastic surgeons get significantly more minimally invasive procedures than their male counterparts.
A new iPhone application is on the market "to answer your most pressing plastic surgery questions."  Dr. David Shafer has developed an app called, appropriately, "The Shafer Plastic Surgery App." From your phone you can gain access to the doctor's database for research and even send questions to the good doctor himself.  The app costs $2.99.
The LookinGood Staff reviewed a list of nine things a person should really think twice about doing as part of their vanity regimen. Unfortunately, we have been doing most of them for a long time and aren't about to give them up.  Are you living dangerously in your grooming regimen?

Oh yes, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.  This holiday, follow my motto: Eat good food, be kind; tell the truth.  Unless you are speaking with your mother-in-law.

Welcome to the newcomers!

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