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Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! June 2009
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    Fairy Greetings!

    The first day of summer -- the summer solstice -- is a time for new beginnings. Fairy energy is strong at this time of year, so over the next few days this is a great time to set some intentions for having an enchanted summer season.

    Many families are planning on "staycations" rather than their usual travel plans. Why not find some local woods and take your kids (or grandkids, nieces, nephews, neighborhood pals) for a picnic in the woods? There is so much magical, healing energy around old growth trees, where they can also learn the delights of nature. Daniela S., a forest school teacher from Switzerland (and student of our first Fairy Therapy certification course) shared some photos of the nature-inspired creations their young students construct, using primarily what they find in the forest. Incredibly resourceful! (See example below)

    This is truly an exciting time for me, as I'm getting back to teaching, which has always brought my greatest career joy. The Fairy Therapy certification program is largely done on a self-study basis, with a 20-hour "hands-on" training, where thought-provoking topics are combined with fun experiential activities such as attending both a Fairy Tea Party (where you'll get to be a kid again! )and our exciting Fairy Goddess Experience. Our first training is here in Tampa next month. We are setting up some of these classes in the northeast over the fall and will keep you updated.

    Next month I will be doing a feature story about Cortney, a brilliant young fairy artist who is also a creative force, developing a variety of amazing fairy resources. In the meantime, check our her "FaeMail" for a free fairy-touched email account @ www.faemail.net.
    Wishing you a magical summer!

    forest instruments

    florida fairy dust 2

    When Fairy Bahari, Spirit of the Sea, first discovered the oceans of southern Florida she was so taken by their beauty that she invited all of her sister sprites and fairies to witness such a magnificent creation. They danced throughout the night, waving their fairy wands in the air as they whirled around in joy and celebration. By morning the banks of the seas were piled high with mounds of the softest, sparkling and most magical sand imaginable!

    For a limited time, Fairy Bahari is sharing some of her exclusive fairy sand, filled with magical crystals and accompanied by a mini wand, story card, gossamer bag and a sparkling fairy necklace charm of Bahari or one of her fairy sisters with a special message just for you!

    Makes a great birthday gift or souvenir!

    Fairy Therapy Certification!

    Become a Certified Fairy Therapist

    Have you ever envisioned yourself working as a healer, helping people overcome fears, obstacles and limiting behaviors? Are you drawn to more holistic and humanistic approaches to therapy? Would you like to live a more harmonious and joy-filled existence? Fairy Therapy -- a fascinating, multi-disciplinary system based on a philosophy of love, compassion, cooperation and reverence for all living things - teaches you to tap into the infinite potential of your subconscious mind.

    Our 80-hour curriculum will take you on a fascinating journey, delving into mind-provoking subjects ranging from the scientific to the esoteric. You will be trained as a Fairy Therapist and certified by the prestigious International Hypnosis Federation to become a Professional Spiritual Counselor. Two-thirds of the course is done via self-study, with a singular 3-day training with me, where all will coalesce into a magical and enlightening experience.

    Topics of this course include:
    * Hypnosis and Trance States
    * Astrological Analysis
    * Jungian Philosophy & Archetypes
    * Quantum Mechanics
    * Fairy Lore & Research
    * Emotional intelligence
    and much more

    Open Registration through June 29, 2009

    More details can be found on www.fairytherapy.com with a full listing of the curriculum.

    Fairy Goddess Experience
    Fairy Goddess logo

    By popular demand!
    When we launched Fairy Tea Party in 2007, I was often out with our fairy facilitators at events, making sure that everything was in order. As the mothers observed the magical activities unfolding and the pure joy on the faces of their kids, there were many times that they (rather wisfully!) suggested that we have something similar for adults. That initiated the concept of the Fairy Goddess Experience, an occasion for women to be transported to a dimension where the focus is on you as you reconnect to your inner fairy -- the world of imagination and unlimited possibilities -- de-stress and learn a more whimsical approach to life.

    A Fairy Goddess Experience is 3 magical hours filled with friendship, fun and femininity where you play and learn, discover your inner fairy, and learn simple techniques to lighten and brighten your life. This original event service can be customized for any women's organization, corporate training, retreat, bridal or baby shower for a very affordable price. Each participant also creates a fun and fabulous craft keepsake and receives a goody bag of exciting Fairy Line Naturals products.

    Here is a testimonial from a participant, who enjoyed the event so much she is having one for her clients next month!
    I found the Fairy Goddess Experience very stress relieving and light hearted. We all become grown up and consumed in day-to-day events. We lose touch with our inner creativity and just enjoying all of nature and the simple things around us. You learn relaxation techniques you can use quickly and effectively to keep you centered and not so overloaded. I enjoyed it and I think you will too.
    Zondra De Cordova owner-Salon De Cordova

    For more information visit the link below, send me an email or call (813) 962-4901.


    Fairy Esmeralda, Spirit of the Trees reminded me of this quick and easy "fair-apy" the other day when I was allowing "the small things" to stress me out:

    As silly as it sounds, when you hug a tree or sit on a portion of its roots, it really makes you feel better!

    And now that you've hugged a tree, stick around and have a conversation with it. Or just hang out and enjoy the shade and boost of oxygen you get from the leaves. There is a lot of wisdom in trees - if you can learn to speak and listen with your heart.

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