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Are Social Security's Doctors Guided by Any Rules?
How Long Do You Have to Wait to File for Disability?
2008 Update on Taxes, Wages, Earnings and more...
Breaking News from Social Security
Why Such Long Delays to Get An Answer on Your Claim?
Can You Ever Lose Your Benefits?
Help With Your Creditors
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What Rules Apply to Social Security Consultative Examiners?
Green book
The "Green Book" is Social Security's manual which dictates specific guidelines for  Social Security doctors who examine claimants.

Take a look.

Green Book

How Long Do You Have to Wait to File for Disability?
Filing a claim
You can file as soon as you stop working, even if you are still on your company's payroll and receiving sick pay,  vacation pay or short term disability.

You can also file even if you are collecting unemployment benefits or workers compensation benefits.

As soon as you know you cannot work because of a disability, you should file immediately.
2008 Social Security Update on Taxes, Wages, Earnings, SSI Rates and Medicare Premiums

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Welcome to the fourth edition of our Disability Claims Digest. 

We have all heard of the nightmares that people experience when they file for Social Security disability such as: it could take one to two years before a claimant will receive a determination on their claim; that claims are denied for reasons that do not make sense to us; that other people who have applied for disability benefits at the same time as us get their claims approved; and  yet we still sit and wait and wonder about what will happen with our own claims. 

Social Security is very well aware that the public is tuned into these serious problems and they are trying to implement new policies and procedures that will make the process better.  Some of the more important changes are discussed below. 

Many people worry that once they are approved for disability benefits that they could have their benefits taken away in the future.  We address these concerns in detail.

While we sit and wait and wait and wait for an answer on our disability claim applications, we find that the wolves are at our door trying to collect debts that we just cannot pay.  We share some excellent advice on how to keep the wolves at bay while you are waiting for your claim to be determined.

Many of the topics that we will discuss in our monthly digests are frequently asked questions by our clients, and we hope that the information we are sharing will help to clarify some of these complicated issues.

We warmly welcome the referral of anyone that you know who may need help with their Social Security disability claim.  If you have any questions or need help with the processing of your  disability claim or with applying for Medicaid, Medicare or welfare benefits, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are here to help.

You can reach us at:



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Please visit our website for more helpful information and guidance regarding the Social Security claims process.
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Breaking News from
the Social Security Administration...

Breaking News

Social Security Holds First Hearing on Compassionate Allowances

       Social Security Opens First National Hearing Center

Why Does it Take So Long to Get an Answer on Your Disability Claim?

frustrationSocial Security wants the public to know that it is trying to fix existing problems within their claims process.  They have announced recently that they are trying to reduce the delays in backlogs and processing of claims.  One way they are attempting this is to quickly award claims that should clearly be won. 

Another way that Social Security is attempting to fix the backlog of claims is going paperless.  They now require that applications be electronically filed for disability claims and they also require submission of medical evidence to be faxed into their e-file system. 

Unfortunately, because of serious budgetary issues, Social Security is presently not replacing personnel who are retiring and do not have enough funds to hire new staff.  They have a huge shortage of Administrative Law Judges and need to hire many more.   Basically, Social Security's hands are tied because they do not have the funding which would help to make their claims process more efficient.
Can I Ever Lose My Benefits?

Piggy bankSocial Security is not supposed to cut off disability benefits for an individual unless his or her medical condition has improved.  When Social Security reviews a case of someone already on Social Security disability benefits, they continue benefits in the vast majority of cases.  In recent years, Social Security has been doing a few reviews to determine whether or not individuals already on Social Security disability benefits are still disabled.  Now Social Security performs these reviews more often.  Again, unless a claimant's medical condition has improved enough to be able to go back to work on a regular consistent basis, the benefits should not be discontinued.
Help With Your Creditors

stop creditor harrassment

Many individuals who are unable to work because of medical difficulties find themselves unable to pay their bills.

If you are receiving collection letters and telephone calls from your creditors while you are waiting for your Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income claim to be processed, here is what to do.

You should contact your personal representative/attorney who is helping you with the processing of your claim and ask for letters to be sent to your creditors confirming that you have filed for Social Security disability benefits and that your claim is pending.  Your representative/ attorney can request that the collection agency place a hold on collection activity pending the determination of your disability claim.

Oftentimes, when creditors receive these letters, the creditors will work with you.

From The President's
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It is our mission to help as many people as we can to make their way through the frustrating claims process.  We are here to help anyone who is on this journey.  In addition to excellent representation services, we provide all of our clients with guidance, words of comfort, compassion, encouragement and kindness.

We hope that you have found the information we have shared in our Digest to be of help to you.  If you know of anyone that may benefit from this information, please forward our newsletter along to them by using the link below.

Until next time, take care and be well.
Sincerely yours,

Lisa S. Wagman, CP
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