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A  briefing on stuff you're interested in, but too embarrassed to admit.           September 17, 2009

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Let's get right to it.  Eyelash growth products work.  Some work to varying degrees, but for the most part, they are what they claim.
Chrissy's eyes after
Those beautiful eyes belong to Chrissy, from the University of Maryland, who bought LiLash® on eBay for about
$100, $39 less than the suggested retail price.  She followed the directions carefully, complained only of a little burning in her eyes if she was sloppy with the solution, and voila - she could be a commercial!

I bought the more expensive Latisse® (there is a picture on the site) and I basically can't wear glasses because my lashes get wedged against the lenses.  Okay, I am exaggerating a bit, but it really does bring new meaning to "lashing out."
We compare efficacy, price, and results on the website, so If you interested in increasing your flirtability - click here to read the rest of the story.

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Live, in New York, it's the HBA Global Expo

The Health and Beauty Association puts on an annual expo for the cosmetic, fragrance and personal care products industry.  And because the nice lady in the PR office has never heard of LookinGood, I got a press pass.  Thank you nice lady.
The show is not for consumers, it's for people who want to sell products to us, so there are riveting educational sessions on "Quality Strategies in Package Development," "Polymers: A Powerhouse Overview" and "Up-Close and Personal with Colgate Palmolive" (I really hated missing that last one.)
But the big trend news is ingestible beauty care or nutri-cosmetics. I will tell you more about them in the weeks to come, but here is a sample of what you might expect to find in the stores soon:
  • Collagen Marshmallows, direct from Japan.  Each packet contains 3000 mg of collagen, but also about 2000 calories.  You'll have great skin, but you'll be fat.
  • Hai Tai Confectionery Beauty Style Banana Choco Bar.  Similiar to a Mars Bar, this creation from South Korea claims clinical studies in certain oats and fiber are especially beneficial to the skin.
  • Complexion Tea from Austrailia. Herbs and antioxidants.  What did you expect from the Down-Unders?
  • Rodial Skinny Beach Sticks.  My personal favorite from the UK.  You can dissolve this powder into your cocktail, boost your tan and get thinner, all at the same time! 

There are many, many more, and as soon as I eat and drink my way through this conference, I will be back at my computer to tell you all about them.  Stay tuned.

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