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Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! June 2008
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  • Letter from the Editor

    Fairy Greetings!

    My fascination with books started very young. I was particularly enthralled with fairy tales, searching the library for any collections of tales and fables that I could find. Were you drawn to fairy tales in your youth? And, here's a deep question for you -- can you pinpoint the moment when you came to the realization that there is no such thing as a "fairy-tale life?"

    Years back I attended a workshop with inspirational and intuitive author, Caroline Myss; She shared a fascinating theory about how the psychological myth of the "fairy tale life" and the archetype of the "damsel in distress being rescued by the white knight" was pretty much extinguished with the death of Princess Diana, especially as we learned the not-so-fairy-tale-like details of her life and marriage.

    The realization that fairy tales aren't real doesn't have to be life-shattering - there IS such a thing as a fairy-inspired life; an appreciation for the whimsical side of life, a belief that everyday magic exists in spite of all the naysayers. And that even during the darkest periods there is an inner hint, (even if not yet a glimpse!) of the light at the end of the tunnel. A fairy-inspired outlook helps your heart remain open and your spirit stay flexible in the face of adversity.

    While we are continuously improving and evolving our our definition of what it means to be a "Fairy Girl" we know for sure it means being compassionate and conscious of others and the environment, and - most importantly -- not taking yourself so seriously!

    This month saw the launch of a project that has been very near and dear to my heart: The Fairy Girl's Club (see article below) where we are exploring the concept of the fairy-inspired life and learning how to emulate the positive traits of fairies, as nature spirits, guides and healers.

    If you would like to receive 2 free colorful pdf documents describing fairy-like qualities with the Fairy Code of Honor, simply send an email to me at [email protected] and I will be happy to forward these to you by email.

    Until next month, Fairy Blessings!


    Got Fairy Dust?

    For a long time our company tag line has been "Infusing Magic and Joy into Everyday Reality." We have recently introduced a new company slogan that aptly describes the wonderful juxtaposition of such diverse concepts as "Magic" and "Therapeutic": MAGICAL NATURAL SCIENCE.

    *Mesmerizing MAGICAL qualities that grab children of all ages' interest and stimulate their imagination, creativity and self-esteem-- Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams, for instance, naturally glitters in the light like brilliantly shimmering fairies;
    *Premium NATURALingredients like pure essential oils, exotic eco-essences, natural scents, mica minerals, and no alcohol, talc or synthetic fragrances;
    *Solid SCIENCE utilizing proven principles of aromatherapy, psychology, power of suggestion, chemistry and physics.

    Here's an example of the powerful FAIRAPEUTIC possibilities of one of our most popular products, Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams:

    "My daughter is 3 and was terrified of the dark," Michelle Lamonica says. "I tried everything - night light, noise maker, music, flashlight, dolls, books and even let her pick out her own bedroom set. Then my friend bought her a packet of Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams and we now have our nightly sprinkling and she sleeps all alone throughout the night!"

    Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams is just one of the natural fairy therapy products that we have created.

    3 dreamtime pixies group

    Thanks to a generous grant by our Fairy Godmother, Billie Cox-Glimpse and the Helen P. Glimpse Foundation, we have launched the first Fairy Girl's Club at The Children's Home in Tampa, Florida.
    The Children's Home is a residential treatment facility caring for children victimized by abuse, neglect, and/or abandonment which has severely impacted their outlook and behavior. Tragically, the 10 wonderful girls who have committed to our 10 week program have learned early on that life is not a fairy tale.

    On our first meeting we asked the group what fairies mean to them individually; One of the girls sagely responded "Fairies are about hope." That's one of the beautiful gifts of a fairy-inspired life!

    One of the main activities is to create Fairy Fan Clubs to show their appreciation for 3 or 4 of their favorite fairies; After reviewing more than a dozen of our fairy role models, the girls narrowed down the choices to these fairies for this particular 10 week program:
    Isabella, the Rainbow Fairy of Creativity and New Beginnings
    Jae-Lin, the Feng Shui Fairy of Balance and Harmony
    Xiomara, the courageous and powerful Spirit of the Rainforest

    The word "intuition" means to be tutored from within. As the girls participate in a variety of fun, creative and challenging activities and crafts honoring their "inner fairy," she becomes an internal source of guidance and inspiration. We are on our third weekly session now and will keep you posted on our club's progress.

    FAIRY ALERT: We intend to open a second retail location in Tampa by fall where we iwill schedule weekly Fairy Girl's Club meetings for girls ages 7-15. Please let us know if you have any input for location ideas or if you would like to put your daughter's name on a waiting list for the fall sessions.

    Fairy Lindsey

    by Fairy Lindsey Adams
    Being a Fairy Girl at Fairy Line Naturals means a lot to me. I get the chance to talk to new people and learn about them. I love to tell stories about the fairies and the products and tell people about myself. What's most amazing about being a Fairy Girl is that I get to use my creative talent and skills to design wonderful new fairies. It's exciting to show the customers some of he new fairies and wings that I designed.

    I also get to do such a variety of things like helping with the first Fairy Girl's Project. It's doing something that helps others that also takes dedication and perseverance, so sometimes it's hard work being a Fairy Girl. There is study involved! But you know what - I enjoy it. Who knew hard work could be fun AND creative! I love being a fairy girl!

    Editor's Note: If this pose looks familiar, we loved this photo so much that we had talented Fairy Lindsey draw Rosita, the Dreamtime Pixie in the same pose for "Got Fairy Dust?" (see above!)


    Fairy Bellafonte, the Furry Fairy, has important jobs to do as the standard bearer for her Furry Friends, being cute and cuddly, and teaching us humans how to give and receive unconditional love. She is also the talented American Fido vocalist winner along with her brother, JJ, The Wizard of Odd. With such a demanding schedule she knows the restorative value of a power nap...

    On the more serious side, studies have shown that regular brief naps lead to better thinking and concentration, improved health and even help control weight gain! If you are not the "napping" type, you can benefit from isolating for at least 10-15 minutes and closing your eyes to do some deep breathing and/or inner reflection. Even imagining yourself taking a nap will bring you restorative benefits!

    Watch for Fairy Bellafonte's unique wings for dogs and her
    "Spoil Me Silly " fairy natural pet shampoo and conditioning spritz coming very soon!


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