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Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! Fairy Day 2009
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    Fairy Greetings!

    April is a month of many milestones for Fairy Line Naturals. This Saturday 4/4 is our third annual Fairy Day, commemorating planet earth's blithe nature spirits with free gifts and activity pages at our store in Tampa @ International Plaza. (more information below.) And of course, we will be including these goodies in our online orders, as well!

    We are also celebrating a full eight years of bringing Fairy Line Naturals to marketplace! Conceived in September of 2000 and showcased at a several West Coast gifts shows a few months later, we shipped our first wholesale orders on April 13, 2001. FLN - going strong into its 9th year!

    Most of my professional life was spent traveling the world teaching and training in subconscious dynamics, hypnotherapy and the power of suggestion.. Teaching has always brought me the greatest professional joy, but these past 8+ years have taken full concentration and dedication to develop, manufacture and market more than 150 unique products. Happily, April also marks my return to teaching with several work(play)shops in Phoenix and our Fairy Goddess Party launch in Tampa, April .26th

    We will update you on the local Fairy Goddess Parties in our next issue.

    (For more information, please click on quick links below)
    Scottsdale @ Angel's Serenity
    April 17 - Parallel Selves: Review and Recreate Your Choices
    April 18 - Fairy Goddess Experience
    Litchfield Park
    @ Arizona Enlightenment Center
    April 15 - Intro to Magical Natural Science
    April 19 - Fairy Goddess Experience

    Happy Fairy Day!

    Queen Lia
    LindaJoy aka Fairy Queen Lia

    Drew Fairies Forest

    Did you know that fairies love the number 4? There are 4 elements, 4 seasons, 4 wind directions - four is an important number in nature. Let's honor the fairy realm this Saturday, 4/4 by thanking them for supporting our planet and inspiring magic in our lives.

    Stop by Fairy Line Naturals @ International Plaza (by Mayor's Jewelers) tel. 813 872-9300 this Saturday April 4th. In honor of Fairy Day we will gift you a fairy hair pretty - not just for kids! -- and coloring/activity pages. (We have keychains "for the boys.") Mention "Fairy Day" for your free gift.

    Fairies remind us of the magic that surrounds us, in all of nature. There is a fairy to watch over every flower, plant, tree, and rock to make sure that they grow in their full potential.

    A fairy is always present to celebrate the growth stages of every child. When you lose a tooth, it's a sign that you are growing; the Tooth Fairy exchanges a lost tooth for a gift as a way of acknowledging your progress. (See our "Tooth Fairy" comic below and check out our fairy unique tooth fairy pillow.)
    Fairies weave enchantment into our lives - WE BELIEVE IN FAIRIES!

    EDITOR'S NOTE: The beautiful illustration above is excerpted from Drew and the Dreamtime Fairy, a magical story about a boy's encounter with Sephira and how he learns about magical dreams and fairy dust. Watch for our new children's book soon - A Fairy Tea Party.also written by LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D. and illustrated by Shirin Moosavi

    Fairy Girls trio

    The Fairy Girls of Tampa Bay have been very busy this past month, between community events, school carnivals, fundraising kick-offs, Fairy Tale Readings and Fairy Tea Parties. We will be posting a calendar of their public appearances on the Fairy Line website soon.
    Dressed in Full Fairy Finery with wings, tutus, halos and fairy wands, they enchant, entertain and educate children and adults alike on Magical Natural Science and spreading fairy cheer.
    They help ensure your local organization's fundraising success with their complimentary appearances at Kickoff Events to introduce, demo and explain the products to participants about their many benefits, as well as the self-empowering philosophies behind Fairy Line and all its projects and services.
    Come meet The Fairy Girls of Tampa Bay @ Primrose Park in Tampa Palms on Saturday April 18th between 10 am - 2 pm for the Primrose Schools carnivals

    From left: Fairy Niki, Fairy Jennifer, Fairy Jessika

    willow wings model

    With their charming pastel colors and whimsical themes of renewal and rejoicing, Fairy Line Naturals' products make popular Easter gifts. Here are some ideas and specials to help facilitate your shopping. Easter is Sunday, April 12, 2009:

    Willow's Wonderful Wings: These are one of our most popular designs and fit babies and toddlers up to 3 years of age. These colors are particularly perfect for the season! 10% discount on these wings through April 7th. We also have over 30 wing designs to choose from.

    Fairy Safe & Sound Sleep Kit: Ideal gift for girls and tweens with Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams, Magical Boa Wand, Fairy Kisses Lip Balm, Fairy's Breath Anti-Monster Mist, story card and fairy stickers. We will add a coordinating Magical Dreamkeeper value $10 with every kit purchased through April 7th.

    Tooth Fairy Twins- Tooth Fairy Pillow: Featuring a special pouch pocket for storing lost teeth, the Tooth Fairy Twins will exchange for a surprise. Filled with natural flaxseed and herbs, this healing gift can be heated or cooled for minor aches and comfort. More information below. Buy one of these one-of-a-kind pillows by April 7th and receive a 5 gram packet of Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams.

    tooth fairy comic

    Tooth Fairy Twins Fairy Hugs Comfort Pillow

    FAIR-APY™ Be your own cheerleader!

    It's easy to get down on yourself and see only the negative, so Fairy Yancy, Cheerleader of Your Greatest Potential shares her quick and effective Fairy Therapy:

    Make a list of 20 of your most outstanding characteristics. (You'd be surprised at how many people comment that it's hard to come up with that many positives once they sit down to do this exercise.) Once you have completed the list take some time to APPRECIATE each and every wonderful thing about yourself.

    According to Fairy Yancy -- "There is no one more important to develop a relationship with in this lifetime than YOU!"

    When you are feeling down or challenged or need something to cheer you up (and on!) run through that list in your mind, or out loud if you are alone or driving in the car. Imagine that Fairy Yancy is right there with you, cheering you on for taking this proactive action.

    Quick Links...

    toll free 1-866-98-FAIRY

    Order our collector's edition Fairy Tea Party porcelain tea set for Easter and we will ship this item for free. This gorgeous set will be a cherished keepsake in your family forever. Just type the world NEWSLETTER in the message box when you place your order online. We hand process the credit cards so you will not be charged for shipping.

    Offer Expires 04/07/2009

    For every purchase of Fairy Safe & Sound Gift Set or Fairy Fantasy Collections we will include a magical dream keeper to match the color of the wand. These beautiful dream catchers have hand-painted sparkling fairy wings, a gossamer pouch for storing wishes for the fairies, and a recipe poem/card.. This item retails for $10.00 an will make a great Easter gift for your favorite fairy combined with our fairy fabulous gift sets!!

    Offer Expires 04/07/2009

    Stop by and visit us on Saturday, April 4th @ International Plaza for your fairy fortune, fairy sticker, fairy dusting and we will gift you a FAIRY HAIR PRETTY (choose from 3 designs!) and coloring/activity pages. We will also include these in online orders! Please write FAIRYDAY in the message box.

    Offer Expires: 04/04/2009
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