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One more thing to wine about

Vanity, thy name is teetotaler?  Say it isn't so!  We know that heavy booze consumption breaks capillaries in our cheeks, so we gave up whiskey.  Beer puffs our eyes, so fine, it's fattening anyway.  Red wine stains our teeth, gives us bad breath (you didn't know that?) and the heart benefits have been debunked.  But, white wine?  That soft, sweet, utterly sociable libation that resembles water?  Surely it can be our small decoy from the daily mundane?

Nope.  It rots your teeth.

This appalling news was reported by the Journal Nutrition Research, following a study from Johannes Gutenberg University in Germany, that declares white wine to be corrosive, worse than red, and brushing your teeth after drinking it only makes it worse.  The researchers tested eight red and white wines from Germany, France, Italy and Spain on teeth that had been pulled from men and women ages 40 to 65.  They dropped the teeth in wine, and then checked them after a 24-hour soak.  Brace yourself.  "Within the limits of this study, it can be predicted that frequent consumption of white wines might lead to severe dental erosion," said co-author Dr Brita Willershausen...If teeth have been softened by exposure to acids, the damage can be made worse by excessive brushing of the teeth too soon afterwards."

Oh for heaven sakes, is there no way out of this? Curse you, Researcher Willershausen!  And the rest of your team - Birgül Azrak, Christian Kloß, Angelika Callaway and even you, Burkhardt Schulz-Dobrick!  Who said you could use those teeth, anyway?  I demand a recount!  What could you possibly know with names like that?

There is a way to help, the report concludes.  Cocktail parties.  Well, not actually parties, but events where we might also consume calcium-rich foods like cheese and desserts, which can offset some of the damage.  That, and controlling saliva, which rots your teeth worse than anything.

So, the final word is this: if you will continue to consume white wine, you should eat a lot of cheese and spit frequently. 

Anyone seen the spittoon?

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Things you might have missed

  • See Spot run.  Several salon-quality, big name brands have expanded their hair care into pet care.  Paul Mitchell, Keihl's and TIGI, the folks who make Bedhead, are all marketing pet shampoos and conditioners, with many of the same ingredients they use in product for us.  Toto, your coat is so soft and you smell like cucumber-vanilla!
  • We promise to keep you abreast of the saga on Carrie Prejean's breasts and her right to keep them - or at least the money that paid for them.  The Miss California Committee thinks it has a money-back guarantee on the implants she got in preparation for the Miss USA contest. 
  • A massage by any other name would be more acceptable, but don't cringe when you see that a spa offers lymphatic drainage as a choice.  Let the masseuse work the toxins out of your body by hitting some of the major lymph node system points. 
  • It isn't enough that people, mostly women of course, have to decide whether or not to check themselves into the local surgeon's office for a facelift, now we have to worry about our feet.  An increasing number of women are requesting toe tucks instead of tummy tucks.

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