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Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! May 2010
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  • A Fairy-Inspired Earth Day
  • Fairies: mom's little helpers
  • Faster surfing and great savings!
  • Create Everday Magic with your Inner Goddess
  • Veggies or pizza? Have both!
  • Fairy Therapy™ - Fairy Boxes
  • Letter from the Editor

    Fairy Greetings!

    This month we honor the women in our lives who nurture and comfort us, loving us unconditionally and always there with words of support - Moms! Sometimes the person who plays that role in our lives is not our biological mother; she can be a relative or a friend, a colleague or fairy godmother. Make sure to let her know how much she means to you this Mother's Day.

    Not everyone has been blessed with an emotionally healthy upbringing, but it's never too late to learn how to nurture and heal your own inner child. This Mother's Day weekend, make a commitment to do something very special JUST FOR YOU --No excuses! The reality of life is that every one of us needs to learn the vital skill of self-nurturing and providing the tenderest and most vulnerable part of our nature with unconditional acceptance.

    One of my favorite ways of sharing my "motherliness" with the world is by feeding people. I am pleased to announce that I will now be teaching raw foods classes in the Carrollwood area of Tampa at Abby's Health and Nutrition starting on May 13th. Hope you will come by to try some incredibly delicious and nutritious food.

    I am also facilitating a very uplifting and enlightening FREE workshop, sponsored by Whole Foods in honor of Mother's Day this Wednesday. Would love to get a chance to meet you in person, so please come by!

    Until next month, honoring the archetype of Mother in all of you!

    Maribelle-baby small

    A Fairy-Inspired Earth Day

    Fairy Line Naturals utilized green practices long before it became trendy, starting with the founding of our business ten year years ago. This year, we confirmed our continuing commitment by attending the 2010 EcoFest. So, in honor of Earth Day this past April 22, our very own Nature Fairy, Esmeralda, offered these three easy fairy-inspired ways of protecting the planet.

    1. Participate in Meatless Monday.
    The meat industry generates more pollution than all transportation — up to 1/5 of all greenhouse gases. Meat production also consumes disproportionate amounts of water and fossil fuels. "Going meatless once a week may reduce your risk of chronic preventable conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity," non-profit org Meatless Monday reports.

    2. Drink tap water instead of bottled drinks.
    Invest in a water purifier, which start at very reasonable prices, and stop using bottled or canned drinks. Drink containers, like plastic water bottles and soda cans, generate huge amounts of waste. Plus, quitting soda means you'll have more money in your pocket. If you were spending just $1 a day on soda, you can save over $350 a year — put that cash towards an energy efficient appliance!

    3. Use natural products (like ours!).
    The EPA reports that air inside the average home contains 2-5 times more pollution than the air outdoors, just because of household cleaners and pesticides. Sixty-six percent of American streams sampled in a federal study contained detergents and disinfectants. These numbers are outrageous — especially when natural, homemade cleaners work just as good as the chemical cocktails sold in stores! Soap, water, baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, borax, and a coarse scrubbing sponge can take care of most household cleaning needs. Get great cleaning recipes at World Watch.

    Fairies: mom's little helpers
    GATI robyn reading

    From Robyn Cancio, Communications Fairy

    Fairy Line Naturals was created by a therapist, and it is evident in the concept and quality of the product line. The science of the essential oils mixed with the whimsy and wisdom of the fairies, combined with the psychology behind the power of suggestion mean that these products really work and are a parent's best tool for helping their children fight their fears.

    Fairies are a symbol of hope and love, and provide a sense of awe and wonder for a young child, and the inner child, as well. The fairies are not about religion or clashing with your spiritual beliefs.

    As a mother, I trust a company that uses all natural ingredients and endeavors to be as green as possible. I prefer to support a company that invests in the well being of children and provides unique products that make life a little easier for my family. Fairy Line Naturals also provides fun services such as Fairy Tea Parties and even has a Fairy Girls Club that mentors young girls and teaches them to "Just Do Good!" in their community. It is this philosophy of "Just Do Good!" that appeals to me, in particular. Sure, the products work, and the fairy wings are beautiful; I also love the story behind each of the unique fairies. It is the company's commitment to help others and make this world a healthier, happier place that has impressed this mother the most! This is why I decided to work for them and am now in my 11th month with Fairy Line Naturals.

