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Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! February 2010
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    Fairy Greetings!

    Our Moving Sale was such a success that we have continued offering special deals on our website on our collection of Fairy Wings and Fairy Sprays...

    My favorite products in the line have always been these holistic and natural mists as they can shift my mood instantly through uplifting combinations of essential oils. They are refreshing and soothing after a workout and they are natural and alcohol-free. My personal favorite is Fairy Phoebe's Drama Queen Diffusing Mist, but I also love the Fairy's Breath Anti-Monster Mist and Good Love Karma. This is a great time to try them out or stock up as they are on sale for only $9.95 (regularly $14.95) through March 15th.

    Daily OM is a very inspiring publication and website and we have teamed up with them for a fairy special offer, so do check out the first article.

    This month's Fairy Therapy "Heart's Desire" offers you a very simple and soothing way to manifest those secret dreams that you have been harboring in your heart, so I hope you will give it a try. Consistency is the key! We are gifting you a 15-minute sampling from our "Gathering of Fairies" CD this month, so that would be a great piece to listen to while performing this "fair-apy."

    My own heart's desire is moving me more in the realm of teaching and facilitating classes and workshops. Do you have a group that would like to learn healthy lifestyle tips? Or, a way to tap into their inner creativity and joy? Contact me if you would like to have an in-office or in-home class on "Transitioning into Raw Foods" or we can tailor-make a "Fairy Goddess Experience" for your group, office or organization.

    As I return to teaching and traveling, I am assigning more of the newsletter articles to our multi-faceted and ultra-talented Social Media Fairy, Cortney Cameron. The next 3 articles below have been edited by her and she will be taking over more of these in future months.

    Sending fairy blessings and warm and cozy wishes for a speedy spring!


    Daily OM Special Offer

    Wouldn't it be great if we were born with instruction manuals? Each one would be different based on what we needed to learn, but the basics would be the same: how to create healthy relationships, how to deal with sorrow and pain, how to reach our goals, and how to know what we want to do with our lives when we grow up. In this new book, based on the popular Website DailyOM, co-founder Madisyn Taylor seamlessly weaves together her award-winning inspirational thoughts with her achingly honest personal story, revealing the inspiration behind many of the DailyOM messages that touch millions of people every day.

    A Gift 4 U!

    To show our appreciation for your continued support of Fairy Line Naturals, we have teamed up with DailyOM to offer you a free MP3 download of "Sea Nymph Symphony" from our original music collection, A Gathering of Fairies. "Sea Nymph Symphony" is 15 minutes long, interweaving alpha and theta brain wave patterns to deepen relaxation, inspire creativity, and attract fairies!

    Fairy Girls Feedback

    Fairy Girls Club members Lauren and Hailey Cuervo recently hosted the club's first-ever New Year's Kick-off Party, which made headlines in the Lutz Community News Publications. So, we sat down with these two fabulous hostesses to get their thoughts on FGC.

    The girls enjoy the special privileges and activities associated with FGC membership. "I get to test products before they are on the market, like Glitter on the Go," Lauren said. "[At events] we walk around and get free stuff. I was with all my friends, and everyone wanted to meet us and find out what we do. It was like we were famous," Hailey recalled of the Women With Moxie event.

    However, to Lauren and Hailey, FGC also offers much more important benefits. "FGC is a place where you can make friends and feel special. FGC means to be pure in thought and to be trustworthy and nice. I am learning that from our meetings," Hailey explained. Lauren added, "It's a place where I can be myself and not worry about drama or gossip."

    The girls talked highly of their experiences volunteering in the community, in accordance with FGC precept, Just Do Good. "Doing the charity [work] made me feel like I achieved something, like [when I helped] someone that is in special needs program. I can do so much with such a little effort. It doesn't take much to make someone smile," said Hailey. "Doing is good is just more than volunteering. It's helping our environment. [It's] the good feelings I get from helping others less fortunate," Lauren noted.

    "I like at the end of the meeting when we get in a circle, and hold hands, and make wishes for the world, yourself, and the person to your left," Hailey concluded, "My wishes: for the world to stay beautiful and natural and amazing."

    We host a FREE Fairy Girls Club monthly at Whole Foods Market (Dale Mabry and the 275 in the Target Plaza.) Our next meeting is this Saturday, February 20th from 10-11:30 am. Call Fairy Robyn to sign up (813) 892-6494.

    Healthy Living Updates

    LEFT: Dr. LindaJoy Rose teaches a class at the Tampa Whole Foods on February 12 with Fairy sous chef, Robyn. Students learned how to make healthy, tasty Valentine's Day sweets, including Raw "Hot" Cocoa. The recipes from this class are now available on The Raw Food Fairy.

    The Raw Food Fairy now carries Nut Milk Bags! Handmade by Fairies in the USA, these high-quality and durable bags are made of natural fibers for any number of wonderful uses. You can make delicious raw milk out of just about any raw nuts or seeds. We have an almond milk recipe on the site.

    On March 7, drop by Sweetwater Farms to learn how to do some Spring Cleaning for your Mind, Body, & Spirit with ultra-healthy yet delicious recipes from Dr. LindaJoy Rose. You'll learn how to add Green Smoothies and satisfying salads to your day. Remember to RSVP your spot.

    Fair-apy™ Heart's Desire

    Most of us have hundreds of ideas of what we'd love to be doing with our lives but in order to breathe life in those desires and make them happen, here's a simple technique that takes only moments a day. Studies have shown that people who take the time to fully envision their goals are more likely to realize them.

    From the age of 3, our godson told everyone that he was going to be in the Olympics some day and would march in the opening ceremony for the USA. Today at 23 he is in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics, representing our country in hockey. He was the only hockey player that made it up to the opening ceremonies. 20 years of imagining that moment surely made it happen!

    Find a quiet place, close your eyes and take some long deep breaths. If laying down, you may want to cross your hands over the heart area. Breathe in peace and relaxation. Breathe out any doubts, tension or worries.

    For the next 3-5 minutes imagine yourself accomplishing or experiencing your heart's desire. Let any negative commentary or doubts float away as if they were balloons - don't "argue" with them, just breathe them away. See, hear, and sense yourself being in that experience and get a feeling in your heart area of fullness and joy. It's only a matter of time and space now for this to be your reality!

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