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Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! January 2009
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  • BOOK BLITZ JAN. 25th
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    Fairy Happy New Year, dear Readers!

    May 2009, Year of Positive Partnerships and Balance bring you and yours many wonderful alliances and accomplishments!

    With Super Bowl XLIII coming to Tampa Bay in a few weeks, we've had a whimsical makeover at Fairy Line Naturals @ International Plaza, compliments of mall owners, The Taubman Company. Stop by to see our updated display and sample some of our new products. We'll provide some photos in the next newsletter for our out-of-town fairy enthusiasts.

    If you haven't been as successful with your New Year's resolutions as you would have liked, this month's Fairy Therapy is a simple, yet potent technique that can relax and revitalize you in a matter of moments. Did you know that the singular most important healthy habit that you can acquire is proper breathing? Bahari's Balancing Breath is a great way to get this year off to a proper start!

    This year we hope to get a few local chapters of Fairy Girls Club going in the Westchase and Carrolwood areas of Tampa. Fairy Jessika contributed some of her observations about our fairy worthy program for girls ages 7-15 yrs. in this issue..

    If you are local and a fan of books, I'd love a chance to meet you personally at the 1st Annual Book Fair Blitz in St. Petersburg next Sunday afternoon (details below.) I'll be there along with other local authors. We'll have some activities going on, so bring the kids along!

    Until next month,
    FairyBlessings and JUST DO GOOD!


    3 dreamtime pixies group

    Fairies have always had an enthusiastic fan base and universal appeal, but lately they seem to be enjoying a popularity surge. Do you remember back in the late 80's and early 90's how incredibly popular angels were in the US? There were countless television series, movies, documentaries and books exploring the angelic realms and the miracles associated with these beautiful winged beings. As many as 80% of Americans surveyed during that time frame indicated that they believed that they had a guardian angel.

    I believe that as a nation, our fascination with angels represents a metaphorical reaching toward spirit - recognizing (and relieved!) that we are not alone on our life journey and that we are being guided and protected by benevolent beings. At the same time, a resurgence of fairy fame symbolizes a reaching toward earth - so vital in an era where our very existence is threatened by the rapid global changers. The elemental kingdom is the bridge between spirit and nature. Fairies, devas, and nature spirits gently inspire us to believe in unlimited possibilities as they reconnect us to the magic of childhood and boundless imagination. Those of us who have never stopped believing in fairies and fairy tales are thrilled to welcome new legions of fairy fans!

    BOOK BLITZ JAN. 25th

    In alliance with the Florida Literacy Coalition to "help people learn the fun of reading" Dr. Lindajoy Rose will be signing books at the 1st Annual Book Blitz in St. Petersburg, Florida at the Heritage Hotel on Sunday, January 25th from 1-4 pm. Bring one of her self-help or childrens' books for signing (or buy one there - we will be donating a portion of every sale to benefit this program.)

    Admission is free and refreshments will be served. The address is Hotel 234 3rd Avenue North, St. Petersburg, FL 33701. There will be many local authors present.

    This event is sponsored by Key Business Partners, LLC and LocalShops1.com. For more information, contact Teresa Murrow at the link below.

    Fairy Girls club logo

    by Fairy Jessika Akana
    Since I began working for Fairy Line Naturals I have been so lucky to reach out to the children around me and influence them in a beneficial way. One of the wonderful experiences that I have had is with the Fairy Girls Club, which just completed its second ten-week session at The Children's Home in Tampa. The weekly meetings, which are a combination of teaching, crafts and play, are designed to teach girls how to live in a balanced way, accessing their emotional intelligence and learning how to think positively.

    The Fairy Girls Club has its motto that says it all: Just Do Good, and upon my first class I realized that when a group of girls get together, no matter where they are, sometimes doing good is not their first priority! I have also seen this behavior at some of the Fairy Tea Parties that I have facilitated. Get young girls together and sometimes they can get a bit mean. In Fairy Girls Club, we teach them that there is a benevolent, supportive light in this world and getting along with those around them will have a better impact on their life compared to being mean or angry.

    At the beginning of each class each girl would share how their week had gone; The girls were very excited to share what was on their mind and anxious to turn any negatives around. It was gratifying for me to hear them describe how they might have "done good" that week by helping out a classmate or friend who had fallen down or needed assistance with their homework. I am very excited about getting a new session started in the spring with a new group of girls at The Children's Home - but I would love to see a program like this in place for ALL girls as I think that it makes a huge difference in their perspective on life and how they interact with their peers.


    Most of our Fairy Staff participated in the annual statewide (FL) Great American Teach-In on November 19th. Pictured are Fairies Jessika and Alyssa (from left to right) We visited several elementary and middle schools as teams.

    This community program benefits students by allowing them to see "enthusiastic role models who share information about jobs, careers and interesting hobbies or personal experiences."

    Our fairies visited over 500 students ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade and gave the students a magical talk about what fairies are and why they are here, how we can work together to save the planet and how to enrich their lives through imagination and creativity. Each student and teacher was sprinkled with Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams (and yes, the boys love it, too!) as well as receiving a special misting from the Fairy's Breath Anti-Monster Mist and Drama Queen Diffusing Mist, etc . while learning about the benefits of aromatherapy for better focus and control. Sparkling stickers, special gifts and the Fairy Code of Honor were handed out. Each classroom recited the code proudly with the Fairies, giving their commitment to make the world a better place.

    Send me an email if you are interested in hosting an Imagination Celebration and I will have our Marketing Fairy get back to you with details.

    small bahari

    Bahari is the Sea Nymph and our Fairy of Inspiration and Intuition. One of the most powerful ways of tapping into the creative well of the collective unconscious is through focused breathing. And as you breathe with intention and control you balance your mind, body and spirit. Dr. Andrew Weil, a noted pioneer in mind-body medicine emphasized that if you were to do one thing to improve your health, it should be to regulate your breathing!

    BLISSFUL BREATHING!: Finding a quiet place and allowing yourself to be without interruptions for 5-7 minutes, close your eyes and imagine yourself near, immersed or floating upon your favorite body of water - a stream, lake, natural spring, ocean, river, etc. This technique is particularly effective in a bath or hot tub.

    You will be taking 16 long, deep breaths - each time you will breathe in to a mental count of 8 and breathe out to the same count of 8. To easily keep track of the 16 breaths, you can mentally count "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight" on the intake and repeat on the out breath. Then - and on the next breath, "two, two, three, etc." and so on, through sixteen.

    Let your mind do what it will, but the more you can return to focusing on the breath in spite of mental distractions, the greater the balancing effect. When you have finished, slowly open your eyes and return to conscious awareness. You can also spend a few moments "communing with the muse" and seek inspiration or guidance on issues that are occupying your life. NOTE: Once you get some practice with this breathing technique, try extending the in and out breaths to a count of 16 for even better oxygenation of mind and body.

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