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Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! February 2009
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  • Letter from the Editor

    Fairy Greetings!

    Weather permitting, I am off on a writing retreat in Vermont this week, to put the finishing touches on Fairy Line's new book "A Fairy Tea Party" -- due out in time for Easter. I also am developing a certification course in Fairy Therapy and will have more information on this for you in a future newsletter. We have gotten a lot of inquiries about this training.

    Please join me on the radio, Tuesday, February 10th @ 1:00 pm EST and I will answer your questions on the air! I will be discussing Fairy Therapy: Rediscovering Joy, Magic & Imagination and the positive, scientifically proven benefits associated with the power of suggestion, aromatherapy, the mind/body connection and the "inner child".
    Clear Insight with Julie Farha is an informative, fun, interactive show focusing on guiding you to discovering more of who you truly are. A gifted intuitive, personal coach and author, Julie offers intuitive insights and guidance to your questions. For more information, please go to Julie's website: www.clearinsightllc.com.

    You are invited to to listen from your computer: Cut and paste this URL or click on the quick link below: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/stations/SedonaTalkRadio/Julie-Farha/2009/02/10/Clear-Insight-with-Julie-Farha or call in on (646) 929-0664, press 1 to ask your question of me or Julie! If you miss the show, it will be archived on the site.

    We have a few fun Valentine's gift sets featured below and more on the website. We have a more "grown-up" Fairy Tamara version at our store @ International Plaza, Tampa Bay.

    Teresa Morrow of Key Business Partners LLC provided this photo of Fairy Jessika and me at the 1st Annual Book Blitz last weekend in St. Petersburg.
    Until next month, dear Readers
    Fairy Blessings and Happy Valentine's Day!

    book blitz

    GLK new


    This peachy-pink naturally scented creation is brought to us by Jae-lin, the Feng Shui Fairy of Harmony. Mist over your body for a luxurious sense of well-being or spray lightly on your sheets for for a calming and restful sleep.

    The clear quartz crystal(s) inside the bottle helps create a more harmonious environment. Shake gently to activate and spray in the 4 corners of a room to eliminate negative vibes. (Great to have on hand at home and office!) Uplifting essential oils of ylang and ylang and vanilla beautifully blended in a soothing witch hazel base.
    Libby W., a long-time Fairy Line fan in Miami wants to share her feedback on the new packaging: The GLK looks amazing! I love the new style! The smell is awesome, and I've been spraying it at home. My favorite scents are vanilla and ylang ylang, so it works perfectly with my longtime favorite, Fairy Cleo's Seductive Hair Perfume!

    A great Valentine's gift for tween fairies - Feel the Love!

    new valentine gift

    Treat your favorite fairy friends to a fun variety of Fairy Line's Valentine gift collections, priced affordably. Choose between 4 different varieties: One features the Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams, another the Magical Dream Keeper, one is a variety of adorable hair pretties and all include some great FLN logo items including Queen Lia's Magical Writing Wand, holographic key chain and other whimsical surprises. Select Pink/lavender/blue for wand and/or accessories.

    We also have a few "grown-up" Fairy Valentine's options at our store, but not listed online. All of these Valentine Treasure Troves are valued at over $25.00, but sell for only $14.95!

    Mix and match for easy Valentine's gifts. Free shipping if you order 2 ore more of these online.

    Fairy Jenn

    by Fairy Jennifer Phillips
    In this day and age where there is so much stress in the world, I feel lucky to be a part of such a wonderful company dedicated to helping people. At Fairy Line Naturals, our mission is to show children and adults the importance of dreaming and having an imagination. We are committed to helping everyone find their inner fairy.

    What motivates me most at work is the chance to enlighten and teach, especially by showing my favorite products such as Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams and The Inner Fairy Cards. When I apply the Fairy Dust on a child's hand, they often ask if their wish will really come true. I tell them that anything is possible with imagination--all they have to do is believe.

    The Fairy Line Naturals Inner Fairy Cards teach children that each and every fairy has their own special mission here on earth, just like they do! My favorites are The Nurse Fairy - Florentina Nightingale, and Queen Isabella of the Rainbow, the Fairy of New Beginnings. The Inner Fairy Cards are great for adults, too. Discovering our Inner Fairy helps us all realize there is magic in daily life.

    Fairy Line Naturals reaches out into our community in many ways, including Fairy Girls Club, Imagination Celebrations, Fairy Tale Readings and many other exciting, meaningful experiences. Please come visit us at International Plaza to discover the positive powers of Magical Natural Science and Fairy Therapy.

    See you soon!

    Fairy Angel Kitty

    In loving memory 1992-2009

    For over 16 years I shared my life and space with a beautiful and often feisty feline friend. She was smart, curious and cunning and provided so much companionship and entertainment to our family over her lifetime. We are very grateful to Fairy Lindsey Adams for memorializing our Fairy Angel Kitty with this adorable drawing and for the compassionate acknowledgement of her passing by many dear friends around the world. She will be deeply missed by Jeff and me and her furry canine friends, JJ & Bella. If you would like to see Angel's craftiness in action, click on the video below - her scene-stealing moments are about 2 minutes into the clip.


    Here is a soothing and colorful Fairy Therapy from Fairy Queen Isabella of the Rainbow to relax your body, de-stress your mind and enhance your creativity. This would be a great technique to practice with your kids; Sadly in this day and age kids don't use their imagination enough - everything is "done" for them with computer games, ipods, and other hi-tech items.

    Play soft music and find a comfortable position lying down. Imagine that you are floating on a cloud and relax your body, each muscle group at a time.
    Now visualize that you are painting rainbows in the sky, while you are laying on your cloud - giant strokes of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink and violet. How does each color make you feel?

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    toll free 1-866-98-FAIRY

    Order any two of our Valentine Gift Sets and we will ship them via priority mail free of charge. You can combine any of these sets: Valentine Treasure Trove, Valentine Dreams or Valentine Treasure Collection. We will also have an "adult" Valentine gift set available by next newsletter.

    Offer Expires 02/11/2009

    For every online order of $25.00 or over, we will include a magical dream keeper with handpainted fairy wings in lavender. This item retails for $10.00 an will make a great valentine gift for your favorite fairy!

    Offer Expires 02/11/2009

    For every online order $50.00 or over we will include a complimentary 4 oz. bottle of our vanilla & ylang ylang room/linen/body mist with a quartz crystal inside. This is a $15.00 item regularly and will make any fairy friend very happy!

    Offer Expires: 02/11/2009
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