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Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! August 2008
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  • Letter from the Editor

    Fairy Greetings!

    Is it my imagination or does time seem to be moving much more swiftly these days? My last newsletter was on the first day of summer and now we are a few days away from Labor Day, the non-official end of summer!
    We've been deeply involved in getting our exciting new fairy surprises ready to debut for the holidays, as well as finishing up our first (and wonderful in every way!) official Fairy Girl's Club at The Children's Home in Tampa. We will start our 2nd session in September.

    Inspired by the long-awaited arrival of the Tooth Fairy Pillow, our talented Fairy Ashley launched our first ""Fairy Funny" in this issue, with her charming, original comic. You will also learn more about this fairy-peutic and versatile creation and also preview some of our latest fairy wing designs.

    This month's Fairy Therapy is an easy-to-implement habit that I have recently revisited - taking a daily "inventory of life's assets," suggested in the amazing book, Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach. According to the Institute of HeartMath, the attitudes of "gratitude and appreciation" have such powerful vibrations that they create coherence between our heart and brain, flooding our body with healing and life-affirming chemistry.
    Wherever you focus your attention for as little as 17 seconds, you have activated the Law of Attraction, bringing in "more of the same." It's easy to dredge up all of the negatives at the end of day, yet by purposefully recording 5 positive things each night you bring awareness to how blessed you truly are. Please join me in keeping a gratitude journal for at least the next 7 days and I'm sure that we will have a much better outlook on life!.
    Until next month, Fairy Blessings!


    tooth fairy pillow

    By popular demand, the Tooth Fairy Twins, Dorianna and Dorian,bring you their tooth fairy innovation to honor this magical growth stage in your child's life.

    Made locally in alliance with a vocational rehab center, this "FAIRY-PEUTIC" pillow provides comfort and healing as well as being the ideal way to delight your child with a surprise "from the tooth fairy."
    Note the brightly colored, customized patch pocket featuring the tooth fairy twins (this photo doesn't do it justice!); this is where your precious child can store his/her tooth before going to bed. A four-color accompanying card features my original whimsical poem, which you can read as they prepare for sleep. After leaving some "fairy tracks" (we have enclosed some of these, too!) you can help the twins along by exchanging their tooth for a fairy treasure.

    The magic of this pillow doesn't stop there!
    Filled with USA-grown flax seed and natural healing herbs of lavender and marjoram. It smells heavenly!
    *You can heat this pillow in the microwave for relieving aches and pains.
    * Also can be frozen and placed on sore muscles and inflammations.
    *Great comfort for children staying away from home -- tuck a family photo into the front pocket. During "time-outs" or moody moments - they will feel hugged and comforted by the fairies by placing this pillow over their heart or stomach.
    Even grown-up fairies will appreciate the aromatherapy and heat/cold application for headaches, cramps and muscle aches.

    These pillows are made in a cotton/poly blend with pink, lavender, purple or blue and has a limited edition coordinating fabric on the reverse, making each one unique. These pillows sell for $34.95 but are on an introductory sale through September 30, 2008 for $29.95.


    Luminara model

    One of our most beautiful new designs. Luminara, The Snow Fairy, is a popular fairy among fairies of all ages, admired for her stunning blond beauty and loving, compassionate nature.

    Modeled by our lovely Fairy Jessika, these exceptionally well-made wings measure 21 inches long and 20 inches wide - an ideal size for little fairies that want to be noticed.
    Varying shades of blue with pink and lavender accents blend perfectly, highlighted by accents of silver "gems" - with a final flourish of a snowflake with pink gem in the center These hand-made wings sell for $17.95.

    FAIRY ALERT: Along with Luminara's new wings, be sure to check out 3 other brand new wing designs on our website, including Furry Fairy Bellafonte, Nature Fairy Esmeralda and Passion Fairy Tamara.

    Fairy Tea Party flyer

    If you have a business in the Tampa/St. Petersburg or in Manatee/Sarasota counties that has customer traffic, we invite you to participate in our new FTP brochure alliance program.
    We will provide a supply of our colorful and informative Fairy Tea Party brochures and a holder to be displayed in an area that is visible to your clientele. Each brochure will be labeled with your company name and we will provide a generous referral fee for every facilitated party and "do-it-yourself" kit that originates from your business.

    We can even co-sponsor a special event called an Imagination Celebration in your store where we send a fabulous fairy to your store with lots of activities, adventures, stickers and other giveaways to delight children of all ages. A great way to kick off the holiday season for your customer base. Send an email to [email protected] or to me if you would like more information.

    For businesses outside of our area, we do ship Fairy Tea Party "do-it-yourself" kits around the world and would love to find a way to partner with you, as well. Send me an email if you have any ideas.

    Queen Orianne

    Fairy Queen Orianne, is the Fairy Godmother of Blessings. She is loving and generous and most of all wants you to experience untold miracles in your life. Her personal "Fairy Therapy" is for you to literally COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!
    Every night before bed, for the next 7 nights - without interruption -- make a list of at least 5 things that you appreciate about your life. Some of these might be obvious to you, but Fairy Queen Orianne invites you to look beyond the apparent; List how grateful you are for your friend being there when you needed her; that wonderful hug you got from your child; the sunrise you caught when you got up early to finish that project.
    Blessings surround you. When you intentionally record them, you are tuning into the miraculous vibration of gratitude and opening yourself for greater gifts and experiences.
    If you notice the difference after 7 days, go another 7 and then another. As the old adage goes, "21 days to make a habit!"


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