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Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! January 2010
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    Fairy Greetings and Happy 2010!


    Fairy Line Naturals is more than just great products-it's an entire culture devoted to "Just Do Good!" From Fairy Tea Parties and Fairy Goddess Experiences to Fairy Therapy, Fairy Crafts and the Fairy Girls Club.

    And now that we're adding the Fairy Fresh Gourmet Raw, Vegan and Living Foods product line, we are needing a much larger location,

    Fairy Line Naturals is closing our store at International Plaza on January 31st.

    But soon, we'll be opening an even more special location called the Magical Fairy House, where you'll find Fairy Fun activities, classes, events and a headquarters for the Fairy Girls Club, in addition to an even wider selection of our one-of-a-kind products.
    We will keep you informed about the Grand Opening Celebration!!! In the meantime, you can still get all the great products you love by visiting our website at www.fairyline.com.

    This photo was taken at our Enchanted Walkabout last month at Lettuce Lake Park. Our guide, John Springer, trained us to see and appreciate many magical things in nature, like "fairy doors" and "waving leaves." We all gathered materials to make charming Fairy Houses and had a lovely lunch in the park. We plan on doing these on a regular basis, starting in the spring. Check out Fairy Guide's link below for more info on the walkabout.

    walkabout 1

    moving jae-lin


    Until our closing date on January 31st we will be discounting just about every item between 30-50% - so do come in and refill on all of those body care products that your family adores, such as Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams, Anti-Monster Mist, Florentina's Healing Balm.

    This sale carries over to our website for all of our remote fans. We have never had a sale of this magnitude on fairyline.com, but want to celebrate our new growth stages by giving you a chance to refill on your favorites and try new items, such as our "fairy-peutic" GLITTER-ON-THE-GO. We will keep the online sale going until February 15th.

    There are also exciting offers for gifts at different levels of purchase so do check out our moving page and please Fan us on Facebook so we can keep you informed of specials and promotions.

    Fairy Girls Invited!
    FGC WF wand

    At our recent kick-off of Fairy Girls Club sponsored by Whole Foods in Tampa you can see that our grown-up Fairy Girls were having just as much fun as the younger ones!

    Fairy Girls Club is a magical educational, social and mentoring program for girls 4 to 15 --, unlike any club you've ever seen. Pledged to "Just Do Good," the program teaches fundamental business, environmental, social, creative and philanthropic skills aimed at developing character, compassion and emotional intelligence.

    This particular group meets once a month at Whole Foods, but wel also sponsor other chapters of FGC around Tampa Bay. Next Saturday night, January 30th, we will be having a new year's party in Lutz for anyone who wants to learn more about this wonderful and whimsical group. If your daughter is interested in attending, please call Fairy Robyn at 813 892-6494 for more information.

    See our calendar below for upcoming dates, including Fairy Girls participating in the Children's Gasparilla parade this weekend!

    Einstein and other Events

    January 23 - Children's Gasparilla Parade. Our Fairy Girls Club will be marching and carrying our banner on the Whole Foods float along Bayshore Blvd. while our Fairy staff gives keychains, fairy tattoos, fairy stickers and sprinkles spectators with Fairy Dust!

    January 30-FGC New Year Party! Come join us with your daughter, granddaughter or nieces and learn about our whimsical and wonderful organization. Free games and prizes! Call Fairy Robyn (813) 892-6494 for more information.

    February 6- PARC's 4th annual Mardi Gras Celebration "Chubby Saturday" Our Fairies will be on hand at this upscale event featuring performance artist Michael Israel benefiting this exceptional local organization. Check out their website for more info and tickets: www.parc-fl.org

    February 20 - 10:00 am Fairy Girls Club sponsored by Whole Foods in Tampa. For girls 4-15, this is a free event and each time we have different activities, but you need to register at the store or send an email to reserve. (see WF calendar link below)

    February 20- Einstein on Food and Wine. This is a spectacular yearly event put on by MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry) and features exceptional wine and food sampling. I will be there as a restaurant vendor as "The Raw Food Fairy" and our Fairy staff will be selling raffle tickets. They will be debuting their new DaVinci exhibit - so be sure to click on the logo to the left for info and tickets.
    NOTE: If you have a service or product you would like to get noticed, you may want to donate for our silent auction. I am co-chairing that committee so send me an email for more details.

    Raw Food Fairy
    LJ cooking 1

    Last month I had my first "cooking" class at Whole Foods Market as The Raw Food Fairy, teaching a group of over 40 people how to make extraordinarily YUMMY holiday treats that were healthy and raw. People usually think of "raw food" as being celery sticks and carrots, yet as a "foodie" all my life, I have never found a cuisine more multi-dimensional, tasty and sophisticated -- AND that leaves you feeling so good after you've eaten!

    January's class attracted over 50 guests who learned about Green Smoothies and Healthy Homemade Salad Dressings.
    I am repeating this super-informative workshop for Sweetwater Organic Farms on Sunday, March 7th from 12-2 pm. More details will be provided in our next newsletter and on The Raw Food Fairy website.

    February 12th is the next class at Whole Foods, but register early! The last 2 times there was standing room only (but worth the wait for the samples....) To celebrate Valentine's Day, I will treat you to raw chocolate truffles and you will learn how to make many heart-healthy dishes.

    On February 20th we will be featuring some of our upcoming Fairy Fresh Gourmet Foods, such as raw and vegan s'mores, savory crackers and other original delights at the Einstein on Food and Wine event at the MOSI.

    This new website is still growing and I hope to get a blog started in February. We just listed some of my favorite Superfoods and you can always find last month's class recipes on the site.

    Fair-apy™ Winter's Wonders
    therapy rose

    "He touched a shoot which looked brownish green instead of hard, dry gray. Mary touched it herself in an eager, reverent way. 'That one?' She said. 'Is that one quite alive?' Dickon curved his wide smiling mouth. 'It's as wick (alive) as you or me,' he said." --The Secret Garden

    People can tend to feel blue in winter when much of nature seems to have taken off for warmer weather. However, if you look closely, you will notice that plentiful, beautiful life still abounds. Slow down today to pay special attention to life all around you, from the enduring evergreens, to the inquisitive robin, to patient sprouts hiding just beneath the surface of the earth. Allow their energy to revitalize you. This also helps mentally boost you to recommit to realizing your New Year's Resolutions.

    AFFIRM THE FOLLOWING: Although spring seems a long ways off, it is rapidly approaching -- bursting with color and new growth. I am achieving my goals!

    (This Fairy Therapy has been contributed by Fairy Cortney Cameron, our Social Media Specialist.)

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