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Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! June 2010
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  • Natural beauty tips
  • Burgers with no meat?!
  • A magical wedding
  • Fairy nice business opportunity!
  • Fairy Therapy™ - Helping Bahari Heal

    Dear Readers,

    I know that almost every day you deal with stress. But why? Life isn't about fighting battles – it's about the joy of living your life to the fullest, finding and living your passion, and enjoying the people around you. You shouldn't give in to the inconveniences that are causing you stress – instead, learn to control your thoughts and reaction to cast out the stress from your daily activities. You will be amazed to learn how much stress you place in your own life without even realizing it.

    Let me introduce Susan Del Gatto, a Stress Management Coach with over thirty years of experience, including two published books and many e-books – and she's willing to share her simple secrets for reducing stress. I urge you to visit Susan's website. It's about Balance and Control and offers over 200 pages of free stress relief tips and techniques. But there's more!

    Susan has come up with an amazing free gift offered to all individuals that visit her site on June 8th. She has to limit this offer to a one day event since these 24 hours alone will generate thousands of packages that will keep her staff extremely busy.

    If you ever experience stress – this is a must see. So don't delay, this is one outrageous offer, stop what you're doing and check out all of the free gifts you'll receive at her site. You'll be glad you did.

    Until next month -
    Fairy Blessings,

    ~Dr. LindaJoy Rose

    Natural beauty tips

    Summer means more sun and less clothes. Feel confident by bringing out the best in your skin using our all-natural, moisturizing skin products.

    Fairy Line Naturals™ bronzers accentuate all the right places without the need for toxic (and costly) cremes. Our bronzers can:

    » moisturize and replenish your skin,
    » bring out your skin's glow,
    » highlight your best qualities, and
    » create a look of fullness and health.

    The diagram on the left shows you how to alternate two bronzers to enhance your chest. As described, you will need a bronzer darker than your skin tone, and a bronzer lighter than your skin tone.

    We suggest using our exclusive Precious Gold as your lighter bronzer and Be Bronzed as your darker one. A soft dusting of our aromatherapeutic Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams adds a unifying layer of sparkle. Fairy Dust also works great as your lighter bronzer.

    Burgers with no meat?!

    Warm weather means everybody will be enjoying a favorite traditional summer activity: picnics! Learn how to make ultra-delicious nut burgers, raw BBQ, and raw iced lemon bars! Free class! 6/17 at Abby's

    This July 4th, skip the guilt and the hot dogs - and enjoy the fireworks with delicious, nutritious, and totally raw "Angel'd Eggs" an exclusive creation of Dr. Rose and healthier than their "devilish" cousins! She will also be making mocha-iced brownies. Free class! 6/25 at Whole Foods

    In case you missed these recipes, we're always adding delicious dishes to our site: pizza, cashew wraps, & pasta. These raw meals only use natural, healthy ingredients like nuts, herbs, veggies, and fruits.

    RAW POTLUCK IN TAMPA! We will begin having these on the 2nd Sunday of each month here in Tampa. Great opportunity for raw foodists to get together and try out new dishes. Also sensational opportunity for the "raw-curious" to try out a broader spectrum of raw foods. Stay tuned for dates/places.

    RAW FUSION BOOK: Have you considered adding more raw foods to your diet? Dr. Rose's new book Raw Fusion will hit shelves this fall, full of practical advice and recipes on how you can add more raw items to your daily diet to improve your digestion, weight, and overall well-being.

    A magical wedding

    For centuries, June, with its sunshine and its flowers, positioned itself as the most popular month for weddings. With our messages of energy and renewal wrapped up inside our sensational products, Fairy Line has also remained a favorite among brides-to-be.

    With June in full bloom, we like to remember that over the years, our original wings have appeared in many weddings. Pure white designs like Sephira™ or Gabriella™ favor brides in fairy-themed weddings. Even more traditional weddings have added magic with winged bridesmaids whimsically walking down the aisle. Strewing petals in their path, younger flower girls look just like little fairies in our Baby Belle™ and Fairy Tea Party™ styles. To compliment their wings, many customers also purchase boa ribbon halos, sparkly ribbon halos, or rose headbands.

    Recently, a soon-to-wed Hollywood actress ordered matching white Sephira™ wings (pictured) and boa halos for two flower girls. "I just woke up and the box was outside my front door! Thank you so much," she gushed in an email, much to our delight. "They are beautiful! I love the halos and the cards that go with them. I will put it all in a bag with the fairy dust, and it will make a wonderful gift for the flower girls at the rehearsal dinner. They will be very excited!"

    When it comes to wedding party gifts, nothing compares with our time-tested Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams five-gram envelopes with wands, but brides love to give out our Magical Dreamkeepers, too. When we receive orders for wedding wings, we always include a complimentary 5.5 oz jar of our Fairy Dew Magical Lotion, which will safely and brilliantly glitter up the whole wedding party.

    Fairy nice business opportunity!

    Start Your Own Business for As Little as $249!

    If you're a fairy line Fairy Line™ fan, here's a great opportunity to turn your passion into a profitable business!

    Fairy Line™ is now offering Starter Business Kits with everything you need to start a profitable home-based business, including a sampling of our Magical Natural Science™ products, training videos and manuals, and marketing tips and techniques.

    For those with even greater visions, Fairy Line is actively seeking regional distributors across the country and offering some incredibly priced packages to build your business. For more information, call Fairy Robyn at 813 892-6494 or e-mail [email protected]

    Fairy Therapy™ - Helping Bahari Heal
    bahari art card

    Charles H. Settles inspired this month's Fairy Therapy™ when he shared his heartfelt, intuitive writing about the terrible gulf tragedy:

    "Bahari, Sea Nymph and Spirit of the Ocean, is deeply stressed by the Deepwater Horizon oil spillage incident. She is sea life, and she is suffering. But those who hold the sea and land sacred are demanding blood from those they believe responsible; Bahari offers hope instead of vengeance. She offers a future of joy, which will come when people become reborn to new ideas and the self-confidence that comes from taking affirmative action. Let us all mobilize in the services of those who are suffering as a result of this tragedy. The power of one mind is great - the power of many minds joined together with a noble purpose is majestic! "

    This week, let all of us offer up prayers and meditations for the lives and livelihoods threatened by this dreadful disaster. Each day, spend five minutes visualizing the angelic spirits, responding to your sincere call for help, healing the gulf. Envision that solutions are being implemented. Imagine that as a country and a world, we have received very powerful lessons about the need to honor and respect our natural environment.

    To get you into the zone for this exercise, we are offering a free download of Bahari's Sea Nymph Symphony right here.

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