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A  briefing on stuff you're interested in, but too embarrassed to admit.   June 3, 2009

Manscaping makes the mainstream.


I have spent the better part of my life being teased by men about my love affair with personal grooming.  They feign superiority at new hair colors, makeup, and the occasional painful chemical peel.  But boys, the mocking is over.  Gillette has "outed" you with the astonishing news about "manscaping."

If you've been doing anything productive in your life, you might have missed the news about Gillette's new online campaign for men's body-shaving products, but you can no longer ignore it.  The website is super-slick.  Computerized video makes the visual scenes captivating.  The humans look downright HD-real, though the chicks are cheesy, and the animation looks like bathroom sign characters.

Of course, this is about selling razors - for your head, your back, all parts of the body except legs, oddly enough.  However, Gillette felt it had to come up with some metaphors to explain the perks of non-hairy living.  For underarm shaving, for instance, they explain that men should shave because "An empty stable smells better than a full one."   Promoting hairless heads, the slogan is "If your grass is patchy, mow the lawn."

Hands down (no pun intended), the best gimmick for getting men to shave their pubic area is:

"Trees look taller when there's no underbrush."

Well, hand me my garden boots and polish my pomology!  This botanical analogy has the head on my shoulders spinning!  Can this really be true?  Are men really tending this tender terrain in a new way?  Does it work?  I need the LookinGood True Believers to weigh in on this.  Because according to Gillette, "if you want to see the tree, you shouldn't have to blaze a trail to get there."  So here are my questions:
  1. Did you know about this?
  2. Have you or any man you were close to every shaved his privates?
  3. Did it, in fact, make the man's "tree look taller?"
Click here to answer the survey questions.  I'll get back to you with the results.

Gina Maniscalco
Chief Vanity Officer

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funny criminals

What I learned about my audience from the last survey.
  1. None of you can spell.
  2. No one bites their toenails, which makes at least one of you a complete liar because I have seen you do it.
  3. And we are stumped by shampoo and conditioners.  Nearly 50% of us report that we wasted the most money on hair products.  This isn't your fault.  Last year, Proctor and Gamble's Pantene offered 24 different formulas for shampoos, 25 different conditioners and 9 different shampoo/conditioner combinations.  No wonder going to the drug store can be such an emotional experience.  This year, companies are evidently pulling back on "hyper-segmentation" so I guess that means we can all hyperventilate a bit less.
If you're sick of wasting money and really want nature to help you, LookinGood recommends you go to the Hair Care Center of Pioneer Thinking and read about what is in your garden and grocery store that might serve you better than salon brands.  The website could use an uplift of its own, but the information is pretty good.  In the meantime, Michelle has reviewed a product for frizzy hair that didn't quite live up to its hype.

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