    FAIRY ALERT: This month's Fairy Girls Club will be held at the Easter Seals Walk With Me event in Hyde Park at 9 am May 15th. We hope you will come out to see our Fairy Girls and support this great charity. Easter Seals happens to be Dr. Rose's special project!

    Faster surfing and great savings!

    Did Shakespeare believe in fairies? Are there any upcoming fairy festivals in your area? Do fairies braid horses' tails? Do mud fairies exist? Find the answers to all of these questions and more in our new Fairy Line Blog! Every day we scour the internet for the latest fairy news, and report back on our blog — so that you can get fairy updates from across the globe, in one fun, easy-to-read, convenient location.

    Our blog is just one of many exciting new features on our improved website. The new website might not look much different on the outside, but on the inside, we have upgraded to a much more powerful software to give you a faster and better surfing experience!

    Our favorite new feature is our powerful user accounts. You can now create an account for tracking order history, storing multiple shipping addresses, and a reorder button to restock your favorite items on the fly. To see a more detailed list about the upgrade, visit our blog!

    We're celebrating with a huge Spring has Sprung! sale. In addition to scoring a FREE matching halo with any wing purchase, use coupon code FAIRYFAST to slash 15% off your order. That's not all — all wings are on sale by up to half! Get this great savings and let us know how the new site works for you!

    Create Everday Magic with your Inner Goddess

    In celebration of YOU this Mother's Day, life makeover therapist and author Dr. LindaJoy Rose will take you on a fun and whimsical journey to discover your inner goddess and tap into the wondrous wellspring of imagination and inspiration in your subconscious mind. This is a FREE class sponsored by Whole Foods, plus you will also receive special gifts!

    Goddesses are archetypes (timeless symbols) of the diverse ways eac of us share our creative gifts with the world. She will teach you how to incorporate simple reflective pauses throughout your day to balance between being-ness and busy-ness. Activate the infinite potential of your Inner Goddess and bring more joy into your life. This event will take place in Whole Foods, Tampa on Wednesday, May 5 from 6:30 to 7:30. Whole Foods is located in the Target Plaza on Dale Mabry just north of the 275 freeway

    Veggies or pizza? Have both!

    Get into Summer Shape, Naturally! On Thursday May 13, drop by Tampa's popular Abby's Health & Nutrition from 7:00-8:30 to get the low-down on Green Smoothies and Healthy Salad Dressings just in time to get ready for warm weather! This is a FREE class in the Carrollwood area of north Tampa 14374 N. Dale Mabry. Space is limited to send an email to [email protected] to reserve your space. BRING YOUR FAMILY!

    A new healthy twist on an favorite American classic! Dr. LindaJoy "The Raw Food Fairy" Rose is sharing the recipe for her beloved Portobello Pesto Pizza on May 14. This dish is so impressive and gourmet, you will astound your friends and family! Easy-to-prepare and mega-delicious, you only need a food processor to make this one at home.

    Did you know that all traditional peanut butter, even the organic kind, is filled with aflatoxin, a fungus that can live in human blood? Problem solved! We now sell Nut Butters at The Raw Food Fairy, including a delicious, raw wild jungle peanut butter, that has no molds or toxins!.

    We walk you through each step of making completely raw and totally tasty spring roll, with two delicious dipping sauces! Make some Sweet and Spicy Cashew Wraps today.

    Learn all about the Master Cleanse and Juicing! Dr. LindaJoy Rose tracks her day-to-day progress on both the Master Cleanse and Juice Fast and shares the recipe for her Blood-Building Tonic. Fasting can increase your energy, but it also has many other benefits!

    Fairy Therapy™ - Fairy Boxes

    Take a box made of wood (no plastic or metal) and decorate it using natural materials like stones, shells, twigs, and moss. You can also carve fairy emblems into the box (adults only), such as Celtic symbols.

    Fill the box with gifts for the Fairies, such as coins, sweets, crystals, flowers, or other mementos. When finished, place your Fairy Box beneath a tree by the next full moon. Say a small blessing over your offering, showing appreciation to the natural kingdom.

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