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March Munchies! )
Better Living Through Living Foods March 2012
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  • Banana-Rama!
  • What's Non-Negotiable?
  • Savory Sweet Dreams
  • Spring Schedule
  • Spring Roll on Daytime
  • Greetings!

    It's SPRING! Always my favorite time of year, seems like most of the US has been having spring and summer-like temperatures for the past few weeks. Feeling very blessed by the beautiful weather.

    Springing into a very busy season with Worksite Wellness Workshops across the country. (If you have a company or work for one that would like to provide your personnel with the most cutting edge educational seminars for improving performance, productivity and well-being, let's talk!)

    This means a lot less time for local demos, but I do have some great events planned in Tampa Bay this spring, including a "Cinco de Mayo" Raw Fusion theme at the luxurious Rolling Pin kitchen on May 2nd. Hope you can join us!

    Was back on Daytime this morning (see air date/time info below) making -- spring rolls, of course! These Sweet and Spicy Cashew Wraps are an all-time fan favorite recipe.

    Finished a Banana series for eHow.com and filming a Pineapple one next week. What are your favorite spring recipes?

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    Sending you Spring Smiles!

    LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D. "LJ"

    allergy stomach

    My most recent 15 video series for eHow was "all about bananas" from informational segments on how to choose for ripeness to making a banana filling. While I usually stick to raw or raw fusion recipes, I also had a blast inventing some decadent creations, such as Tropical Banana Bread and a Carmelized Banana Crepe.

    My favorite recipe of the day was a simple "Boiled Bananas in Coconut Milk" which has become a breakfast favorite in my household. I also did a post on a Banana Walnut Bread which has both raw and baked options. You can read the blog here.

    However you like them, green or extra-ripe, in a shake or in a muffin, bananas are powerhouses of nutrition. They are loaded with Vitamins (C, B6) and minerals, (folate, potassium, maganese) and they are also a source of pectin, fiber and fructoligosaccharides, which help feed and sustain the important probiotic intestinal flora that contribute to healthy digestion and elimination.

    Kids love them - wouldn't it be fun to make this banana tree with them?

    What's Non-Negotiable?

    One of the most powerful things you can do is eavesdrop on the tug-o-war between warring factions in your own mind. (Although we often perceive our "self" as being singular, we are really made up of a lot of different facets, just like a jewel.)

    For example, one side is vigorously resisting your urge to change, and that seems to hold you back from taking affirmative action. The other side cheers you on as it carries a higher vision of yourself and aspires for you to grow. While you remain caught in the middle between them a vast amount of your energy is being drained. Therefore, it's no wonder you haven't been able to motivate yourself to make those changes!

    A "non-negotiable habit" can be defined as being a behavior that is holding us back from what we truly want to achieve - be it better health, more vital energy, more success, greater abundance, or better relationships.

    Learn how to pinpoint these habits with effective techniques to gain mastery over your own mind!

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT: If it is becoming non-negotiable for you to learn a healthier lifestyle to improve your overall well-being. lose and maintain weight loss, check out our latest creation - HYPNOVATION FOR HEALTH - an online system that inspires, motivates, educates and hypnovates you to a lighter and leaner future!.

    Savory Sweet Dreams

    Raw, Vegan, Gluten-Free with Raw Fusion Options

    I was watching the Dr. Oz show the other day, discussing foods that help promote restful sleep and I was struck by a combination of pumpkin seeds and applesauce, not a food combination that I would normally consider. Evidently, foods that are high in the amino acid, tryptophan (like pumpkin seeds) need to be combined with a carbohydrate in order to activate the niacin and seratonin that relax the nervous system and makes us drowsy.

    That interesting fact as well as the pumpkin seed/applesauce combination started my Raw Fusion creative juices flowing so I decided to create a scone or muffin (see below) that can help people sleep since insomnia or some kind of sleep disorder affects as many as 100 million Americans (Sleep Wellness Institute). Wouldn't it be great to just enjoy a delicious and healthy treat in the evening instead of taking medication? Let me know how these work for you (so far been getting thumb's up from friends and family but that is not exactly hard science...)


    Spring Schedule
    ehow juice blue top

    As you can see, I am doing less local appearances this spring. I may be doing a Living Foods series in May at locations in Tampa and St. Pete and will announce soon.

    Currently my schedule of Worksite Wellness and special contractual appearances is filling up and most of the time I will be traveling. If you are interesting in a booking, send me an email: lj@rawfusionliving.com or Jgerard@quantummindpress.com.

    PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer giving classes at Nature's Food Patch.

    Friday, March 23rd, 10 am (Tampa Bay) The Daytime Show - Spring Rolls

    Tuesday, March 27th Noon, South Tampa Rotary Club - guest speaker

    Thursday, March 29th 7 pm - Abby's Health and Nutrition, Carrollwood area of Tampa - Pistachio Sundried Tomato Ravioli with Saffron Creme Sauce, with food samples.

    Saturday, April 21st - AZHCC Sampler Platter: Your Body Speaks Your Mind. Are You Listening? 9 am - 12 pm, Scottsdale. Reservations required. Linda West is the other speaker at this event.
    (There will be more Arizona events and TV appearances, so check back for my full schedule)

    Wednesday, May 2nd, 6:15 pm The Rolling Pin Gourmet cooking school - Cinco de Mayo a la Raw Fusion! Reservations needed.

    Sunday, June 3rd - The Minerva Institute, Special Event - Orlando, Florida - more info coming soon.

    Spring Roll on Daytime
    cashew wrap

    Sweet and Spicy Cashew Wraps
    One of those raw food creations that makes even the most mainstream people perk up and say "This is raw food?" (I just LOVE that kind of reaction!)

    See me on the Daytime show this Friday, March 23rd - here in Tampa it's on the NBC affiliate at 10 am (I will be on probably in the midway mark as it's Segment #6) and you can check their website to see if you get this show in one of their syndicated stations.

    They will have the recipe posted on their site and you can also find it here on the Recipes page for Raw Fusion Living . com -- scroll down to find. HOWEVER, we will have the video posted over the weekend and the recipe on the main page of the blog.

    We will keep you posted through our Facebook Fan Page which is updated many times throughout the day with breaking health news, Raw Fusion Recipes, interesting tidbits and mind/body/spirit techniques. Hope you will "Like" us.

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