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Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! August 2010
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  • Super secret sale!
  • This book could change your life
  • Raw foods classes
  • Fairy Therapy™ - Animal Therapy
  • See us on TV! We're so excited that Fairy Line Naturals creator Dr. LindaJoy Rose will appear on The Daytime Show, that we just had to tell you. But that's not all! Scroll down for information on a super secret sale coming up soon!

    On Monday August 2, Dr. LindaJoy Rose will share her green smoothie secrets on popular program The Daytime Show – which has hosted such guests as Angelina Jolie, Jay Leno, and Oprah. Dr. Rose's feature takes place in the fourth segment of the show.

    If you've haven't got the chance to attend any of Dr. Rose's classes, now you can learn all about the amazing green smoothie – from the comfort of your home! This great intro to raw foods can help you decide whether or not you'd like to take the next step in committing to this lifestyle.

    Green smoothies blend fresh veggies and fruits into a delicious, power-packed drink. The fruits disguise the taste of the veggies, but you get the nutritional benefits of both, which creates an ideal food combination and supplies your body with an incredible amount of phytonutrients and antioxidants. Just one green smoothie everyday can offer great health advantages.

    The Daytime Show reaches ~115 markets, so check the list to see where you can watch. Tampa residents can catch the show on NBC at 10am.

    Super secret sale!

    This upcoming sale is so HUGE, we've had to keep it tightly under wraps – but just for you, our loyal newsletter fans, we'll give a sneak preview For starters, to warm you up for these insane discounts, we've slashed prices on some of our most popular Fairy Gift Sets.

    Magical Fairy Room Decor Kit. Create an enchanted fairy grotto with this spectacular collection of our hand-made, original designed wings, and artwork! Now only $59.95.

    Super Deluxe Fairy Safe & Sound Sleep Kit. Ten of our most popular items, like Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams & Anti-monster Mist, beautifully packaged at a great value. Now only $64.95.

    Rainforest Holiday Gift Collection. A comprehensive bath kit featuring natural fragrances of ylang ylang, ginger and green tea extract. Now only $34.95.

    Now for your hint – the shopping world recently went crazy over Fairy Line when we teamed up with shopping engine Zulily to offer our famously chic Fairy Tea Party sets at ridiculously low, never-before-seen prices.

    Watch out for our next newsletter when you learn what Fairy Tea Party items go on sale at least HALF!

    This book could change your life

    With American obesity levels at record highs and vitamin intake at a record lows, many Americans feel tired and burnt-out with their diets, but feel powerless to make any meaningful changes. High-caloric, low-nutritional, processed, and pre-packaged foods confront consumers at every turn. The food industry has conditioned us to think that we have no other options readily available – but that couldn't be farther from the truth!

    In Raw Fusion: Better Living Through Living Foods, raw foods chef and psychologist Dr. LindaJoy Rose shows that a healthy, nutritious diet doesn't mean breaking the bank or breaking your back, and she provides you with all the tools you need to get started.

    Dr. Rose's original raw fusion concept involves blending the Standard American Diet with a Raw Foods Diet. Raw fusion never means depriving yourself or sacrificing taste; instead, Dr. Rose teaches you how to substitute healthy foods for unhealthy ones, as you increasingly move towards eating unprocessed, whole foods in their purest, freshest forms.

    Written in an accessible manner and packed with practical information and anecdotes, Raw Fusion combines:

    • delicious recipes
    • kitchen equipment suggestions
    • budgeting tips
    • nutritional advice
    • and more!
    Over 15 experts in the raw food field are contributing informative essays and innovative recipes to Dr. Rose's pioneering book on Raw Fusion.

    Raw foods classes

    Dr. LindaJoy "The Raw Food Fairy" Rose will lead many exciting, life-changing classes this August – close your summer with a dose of tasty, delicious raw food! Make sure you reserve your spot as classes fill quickly!

    Raw Foods Potluck, August 8 from 1-3pm at Abby's Health and Nutrition on N Dale Mabry Hwy. A great opportunity to try new raw dishes, meet new friends, and learn more about the living foods lifestyle. Bring a raw dish or organic fruits to share. FREE!

    Raw Foods Picnic, August 20 at Whole Foods, Tampa. Your friends won't believe that your nut burgers are 100% meat-free! FREE!

    Raw Foods 101, August 23. Secrets of Green Smoothies and Healthy Salad Dressings! Learn how raw foods can improve your life and get the knowledge and recipes to start you on your journey. Brand new classes at Rollin' Oats in South Tampa (MacDill and Cypress) and August 26 in St. Petersburg. FREE!

    Raw Portobello Pesto Pizza, September 16 at Abby's. A new healthy twist on an favorite American classic! FREE!

    Fairy Therapy™ - Animal Therapy

    This month, the Fairy Girls Club™ will visit Tampa's Big Cat Rescue to make a donation. To celebrate, we've decided to reshare this Fair-apy from September 2007, which honors the animal kingdom.

    You can try this with one of your precious furry friends at home – or you can expand your horizons a bit and open your heart and mind to a variety of species! Inspired by honorable and compassionate Fairy Queen Zadhara, at separate times I had the magical occurrence of connecting with a crow and a lizard; those experiences, while very brief, were unforgettable and deeply healing.

    1. It is best to be alone and undistracted while doing this exercise.
    2. Begin by taking some deep breaths - at least 3-5, while bringing the focal point of your attention gently down from your head to your heart.
    3. Regard the animal with your eyes slightly narrowed and continue to breathe gently, while sending out loving waves of your intention through your heart.
    4. Sit in silence for several moments and perceive what messages you may be receiving, without judgment or analysis.
    5. Practice makes perfect! Do not be discouraged if your mind tries to take over.

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