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Better Living Through Living Foods September 2011
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    Happy Labor Day! Summer seems to have zipped by along with the rest of this year. -- hard to believe that we have less than 4 months left in 2011.

    It was very exciting to have the cover story in last month's Tampa Bay Wellness magazine, entitled "Our Modern Food Supply -- Can you trust it?" We have reprinted this thought-provoking article below and if you would like to see the editorial version, click here.

    Tune in on Labor Day to The Daytime Show to see my latest segment on "sensible sweeteners." Considering the alarming statistics coming out about our intake of sugar (School children average 337 calories a day from sugar-based beverages) you might get some ideas for delicious, nutritious alternatives.

    Speaking of delicious and nutritious, we hope to have our "SuperSnacks" food line launched a later later this fall and will keep you updated. One of our products -- Maple Glazed Walnuts, is our monthly featured recipe.

    Enjoy the holiday!

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    LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D. "LJ"

    Our Modern Food Supply
    Old MacDonald


    Old MacDonald had a farm. And on that farm he had some chicks, cows and soybeans.

    Sadly, Old MacDonald no longer owns his farm. He simply couldn't compete with the mega corporations that control modern American farming. Oh, he tried -- but his expenses were becoming astronomical to produce the high-quality organic livestock he raised and he simply couldn't get the return he needed to eke out a living.

    So, Old MacDonald tried soybeans. Foreseeing the potential dangers inherent to genetically modified organisms, MacDonald chose to grow his crops organically. But seeds from his neighbor's genetically-engineered soybean fields blew over the fences and contaminated his crop. Then the conglomerate holding the patent on those GMO seeds, sued MacDonald for patent violations and bankrupted him. Finally, MacDonald had no choice but to sell the family farm that his family had owned and operated for more than 100 years.

    There are thousands of former farmers across the U.S. with stories like Old MacDonald. Consequently, farming, and the food we eat, isn't what it used to be. Back then, most of our food was supplied by family farmers who took pride in bringing high quality foods to American tables. Today, our food supply is controlled by a handful of businesses, constantly seeking new ways to cut costs and increase their profits. Too often, that quest for profit leads to a
    n over-processed, yet less nutritious food supply. When you shop in your local supermarket, just about every item you find on the shelves, refrigerator and freezer sections are manufactured by four or five mega-corporations. Considering how much income that generates for these monopolies, they have unimaginable resources for creating the most cutting edge marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns. READ MORE HERE

    Nuts Over Walnuts
    glazed walnuts

    In an article by Dr. David Katz, Director of the Prevention Research Center at Yale presents scientific data from a couple of studies that tout the therapeutic benefits of walnuts (which have come to be my new favorite nuts). In one study, they found that "adding walnuts to the daily diet of adults with Type 2 diabetes for two months significantly improved blood vessel health, as measured by something called endothelial function." (Source)

    A great movie to get a visual orientation on how endothelial cells function is Forks Over Knives - it was released this summer and probably available for an online download by now. These honey-comb shaped cells play a vital role in how blood flows through our arterial systems; The faster the blood surges through your arteries, the more youthful and vibrant your organs.


    Raw Fusion on Kindle!
    RF cover

    By popular demand Volume I of Raw Fusion: Better Living through Living Foods is now available on Kindle. You can buy this 366-page, information-packed book for only $9.99 at this link. link.

    Make sure to check our our special Labor Day Wellness bundle below -- available through midnight Tuesday, September 6th. $70 worth of "mind, body and spirit balancing" for only $29.95!

    YouTube Channel!
    Daytime vegan

    We have our own YouTube channel! If you've missed any of her recent recipe webisodes or Daytime TV segments you can see most of them here.

    Learn how to make nut milk, meatless Monday recipes, healthy lunches and green smoothies. We will be adding many "Recipes for Mind, Body & Spirit" instructional videos each month.

    LJ will be on the Daytime show on Labor Day discussing sensible sweetening alternatives with host Cyndi Edwards. If you miss it, naturally we will upload it soon to the Raw Fusion Living YouTube channel, so bookmark the site or become a subscriber.

    Spirulina - Green Power
    Raw Fusion Solution

    An antidoge for irregular eating habits or over-indulgence, just a few tablets of organic spirulina can do the trick. I carry spiruline tablets (easily found in health food stores, Trader Joe's or online) in my purse and take 6 tablets when I feel the need for an extra dose of greens, consume a high carb meal or to balance my blood sugar after having a dessert.

    Spirulina is derived from a tiny aquatic plant (algae) and is an Incredibly rich source of digestible protein, and other macronutrients. It also has an astounding nutritional profile that includes B12 (ideal for vegans), Thiamine, Calcium, Riboflavin, Iron and minerals.

    This reasonably-priced superfood, which contains RNA has also been shown to increase mental concentration. Can you imagine the implications of harvesting spirulina implications for solving some of this world's food shortage problems?

    Early Fall Calendar
    goldenberry vinaigreet

    NOTE: The Events page on the new and improved website will always have the most up-to-date calendar

    Monday, September 5 - The Daytime Show LJ does a segment on "Sensible Sweeteners" Check your local listings.

    Tuesday, September 6 - 9:45-10 AM EDT Radio interview on Spiritually Raw on Mind Dynamics and Jungian Archetypes. This is my audition interview so I hope you will tune in and vote for me!

    Friday, September 9th PRIVATE PARTY IN ST. PETERSBURG. To book your own private party hit reply to this email..

    Saturday, September 10th. 3 pm - Nature's Food Patch in Clearwater. Raw Fusion Asian Lettuce Wraps with Berry Creme Parfait. Free Samples.

    Saturday, September 17th 10-12 pm. Pasco Hernando Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. Rasmussen College, Land O'Lakes, Hwy 54. Demos
    Tuesday, September 20 th - Abby's Health and Nutrition, Carrollwood area of Tampa 7 pm -Goldenberry Vinaigrette Super Salad, Superfoods Shake with homemade Brazil nut milk. Free class with food samples.

    Thursday, September 22nd 6:30 pm - Powerhouse Gym in Channelside - Raw Foods = Raw Power - Lecture and Demo - Free to members and you can also call to attend.

    Saturday, September 24th 3 pm, Nature's Food Patch in Clearwater, Gourmet cooking class: Teriyaki Maple Salmon with Soba Noodles. Free samples.

    Saturday, October 1st 2-4 pm - Bellaprana Yoga Studio - Anti-Aging Workshop $30 - includes workshop, food demo. explore the real heart of an anti-aging life style including food demonstrations and tastings!
    *Learn how to integrate healthy choices through Mindset Mastery.
    *Enjoy recipe demos and tastings for delicious, nutritious super foods shakes, green smoothies, mouth-watering salads and delectable desserts.
    *Learn about super foods and supplements to create healthy skin, and simple tools for creating a healthy eating lifestyle.
    *Explore exercises, tips and techniques to enhance your inner and outer beauty. Lasting health and beauty can't be found in a cream, it is in the decisions we make every day about how we treat, nourish, and feel about our bodies!
    To register, click here.

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