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A  briefing on stuff you're interested in, but too embarrassed to admit.                       June 23, 2009

Max, you helped make me what I am today. 

LookinGood LogoWhen the late Max Factor came to Los Angeles in 1910, makeup, which was only worn on stage or by women of ill-repute, "was made of ground brick dust mixed with Vaseline or lard,"  according to his biographer.  So, no more bitching about your foundation, sister.  Later, Max Factor created and controlled arguably the most well-known cosmetics line in the world.  So it is with melancholy that we should bid farewell to the company that Max Factor built, as P&G announces that they are discontinuing the brand in the US this year.  LookinGood bids farewell to the legendary brand maker.

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Skin Exposure

LookinGood LogoSelf tanners or self-delusion?

Some day in New England and across the Midwest we may see summer days when we will actually need to expose our arms and legs to the public in order to be comfortable. In the meantime, friends have asked about some of the new formulas of self-tanners on the market, so Michelle and I went to work dyeing our skin for you. Our conclusion - take pride in your paleness.  But if you are diligent, there are options. Read on.

Cellulite Begone!

Speaking of exposure, those dimples in your cheeks are cute, but the ones rolling across your thighs - not so much. The New York Times Skin Deep column weighs in on cellulite treatments and their efficacy, or lack thereof.

What I learned about my audience from the last survey.
funny criminals1.  Did you know about this "manscaping" business?     
Yes, 57%, No 43%.
2.  Have you or anyone you know ever shaved his privates?     
Same results as #1.
3.  Did it, in fact, make the man's "tree look taller?"     
No, but I may have been distracted by the bleeding - 7%    
Not sure.  I tried not to stare - 21%  
Maybe.  I couldn't help but stare - 8%    
Yes, now if he would just trim his nose hair - 29%    
No Responses - 36% (what a bunch of chickens!)  

Evidently most of you knew about manscaping, but for none of the reasons Gillette had in mind.  "It was in response to a request. For less tickling. That's all I'm saying."  Well, then, all right.  Another commented on "weed wacking vs. manscaping."  

My favorite line was simply:  "Flaccid is still flaccid."  Oh dear.  Perhaps re-potting is in order?  I've heard raising the bed to expose roots can help, too.  Or a little eye-catching decoration to change the focal point of the garden?

Anyway, nice job, True Believers.  LookinGood is going on vacation for a couple weeks, so no survey this edition.  We'll get back to you at the end of the month.  In the meantime, keep those cards and letters coming, folks.  We especially appreciate those $100 bills.

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