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Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! March 2010
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  • Meet Dr. Rose & Find Your Inner Fairy
  • Free Fairy Halo!
  • Healthy Living Updates
  • Tooth fairy stock rises!
  • Fairy Therapy™ - Wisdom in Whimsy
  • Letter from the Editor

    Fairy Greetings!

    Is it my imagination, or is Daylight Savings Time coming extra early this year! I think that the Spring Fairies are still in hibernation as we've seen very little evidence of the approach of my favorite season here in Tampa. Maybe the "powers-that-be" are trying to jumpstart our leap into spring by pushing back the time change to mid-March - hopefully Mother Nature will get the message!

    Our annual Fairy Day (4/4 - because Fairies love the number 4!) falls on Easter this year; we will be sending out our Easter Specials newsletter in about 10 days with lots of wonderful, whimsical gift ideas and savings for the Easter/Passover season.

    In celebration of Fairy Day this year, the Fairies will be sponsoring a Fairy Forest Adventure on Saturday, April 10th in Lettuce Lake Park. Learn to see nature through the eyes and hearts of the fairy realm as you meander through a magical wonderland, wearing wings and gathering material to make a special Fairy House! Anyone of any age is invited to participate. We are sponsoring this event in association with the Girl Scouts to help troop members earn their Magical Fairy patch. For more information, call Fairy Robyn Cancio at 813 892-6494 or write to her [email protected] We will post more details in the upcoming newsletter.

    Spring will soon be upon us! Get a free printable card of super cute St. Patrick's Esmeralda decked out with her leprechaun hat and clover wand. We've also created this handy St. Patrick's Day gift guide with plenty of fairy green gifts.

    Also, make sure to check out Cortney's informative and amusing Going Rawgue blog on the Raw Food Fairy website!

    FAIRY ALERT: For those of you who miss our International Plaza location, you can refill your Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams or pick up a whimsical gift of some of our holistic and natural products at the salon Shortcuts for Kids next to Zales (by Dillards)

    Until fairy soon,


    Meet Dr. Rose & Find Your Inner Fairy

    Have you taken our inner fairy quiz?, Now, take your understanding and embodiment of these qualities even further. Dr. LindaJoy Rose will be facilitating a program at a full day seminar in St. Petersburg on March 19th. Led by business dynamo Suzanne Caplan, Founder of Women Etcetera this exciting day is designed to give you a framework for self discovery, practical tools and insights Presenting along with 15 influential, insight women, Dr. Rose's 2:00 pm workshop, entitled Create Everyday Magic with your Inner Fairy Goddess - will help you pinpoint the unique way that you are meant to share your gifts with the world and teach you how to balance between busyness and beingness.

    The rarest gift we can give ourselves, our loved ones and the world at large is that of self-care and nurturing ~ that's what this special day is all about! Please join us next Friday for 8 workshops of your choice, Continental Breakfast, Lunch and a Reception following our event. Women Etcetera! is a community by and for women over 50 - however, women of all ages are welcome to attend! To register or for more information, click here.

    Can't make that date? Join us instead on March 25 to Unleash Your Inner Goddess at the Working Women of Tampa Bay's Girls Night Out. We'll discuss the Inner Fairy topics described above, and you'll also enjoy great food, great wine, and of course great company. Plus, you go home with one of their signature swag bags. Learn more here! Let us help you find your inner fairy!

    Free Fairy Halo!

    Through April 5, 2010 in celebration of Fairy Day, we will gift you a flower and ribbon halo coordinated to match any pair of wings that you order that retail $8.95 and up or if you buy 2 pairs of lesser-priced, we will gift you 1 ribbon halo and 1 rose headband. Great Easter combo gift! Your fairy outfit isn't complete without a halo! Fairies are often depicted with a floral wreath, circlet, or halo around their heads.

    The circle is an object of nature, representing the unbroken cycle of life, eternity and unity. Fairies, as guardians of nature, are very in tune with the changes of season that influence growing patterns. The symbolism of the fairy wreath or halo is also connected to the astronomical clock and the circular movement of the earth around the sun.

    Healthy Living Updates

    The Raw Food Fairy keeps growing! Out of the 33 attending restaurants at the Museum of Science and Industry on February 20, The Tampa Bay Informer took special notice of our booth. "Serving almost 2000 people our raw food goodies at the MOSI Einstein on Food and Wine was a lot of work!" Dr. LindaJoy Rose said. "We had a lot of compliments - when I was walking around later on, someone stopped us and told us we had the best food there!"

