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Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! November 2010
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    Holiday Greetings!

    As we enter into the spirit of the season, beginning with one of my all-time favorite holidays - Thanksgiving, this is a time very precious to the fairy realm. Fairies rejoice in expressions of gratitude, as nothing lightens the spirit more than being in the present moment, appreciating what is good about our lives -- right here, right now.

    Some time has passed since our last newsletter as I immersed myself this summer and fall in writing a series of books about a healthy new lifestyle that I developed, called "Raw Fusion." Several years ago, in response to a cascade of physical ailments, and after some in-depth research, I embarked on a diet consuming a 70-85% whole, enzyme-rich, raw foods. The results were so exciting and dramatic that I wanted to learn everything I could about this ultra-healthy, yet surprisingly gourmet lifestyle.

    At the same time, my family was intrigued but not yet willing to make as much of a commitment. This challenged me to find ways to fuse healthier "living" foods into their mainstream diet with some very positive results. I also consulted with over 20 experts in the field, who graciously agreed to share their ideas and wisdom in the Raw Fusion Living series.

    Quantum Mind Press is publishing the series; The first 2 volumes are at press right now and will be available the first week of December. Volume I features some very educational and inspirational information (see more details below) and Volume 2 has over 150 delicious recipes, so they work very well together as a set. For that reason, we are offering a special 2 volume price until December 8th to all of our newsletter and facebook subscribers. I would be happy to autograph the books - just make sure to include a note about this and to whom with your payment!

    Enjoy our fairy special Black Friday offers!
    Until very soon -

    Get the pair today!


    A Magical Black Friday

    Only with fairy magic, can one item turn into two!

    All the fairies at Fairy Line Naturals hope you have a Thanksgiving weekend filled with great food and even better company! When the feasting is done, you'll have these great deals to look forward to. Valid 11/26 - 11/30 only!

    Whimsical Wishlists
    Magic Wishlist helps track your holiday purchases!

    With Fairy Line's new Magic Wishlist feature, you can easily track your (or your loved ones') favorite items, making it simple to plan ahead for the future purchases–like holidays, birthdays or even a well-deserved self-appreciation gift!

    The Magic Wishlist is particularly useful for parents and grandparents; your child can pick out the products s/he likes and you can use it as holiday shopping guide. Even for the person who has everything, Fairy Line products make unparalleled, thoughtful gifts.

    To start your Magic Wishlist, just login to your account and start clicking the "Add to Wishlist" button on the pages of items you like! You can even record the quantity you need of each item. To see a wishlist in action, visit Fairy Florentina's page.

    Raw Deals
    Raw Fusion: Better Living Through Living Foods

    Raw Fusion:
    Mix 1 part plant-based raw foods
    w/1 part healthy mainstream meals.

    Even at its normal retail price of $34.95, the Raw Fusion Combo Pack – featuring health lifestyle guide Better Living Through Living Foods and un-cookbook Recipes – is a steal, but at the member-exclusive pre-sale price of $24.95, you'd be crazy not to snatch up these tasty morsels! This deal won't last long, so get your copies today. Books will begin shipping by 12/8.

    Get the pair today!

    Raw Fusion: Better Living Through Living Foods
    • Cutting edge contributions from 25 raw food leaders, including Angela Elliott, Tera Warner, Susan Schenck and Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo
    • Fantastic 7 day meal plans
    • Advanced therapeutic techniques to help you achieve your goals
    • Creating a raw fusion kitchen, pantry and toolkit
    • Tips to turn nutritious foods into delicious foods
    • How individual foods impact your body, mind and well-being
    • Satisfying healthy alternatives for your favorite comfort food cravings
    • Accompanying recipe book features 150+ healthy, easy-to-prepare, mouth-watering meals and snacks, from fast and easy to gourmet and sophisticated
    Raw Fusion: Recipes
    • Innovative and mouth-watering recipes from 20+ contributing raw food chefs, including Angela Elliott, Linda Wooliever, Elaina Love and Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo
    • 150+ extraordinary recipes from ultra-simple to sophisticated gourmet
    • Tips, techniques and commentary to maximize your eating experience
    • Satisfying healthy alternatives for your favorite comfort food cravings
    • More than 30 color photographs
    • Lose weight naturally by eating right!

    Fairy Therapy™ - I am Grateful to My Body Meditation
    Meditating Fairy - Amy Brown

    Thanksgiving is always a good reminder of all the things we have going for us – whether a good family, a good job, a good home. However, one fortune people often overlook are their own bodies! This holiday, take the time to appreciate your body and thank it for the work it does.

    Lying flat, with your body comfortable and stretched out, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Let your mind focus on your breath and observe the gentle coolness and then warmth as your breath goes in and out, in and out. Spend the next few moments connecting with your breath.

    You are feeling comfortable and relaxing more with each breath. You do not allow any outside sounds to interfere with your relaxation. You are going deeper and deeper into a calm and comfortable state of relaxation. Now take another deep breath. As you exhale give thanks to your eyes for giving you the gift of vision to see the beauty of the world. Inhale into the ears, which receive the sounds of the world without bias; exhale and give them thanks for your hearing.

    Gently inhale into your brain, giving it thanks for your ability to think. Inhale into your mouth and give it thanks for the experience of communicating your thoughts. Inhale into all the muscles of the body, giving thanks to each muscle cell for providing mobility and constant support. Repeat this process for all parts of your body, including your limbs, organs, circulatory system, and anything else you can think of.

    Take several more deep breaths, being aware of each one. Now imagine yourself being wrapped in a cocoon of soft, safe, and warm pink love energy. You are at peace with yourself and with the world. All is calm and in harmony.

    Excerpted from Raw Fusion: Better Through Living Foods with permission (Quantum Mind Press, 2010). Adapted from a technique created by Agnes Guibout, Ph.D. Image © Amy Brown Art.

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