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A  briefing on stuff you're interested in, but too embarrassed to admit.           September 30, 2009

The Occasional LookinGood Giveaway

Chris Noth55-year-old Chris Noth, the man who played "Mr Big" in Sex and the City is the new spokesman for Biotherm Homme, one of the most successful high end men's product line. The company launched the campaign with a way too long, 4-minute video of Noth doing a photo shoot.  Eyes blinking in slow motion, he oozes sex appeal. Listen, I think the guy is hot, but this is just short of gay porno.  Anyway, he is hawking Force Supreme Total Reactivating Anti-Age Gel.  It's a mouthful for a product name, but claims that skin is "resubstanced, wrinkles are diminished and dullness is eliminated."  We here at LookinGood would like to know if that is true. Interested in trying it? Click here to volunteer.
Wrinklies and Frownies

The next giveaway comes from my favorite catalog, the Vermont Country Store.  Both the website and book contain produ
cts from the last 100 years.  For the nostalgic, we offer Wrinklies and Frownies, a masking tape-like products for eliminating frowns lines between the eyes and along your mouth. The product has been around since 1889 and its simple adhesive patches are worn overnight for best results.  If you are up for trying these, let me know if you want the forehead patches (Wrinklies) or the frown line cure (Frownies). Click here to request them.


And last, LookinGood received multiple boxes of Fit and Pretty Glue on Fingernails by Revlon, just in time for the fall party season.  They are adorable in different colored french nail patterns, and will make a gal wearing them want to itch her nose in public.   Click here to get 'em while they last.

Some of you already know that these giveaways come with a hitch.  You have to tell all the rest of us how it worked.

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Things you might have missed

  • In Our Opinion Section, two women differ on the need to wear makeup to look like you aren't wearing makeup, and the technique of photoshopping your pictures.  Michelle thinks both are stupid and Gina thinks they are a necessity and a constitutional right.
  • Personal care products, unfortunately, are one of the least regulated consumer commodities on the market.  At least one national organization is focused on protecting us from dangerous ingredients in the products we use each and every day.  The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics wants to educate the public.
  • Shake your booty, baby, unless yours is flat.  If there is no padding on your backend and you're brave, let us explain to you about Buttock Augmentation.  You might never look back, but others will.
  • Despite what the New York Times says, the no-eyebrow look is not catching on.  People are looking for ways to thicken or replace their eyebrows.  There is eyebrow pencil, cosmetic tattooing and there are eyebrow wigs that you can glue on your forehead. So many choices and only two eyebrows.

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