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Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! May 2009
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  • Letter from the Editor

    Fairy Greetings!

    At Fairy Line we are big fans of Moms -- because we know how much you do for the people you love. Whether you have kids, furry babies or play the role of fairy godmother to your friends, we honor you and hope you will do something you love today to celebrate you!

    Our first Fairy Goddess Gathering last month in April was fairy well received and we'll bring you more information on this brand new event service next month as we have rescheduled our Tampa launch to May 17th. We are also debuting our
    Fairy Therapy Certification program - you can click on the Quick Link below or send an email request for a copy of the full curriculum and pricing.

    To celebrate our fairy friendly alliance with Precious Cargo, a unique boutique featuring enchanting creations for babies, kids and maternity wear @ International Plaza (across from Z Galleries) we will be holding some special events in their store on Friday & Saturday, May 22-23. Hope you can attend!

    Friday May 22nd - 2-5 pm
    Fairy Tea and Games bring your kids in to have tea with the fairies. They can try on wings and halos, discover their secret fairy, receive stickers and coloring pages and play fairy games.

    Saturday May 23rd - 3-5 pm
    Fairy Dress-up and Author's Event
    More of the same fun as Friday. I'll be there at 4:00 pm for an author's reading of Drew and the Dreamtime Fairy" and an interactive discussion about how we can all help the fairies heal the planet. For more information you can call our store
    (813) 872-9300 or Precious Cargo (813) 348.0723.

    Fairy Happy Mother's Day!

    small drew

    story card

    Our lives are ruled by cycles. Humans and most mammals operate on the circadian rhythm, our sleep/wake cycle. The ocean tides are affected by the moon cycles, which also influence our bodies and moods as we are made up of 70% water. The 4 seasons are cycles that reflect the positioning of the sun as the earth makes its cycle around it. We go through growth cycles, life cycles, productive cycles and biorhythms, which measure our overall energy levels.

    In many spiritual traditions, the number 21 is considered to be aligned with transformation and the integration of new energies. Since 21 days is a full 3 weeks, this cycle fully supports change on every level: Mind, Body and Spirit. The first week of the cycle begins the physical energy shift; the second focuses more on the mental dimension; and the final week leads to spiritual transformation and adjustments. Therefore, the adage "21 Days to make a habit, 21 Days to break a habit" is based on metaphysical facts.

    This month's fair-apy below will teach you how to tap into the Power of 21!

    Easter Seals Ayana

    Since early last year, I've been volunteering at the Easter Seals child care facility** in Tampa, FL. My original intention was to volunteer in the preschool classrooms, since it was working with the Headstart kids in California that I was originally inspired to develop The Fairy Line. But I was drawn to the toddlers' room and have been hanging out with these delightful kids ever since. Ayana, pictured on the left, is one of the kids that I have seen make remarkable strides -- she is walking on her own now! -- due to the incredible therapists, teachers and support staff of the E. Henry St. facility.

    Like many non-profits they are being affected by the current economic condition and more than ever need the support of caring people. Team Fairy Line Naturals is participating in the "Walk With Me" fundraising event on Saturday, May 16th at Al Lopez Park in Tampa. If you are local, please join us from 8 am until noon for free fun for the family.

    Even a $5.00 donation will make a difference - here are some ways you can help:
    From May 15-17th we will donate 10% of any receipts from sales at our store in International Plaza! If you need any refills, you can help contribute to the cause. If you purchase is $25.00 or over we will gift you a free "Good Love Karma" spray mist valued at $15.
    All online orders placed between May 12-19 - 10% of your order will go automatically to support the "Walk with Me" event. For orders $25.00 or over, you will receive a free "Good Love Karma" valued at $15.
    Or, click on the link below and make your tax-deductible donation directly to Team Fairy Line Naturals.

    **Easter Seals provides exceptional services, education, outreach, and advocacy so that people living with autism and other disabilities can live, learn, work and play in our communities.


    One of our most popular items. For those children with dreads and fears, Fairy's Breath - Anti-Monster Mist is a very powerful healing agent. It is a product inspired by our lovely Fairy Gabriella,Fairy of Protection. For children who are afraid of the dark or afraid of monsters, the product works in a threefold manner:
    1) Power of suggestion -- Hearing that the spray will protect them and get rid of the monsters is a powerful suggestion to plant in the subconscious mind. 3 sprays eliminate monsters, 5 sprays attract fairies!.
    2) Empowerment --The fact that a child can use the spray as they feel the need is very comforting and gives them a sense of control over their environment. (Of course, it should be used with supervision for very young children.)
    3) Bio-chemical Shift -- The advantage of essential oils over synthetic fragrances is that the oils have the ability to actually alter brain chemistry, helping both children and adults feel better physically AND emotionally!

    NOT JUST FOR KIDS! This is an incredible room/linen/body spray for which you will find countless uses. Alcohol-free, antiseptic witch hazel base with essential oils of lavender, grapefruit and ylang ylang. No synthetic fragrances. Keep one in the fridge to cool down on hot summer days! This mist has a lovely swirl when you shake gently, very magical. We tell children that the swirl is the breath of fairies - the best known monster repellant! 4 oz. $14.95. This spray also comes in a few of our popular gift sets.

    Kiki gab wings

    Kiki, an adorable desert fairy fan from Arizona, feels a real connection with Fairy Gabriella, Fairy of Friendship and Protection. She is modeling these wings in Pixie Pink along with a beautiful pink boa halo.
    These gossamer wings are one of the most spectacular creations of Fairy Line! Hand-painted and crafted with tulle, glitter, ribbons, pearls, gems and floral embellishments for wings unlike any other on the market. Satin covered elastic straps make them comfortable and attractive to wear -- OR, these also make whimsical room decorations!

    ON SALE NOW for $19.95 these wings are available in Pixie Pink, Lovely Lavender, Baby Blue and Whimsical White.

    xiomara full

    Fairy Xiomara, Spirit of the Rainforest, instills courage, self-reliance and personal power. She challenges you to tap into your inner resources by making a commitment to release something from your diet that you know is not "good" for you for 21 days. Whether it's caffeine, chewing gum, bagels or candy bars - choose something that you know you'd be better off without.
    And don't worry or feel attached, because if you really want to go back at the end of three weeks, that's fine (although it probably won't taste or feel the same!)
    What's important here is the personal power you will acquire just by proving to yourself that you have the strength to let something go. Day by day instead of telling yourself how much you miss that thing - tell yourself how proud you are about taking control of your life.

    Fairy Xiomara says: Small displays of inner strength lead to larger ones. Get ready to tap into your personal power!

    Quick Links...

    toll free 1-866-98-FAIRY

    Order any item online between May 12-19th and we will donate 10% of your order and add a special gift to you for your generosity. If you order is at least $25.00 you will receive a free Good Love Karma mist - valued @ $15.00

    Offer Expires 05/19/2009

    Through May for every purchase of Fairy Safe & Sound Gift Set or Fairy Fantasy Collections we will include a magical dream keeper to match the color of the wand. These beautiful dream catchers have hand-painted sparkling fairy wings, a gossamer pouch for storing wishes for the fairies, and a recipe poem/card.. This item retails for $10.00 an will make a great surprise or birthday gift for your favorite fairy combined with our fairy fabulous gift sets!!

    Offer Expires 05/31/2009

    Spend $50.00 or more @ International Plaza or online by May 20 and we will add a Fairy Gabriella "My Secret Fairy Locket" so that you can have the protection of this wonderful fairy close to your heart.

    Offer Expires: 05/20/2009
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