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Volume 1                                                                                                          Copyright 2007
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Definition of "Disabled"
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Our DIsability Forum
Sick Leave and Disability
What are the "Listings"?
Can You Receive Multiple Benefits?
How Can We Help?
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Frustration City!
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Statistics show that the chances for approval of disability benefits are greatly increased with the services of a skilled and trained professional!

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Social Security's Definition of "Disabled"

"the inability to do any substantial gainful activity [work] by reason of a medically determinable physical or mental impairment which can be expected to result in death or which has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months".

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Our Disability Forum
Please visit our disability forum where you can  post a question, respond to a post or share any of your thoughts and experiences with us and others that are on the same journey.
Sick Leave and Disability
Tid Bit #!
You can file for Social Security disability even if you are on a sick leave and still on your company's payroll. 
What Are The "Listings"?

Tid Bit #2

Social Security relies upon a list of impairments when they evaluate whether or not a person is disabled.

There is a list for adults and one for children.

To view the listings:

Adult listings

Children listings

Can You Receive Benefits from More Than One Source?
Tid Bit #3

You cannot receive SSI and SSDI together.

You can receive your pension or pension disability with Social Security disability if you paid into the Social Security system while you earned your pension.

You can receive workers compensation benefits along with Social Security disability but the combined sum cannot exceed 80% of the amount of your last gross income.
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People struggle every day trying to make their way through the Social Security disability claims process.  Sadly, it is the norm for claims to be denied on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, most people do not know what to do when this happens.  Oftentimes, people walk away from their claims out of sheer frustration and because it appears to be an impossible situation. As a result, people who have winnable disability claims do not pursue their claims.  They end up in dire financial straights having to live with friends, relatives, strangers, stay in shelters or may end up out on the street.  Even worse is the fact that they have no health insurance, no prescription coverage and do not get the medical treatment that they so desperately need.

The Social Security disability claim process is an extremely overwhelming journey.  Approximately 80% of all initial claims are denied.  So it is easy to appreciate how very complex the Social Security disability claim process is. 

This is where we come in.  We work very hard to make a difference in our clients lives.  We work diligently to process the claims in the most efficient and timely manner possible. 
Our services are quite unique in that we provide top notch quality representation services with a personal touch.  We do this because we genuinely do care about our clients and what they are going through.
Whether individuals are about to file, are in the midst of a claim or have already received a denial of their claim, WE CAN HELP!

Please read on to find out how we can make a difference for you, a loved one, a client, a patient, a friend... 
How Can We Help?

We take great pride in the fact that we have had a 100% success rate with our claims.  There are many reasons why we have enjoyed this success.  Here are some of the more important reasons.

First, we have instituted a policy to provide only the highest quality of personalized service to our clients. 
Second, we prepare all of the necessary documents required to be filed with Social Security.  We communicate on a regular basis with the adjudicators and hearing office to make sure that the claim is processing along.
Third, we communicate with our clients on a regular basis, we provide copies of all documents generated on the file to each of ourclients and we follow-up regularly on all evidencial requests that are made.
Fourth, we work very closely with our clients' doctors to obtain key records and reports that are needed in support of our clients' claims.
Fifth, we pay attention to every minute detail, obtain every scrap of evidence that exists in support of the claim and submit a comprehensive evidence package to the Social Security Administration asking them to award the claim. 
Sixth, we evaluate medical and vocational aspects of our claims, thereby building the case to optimize the likelihood of a favorable decision.
Lastly, we oversee the accuracy and timeliness of the payment of our client's awarded benefits.
It is not the norm in our line of work to have a 100% success rate with the representation of disability claims.  We believe it speaks volumes as to the quality of the services that we provide to our clients and we are very proud of our success.
If you or someone you know is in need of our help, please contact us. 
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Did you Know? 
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Everything you wanted to know about the claims process but were afraid to ask...
Before anyone files a claim for disability, it is important to understand how the claim will be processed and how long it will take to hear whether you have won or not.  There are several phases that the claim will go through and they are as follows:
The Initial Phase
(This phase commonly takes about 3-6 months until a determination is made.)
The claim is filed at your local Social Security office and is then sent to the Division of Disability Determinations for processing.  Evidence is obtained, reviewed and assessed by the DDS office.  It is common to have Social Security send a claimant to one of their doctor's for an examination.  A determination is made and an award or denial letter is sent to the claimant.

(An appeal must be filed within 60 days of the denial)
The Reconsideration Phase (Appeal)
(This phase commonly takes about 3-6 months until a determination is made.  Some states skip this phase of the claims process.)
Appeal papers are filed with the local Social Security office and the claim is sent back to the Division of Disability Determinations for reconsideration.  If new evidence exists, it should be obtained by the DDS office.  A determination is made and an award or denial letter is sent to the claimant.

(An appeal must be filed within 60 days of the denial)
The Hearing Phase
(This phase commonly takes 1-2 years, depending upon how backed up your local hearing office is with cases. )
Appeal papers are filed with the local Social Security office again.  The claim is sent to your local hearing office and you sit and wait for a hearing date.  If there is any new evidence, it is your responsibility to submit it.  If the judge feels that you need to have a medical examination, one can be scheduled. 
If your evidence is complete, you can ask the judge to hear the matter "on the record".  This means the judge may not require a hearing if your evidence is compelling.  However, it is advisable when requesting an "on the record" review stipulating to the judge that you are not giving up your right to a hearing.  This will provide the judge with the option to hear the matter "on the record" if it is appropriate or to schedule a hearing.

(An appeal must be filed within 60 days of the denial)
The Appeals Council
(Appealing a Judge's Decision)
(This phase can take anywhere from several months to two years depending upon how backed up the caseload is.)
If you feel your claim has been wrongfully denied, you can file an appeal to have the judge's decision reviewed by the Appeals Council. 
Red tape     Frustration
Whatever you do, please don't give up!!!  If your claim is denied, and you believe that your claim should be awarded, then appeal it!!!!  Reach out to a knowledgeable disability representative and let the professional handle your claim. 
Keep in mind that there are millions of Social Security disability claims filed every year.  Unfortunately, the disability claims process is very slow and grueling.  It appears that the system is designed to be frustrating so that claimants will just give up and walk away. 
However, you can drastically improve your chances for successfully winning your claim by retaining an experienced disability representative who has proven results!  You will be very happy that you did!
From the President's desk...

We feel that the public deserves to be well educated and informed about the Social Security disability process, their rules, policies and procedures.

Much of the information that we will be sharing in our Disability Claims Digest is very difficult to find in the sea of information on line. 
Our Digest has been created to act as an educational forum to help the public find their way through the Social Security disability maze of confusion. 

We hope that you will keep a look out for our future editions which will include more important Tid Bits about the Social Security rules, policies and procedures, success stories that we have had with our clients' claims, obstacles that everyone faces while the claim is pending, the post-award process, what to expect from the moment a claim is awarded and... so much more.
People need to know that there is help out there!  Most people think they have to go it alone or think they will be successful representing themselves and unfortunately, they end up receiving denial after denial and end up just delaying the award.
Please help us to reach out to all of those individuals out there with physical and mental challenges, who are unable to work and who are in need of filing for Social Security disability benefits.  Please consider forwarding our newsletter to anyone that you feel might benefit from our services by clicking on the "forward email" link located at the bottom of this email.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by way of phone or email.
Until next time, take care and be well.
Sincerely yours,

Lisa S. Wagman, CP
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