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A  briefing on stuff you're interested in, but too embarrassed to admit.              August 13, 2009

Fake Congresswoman

I have nothing against plastic surgery. Of the 3 P's (Product, Process and Plastic Surgery), it is my absolute favorite.  When LookinGood makes me a millionaire, I fully intend to spend as much of my disposable income on pulling, filling, tucking, sucking, plumping and lifting as Doctor Toolate can fit into his schedule. No one will recognize me but my blind dog.

It is also true that not all cosmetic surgeons are created equal and one must be very, very careful. But leave it to The Onion to declare it a potential congressional action.  Click on the picture above for their take on a bill to protect us from bad aesthetic surgeons. My only question is - where the hell did they get her? 

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Environmental Report on SunscreensSun in her face
August is here and this is usually when everyone is out in the sun. Now would also be a good time for you to pay attention to EWG's 2009 Suncreen Guide Environmental Working Group, that tutelary gang of scientists who monitor everything man-made for its environmental impact, released its study on sunscreens mid-summer. The frightening thing is that they tested over 1,600 products and the majority of them flunked in terms of effectiveness, and even worse, many contain ingredients that the group finds unacceptable. EWG is a terrific organization, and their sunscreen report is important and timely.

Bookmark them at http://www.ewg.org/.

What I learned about my audience in the last survey
  1. You can ALL be bought.  Mention free product and you will tell me anything.  (Mark, I really did not need to know about that product you put in that special place.)
  2. Many of you referred to yourselves as "product whores."  
  3. Our African-American friends are sensitive about product selection.  "I'm a woman of color, so don't send me any white girl products!"
  4. You're all cheap.
I will be sending individual emails to those fortunate enough to be selected.  For the rest of you, this is only Round One.  You'll have another chance.

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