    "Lucuma powder comes from a small fruit that grows in Chile, Ecuador and Peru. It surpasses even chocolate and vanilla as the favorite ice cream flavor in most of South America and even some European countries," Dr. Rose writes in one of her new Superfoods blog series. She will also begin a Food Allergies series and a Raw Fusion Lifestyle series.

    "My husband was the type of person who scraped the lettuce and tomatoes off of his chicken sandwich. Okay, I admit: so was I," college student Cortney Cameron in her new series Going Rawgue, which will chronicle her continuing experiences with raw food. "Suspicious of what his mischievous wife might have created, Steven gingerly sipped the edge of the [green smoothie]. Meanwhile, I watched on anxiously, hoping he wouldn't toss the whole cup into the sink with a rebel cry of LETTUCE!"

    Lucuma Honeybutter Dessert: This raw recipe is simple and quick to whip up when you have a sweet tooth craving. Mix together 1-2 tbs raw almond butter (available in health food stores), 1 tbs raw honey, and 1tbs lucuma powder. Add just a bit of water.

    Check our our new Facebook Fan Page for Raw Food Fairy where we will update you on all of our latest blogs, recipes, classes and coupons.

    Next month's class at Whole Foods is on April 9th: Celebrate the Season with Raw Fusion Spring Rolls (with 2 exceptional dipping sauces)!

    Tooth fairy stock rises!

    The tooth fairy has made a rebound after rewards for lost teeth fell ten percent last year amid the credit crunch. The average payout per tooth increased to $2.13 this year from $1.88, up thirteen percent. Despite this average, tooth fairy payments varied greatly between individual households, ranging from five cents to fifty dollars.

    The 2010 Tooth Fairy Poll, conducted by Delta Dental of Minnesota, surveyed more than 1500 families across the country about their dental habits. "This year's Tooth Fairy Poll average reflects improvements we're seeing in other areas of the economy," says Ann Johnson, director of community affairs. "For example, the Dow Jones Industrial Average increased 23 percent during the same time period. The Tooth Fairy may be another indicator that the economy is starting to recover."

    According to the survey, the tooth fairy visits roughly 84% of households.

    All Tooth Fairy Pillows are not created equal! Social media fairy and monthly newsletter contributor, Cortney, has illustrated some of the MANY magnificent and holistic uses for our pillows, created by Fairies in the USA! Great Easter or Passover present and not just for kids!

    Fairy Therapy™ - Wisdom in Whimsy

    Alice laughed. "There's no use trying," she said. "One can't believe impossible things." "I daresay you haven't had much practice," said the Queen. "When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

    This month saw the successful opening of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, making the 25th major film based on Lewis Carrol's influential nonsense novel, published in 1865. Alice's timeless appeal marks a continuing fascination with the whimsical. Fittingly, we have our very own Fairy of Wisdom and Whimsy: Queen Jordanna of the Dawn. The Queen of Whimsy wants to remind you that "impossible" is really just a mental construct.

    Set aside five minutes today to indulge yourself in your favorite "impossible" fantasy, like time travel or growing wings - your Wonderland, so to speak. Close your eyes and start to completely release yourself from the present, letting go of any distractions and worries. Breathing slowly, begin to transition to your new environment (don't dwell on details like the means to the end, etc).

    When you are entirely immersed there, take a few moments to explore and enjoy your new setting. Where are you? What do you see? How do you feel? What are you doing? Focus on your positive qualities that make your fantasy possible in this other world (ie your bravery lets you fly without fear). After a few minutes, allow your image to slowly fade away to the back of your mind, and come back to the present feeling refreshed.

    Created by Fairy Cortney Cameron

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    Through April 5, 2010 in celebration of Fairy Day, we will gift you a flower and ribbon halo coordinated to match any pair of wings that you order that retail $8.95 and up or if you buy 2 pairs of lesser-priced, we will gift you 1 ribbon halo and 1 rose headband.

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    Spring Into Raw! Feel and look better by eating more raw food products and by adding more superfoods to your diet. Read our blog for tips and use this 10% off coupon to get the essentials for less! Enter code SPRINGRAW at checkout.

    Offer expires 03/31/2010
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    Due to the overwhelming success, we've extended our offer to download a free copy of A Sea Nymph Symphony. This 20 minute song is designed to help you relax and is great for meditation.


    Our moving sale has been so successful that we will continue to offer 30% or more discount on Fairy Wings and Fairy Sprays. Check out those items! Sale will continue through March 15th.

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