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Campaign for BodycruZade HQthe
Perfectly Groomed Man

Land sakes, Gillette is at it again!  They want our men to shave every inch of their bodies, and they are not giving up until we have a nation of hairless hammerheads!

First came the manscaping campaign telling our boys they should shave their privates because "The tree looks taller when there is no underbrush."   Evidently that metaphor didn't work, because now, Gillette's launching a new campaign called The BodycruZade, recruiting women to demand that men "make life smoother" for them.

"Entourage" actress, Emmanuelle Chriqui, is the campaign manager, and encourages women to join the campaign by sending a clever, customized video to that special someone, giving them a fake award for "The Perfectly Groomed Man."

My-oh-my, just look at that video, it must be downright torture for men not to run right out and shave themselves like sheep!  Why, the BodycruZade campaign office looks like a Playboy bunny audition room!

Now, I have several more questions about this, as you can imagine, so follow me to the whole story and let's get to the bottom of this, no pun intended.

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Things you might have missed

  • Gillette's not the only one getting into the neck-down grooming product business with men.  New York Giant's defensive end, Michael Strahan is demonstrating moves for a 15-minute workout in a new TV ad for Vaseline Men's Lotion.  According to the New York Times, only 17% of men in the US use moisturizers on their body, but Vaseline says its because they didn't have the right kind of product. Of course!
  • "From the Battlefields of Iraq Comes a New Weapon in the War Against Wrinkles; New Anti-Aging Protocol is Unique in Cosmetic Recovery Industry."  That is the lead to a press release about a new infusion technique that was developed as a result of research underwritten by DARPA (the covert agency of the United States Department of Defense).  It seems we're getting something out of the war.
  • LookinGood reviewed Power Tools for Women last week, and boy, do the gals in the office feel empowered!  We featured ultrasound machines that pulsate sound waves at your face, personal pleasure toys cleverly disguised as working razors and vibrating mascara wands to add challenge to your makeup morningLike we say around here, you can never have too much technology.
  • Lastly, if you haven't seen Chris Rock's movie "Good Hair," you are doing yourself a disservice.  We reviewed it, but you should see it.

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