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A  briefing on stuff you're interested in, but too embarrassed to admit.           October 14, 2009

Body Heat Ad

Boys to Men: Peddling adult entertainment to the not-so-adult

Here at LookinGood, we pay attention to 3P advertising (Products, Processes and Plastic Surgery) for our readers. I am particularly amused by those promotions that involve reducing men to sex symbols.  It is easy on the eyes, and brings a smile to my face to see men being judged solely for their looks.  Women endure it each day, but more and more pressure is being put on the boys.  Today, however, I do mean "boys."

Parfums de Coeur has launched a controversial video ad so provocative, even MySpace won't run it.

Now before your hot, moist hand goes flying for the link above to see the video, hear me out.  Only someone between the ages of 16 and 23 would think the video was anything but cheesy.  But that is exactly the group they're looking for.  The problem is that they are promoting the contest to boys who are underage or barely out of their junior jockeys.  Read on.

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Things you might have missed

  • Fat City, or cities, that is.  When you look in the mirror and tell yourself that lots of people are chubbier than you are, you are speaking the truth.  TotalBeauty.com
    pulled together a bunch of data and rated "The Ten Cities with the Most Cellulite."  ff you live in Birmingham, Alabama, here's the link to Weight Watchers.
  • Fungus Fighters:  Here's a little potion of sorts for your manicure or pedicure to keep away the germs.  Pour the contents of the packet into your soaking water when your nail technician isn't looking.  SaniManiPedi is the latest in prevention.

  • The Broads are Back in TownMaybelline and More Magazine have launched a four-part, sit-com series on the 'Net about a group of women at the office called, The Broadroom.  It might sound like a tired script, but it was written by the creator of Sex and the City.

  • Wipe that frown from your face: You might be able to do it without nitrous oxide or surgery, too.  Ultrasound is the latest process for lifting foreheads and brows.  Just zap some sound waves at your head and you're good to go.  Let us know if you start hearing any satellite signals. 

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