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Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! April 2010
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    Fairy Greetings!

    We are reaching out with an early spring issue, featuring Special Offers for Easter, Passover and "Just Because it's Spring" gifts. Check out the Easter Gift Guide put together by Fairy Cortney. With their whimsical themes, pastel colors and message of renewal and joy, Fairy Line Naturals creations make just the right statement for Easter gifts. I'd recommend getting your orders in as soon as possible, especially if you are on the West Coast so we can make sure to delight your little fairies in time for the holiday.

    In celebration of spring we are hosting a Fairy Forest Adventure on April 10th. We want to really let the spring fairies in beautiful Lettuce Lake Park know how much we appreciate them, so let's gather and get a chance to meet and revel in the beauty of nature!

    April is the first annual Genocide Awareness Month sponsored by the Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. There is more information posted below, but I'd like to share a bit of my personal connection to the museum.

    Last year I decided to take the training as a docent (tour guide) for this museum. As a facility devoted to teaching many school-aged children about the Holocaust and other genocides, the docent training is very rigorous and requires quite a bit of preparation. I made the decision to volunteer my time because I am a 2G - meaning second generation after the Holocaust. My parents were both survivors -- and with my mother already gone and my father approaching 90, I feel that it's imperative to tell their stories in the hope that our children can learn to never recreate that horror. Did you know that there have been 52 genocides since the end of World War II? If you are local to this area or planning a trip, I urge you to check out the link and consider taking your kids to one of the events. If anyone is interested in booking a special tour with me as your docent anytime throughout the year, by all means send me an email.


    Until fairy soon,


    GLK Saves the Day!

    by Fairy Cortney

    Saturday morning. Actually, make that afternoon. One of those rare and glorious Saturdays when I have nothing better to do than sleep. Cocooned deep within our blankets, my husband and I awake to the phone vibrating its way across the nightstand. "Your parents," I toss him the cell. I begin skillfully falling back to sleep, when Steven abruptly rolls off the bed. "You'll be here in ten minutes?"

    The dogs haven't had their Saturday morning bath - and in our deep-sleep absence, entertained themselves by rolling in the trash, which they somehow knocked over.

    I quickly scoop up the trash and Steven grabs the pets. He tries to stuff them into the tub, but I remember that our Pekingnese needs at least twenty minutes to dry off: he is like a moving mop when wet, drenching all flooring and furniture in his path.

    "I have a better idea," I tell him, whipping out a shimmery pink bottle of Good Love Karma. "It's natural so it's fine to use on them," I explain as I gently spritz the dogs. A quick sniff of their fur confirms that they have gone from foul to wow. I frantically run around the house, dousing everything in sight. Each spray seems to eliminate some of the frantic energy gathering in the apartment.

    Finally, I turn the bottle towards myself. I can feel an instant mood shift as it works aromatherapeutic magic on me. Then I hear a knock, and I take a breath. "Good afternoon," I smile in earnest, opening the door.

    Easter Specials

    "Words cannot describe how much fun my 6 year old daughter had with her friend with the fairy dust - it was so amazing as the sun caught the particles the dust actually looked like angelic beings!"

    In honor of the coming season, we've slashed prices in three very fairy Easter categories by 30%! Check out our Wings, Sprays, and Fairy Dust for superb pastel-colored gift items packed with uplifting themes of life and renewal! Just a dash of our Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams or a spritz of our Fairy's Breath Anti-monster Mist will leave you feeling bright and refreshed.

    Plus, through April 5, 2010 in celebration of Easter, we will gift you a flower and ribbon halo coordinated to match any pair of wings that you order that retail $8.95 and up or if you buy 2 pairs of lesser-priced, we will gift you 1 ribbon halo and 1 rose headband. It's a Great Easter combo gift!

    Fairies are often depicted with a floral wreath, circlet, or halo around their heads. The circle is an object of nature, representing the unbroken cycle of life, eternity and unity. Fairies, as guardians of nature, are very in tune with the changes of season that influence growing patterns. The symbolism of the fairy wreath or halo is also connected to the astronomical clock and the circular movement of the earth around the sun.

    We Must Never Forget!

    In April 2010 the Florida Holocaust Museum will host its first annual Genocide and Human Rights Awareness Month (GHRAM). The goal of GHRAM is to build public awareness about the Holocaust, the current genocide in Darfur, past genocides and human rights violations such as the Armenian Genocide, the Cambodian Killing Fields, the Rwandan Genocide and the genocide in the former Yugoslavia.

    During the first week of April, the Florida Holocaust Museum will host the outside projected exhibition, Darfur/Darfur, which consists of photographs taken of the genocide in Darfur by photojournalists. An indoor version of the exhibition will be on display for the entire month of April. The Museum will hold a reception on April 3, 2010 to inaugurate the annual initiative. Other confirmed programs include a public talk by Nicholas Kristof on April 6, Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) on April 11, Rwandan survivor and author, Immaculee Ilibagiza on April 14, Croatian author, Slavenka Drakulic on April 20, Dr. Edward Kissi speaking on the role of the UN on April 29 and many more. Program information can be found:

    Florida Holocaust Museum.

    My husband, Jeff Gerard Horne, is a "living history rockumentarian" and has posted several clips from his soon-to-be released documentary 45 Wars on Facebook on the Gerard Films Fan Page. The second- to-last of the clips is a short piece with my father, Werner Rose, telling his and my mother's Holocaust stories. Watch the video here.

    Learn how to spot fairies!

    Join the Fairy Girls Club of Tampa Bay for an enchanted Fairy Forest Adventure on Saturday, April 10th at Lettuce Lake Park in Tampa. We will meet in the parking lot at 11am and go on a nature walk, learning about the various whimsical things hidden in nature, and gather materials to build fairy houses to leave behind. Bring a sack lunch; we will provide dessert. All attendees will receive a free gift from Fairy Line Naturals to take home.

    This event qualifies Girl Scouts to earn the new Magical Fairy Adventure Patch, so if you know any Girl Scouts, please spread the word. This event is open to all ages, and boys are also welcome! We will provide wings for everyone to wear, or feel free to bring your own.

    The event costs $8.00 per adult and child, or $13.00 for two children. Please feel free to call Fairy Robyn at 813-892-6494 with any questions. Please RSVP at the phone number above or by emailing [email protected], so we know how many gifts, desserts, wings we need to provide. See you soon!

    Fairy Therapy™ - Easter Eggs

    In video games, hidden unlockables — like new powers — are known as easter eggs. Truth be known, we all have our own hidden easter eggs, but in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we can quickly forget about these talents.

    Think about what a few of your favorite skills are, no matter how trivial they seem, and focus on how happy they make you and others. For example, my father was good at hacky-sack, and while his ability to kick a bean ball back and forth never earned him any jobs, it provided endless amusement for my siblings and I growing up.

    Write a compliment about yourself and put it in an Easter egg in your desk, or somewhere else out of sight — before long, you'll probably forget about it altogether. However, every now and then, you'll stumble across the egg, and its warm words within will remind you to love yourself.

    contributed by Cortney Cameron

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    Through April 5, 2010 in celebration of Fairy Day, we will gift you a flower and ribbon halo coordinated to match any pair of wings that you order that retail $8.95 and up or if you buy 2 pairs of lesser-priced, we will gift you 1 ribbon halo and 1 rose headband.

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