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Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! October 2007
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  • FAIR-APY™ Connecting with your Fairy Muse
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    Fairy Greetings!

    What is that you can do to transport yourself - even if only for a few moments a day - to an oasis of calm and comfort? Somewhere in the landscape of your frenetic everyday existence, there is a personal place of peace and joy that surfaces whenever you connect with your Muse of Creativity.
    Angeles Arrien, author of The Nine Muses: A Mythological Path to Creativity, teaches that these magical and mysterious messengers assist us in bringing our gifts and talents forward to the world and thus become more whole. The Muses exist at the edges of our imagination and will come willingly when beckoned.
    Even as I write this newsletter, I am listening to a playlist of music that helps me to connect with the "Writing Muse." Writing is sometimes tedious and frustrating when inspiration is not flowing as fast as I'd like, but this selection of songs consistently transports me to zone where it feels easier and definitely less stressful.
    This month's Fairy Therapy ("Fair-apy") comes from multi-talented Kalakhara, Patroness of the Arts. She paints, she writes, she dances and plays music, as she carries the template for any creative talent. While you may be quick to say "I'm just not artistic," everyone has hidden talents. Whenever you have participated in an activity that seemed to take you beyond time and space or made what you were doing feel effortless, you have entered the fairy realm of Kalakhara.

    Fairy Line Naturals is officially a chain with the opening of our third retail location on October 22 at the Sarasota Square (outside of Charlotte Russe.) Our expansion pauses now so that we can focus on the holiday season, but we intend to explore other markets and open more locations in 2008. If you have suggestions for malls or areas that would support our magical and natural products and concept, we'd love to hear from you!

    May your days be filled with inspiration, joy and magical moments


    Gabriella wings

    What makes Halloween so universally appealing is that we get to try on different characters and personas for a brief time. Fairy Line designs all of our original wings, which are inspired by our various Fairy role models. For example, the ones pictured are patterned after Fairy Gabriella, the innovative and committed Fairy of Friendship.
    All of these wings are hand-crafted and feature exceptional detail, such as tulle, ribbons, flowers and many other special touches. We also include an informative collector's card with each wing design.
    Our beautiful "Fairy Girls" love wearing wings at our retail locations; they claim that when they put the wings on, they feel ligher, happier and even stand up straighter!
    What's great about these adorable creations is that even after Halloween you can use them to decorate your room or just pop them on from time to time to bring out the fairy in you! Our apologies in advance to our remote fans: We have just debuted 6 new fairy's designs but have not had time to photograph them yet for the website - for our local fans, come in and check them out!

    Collector's card

    In celebration of Fairy Line Naturals growth we invite all of our local readers to visit one of our three locations in Florida (International Plaza, Brandon Mall, SarasotaSquare) to pick up a colorful collectible sticker card for the fairy fan in your life. Every time you visit us for a complimentary fairy dusting, fairy fortune or to see what's new, we will give you a free sticker for your card. If you buy something you get 3 stickers.
    When you collect all 9 stickers, you will be invited to spin the Fairy Wheel of Fortune and win a special fairy treasure! You also have a nice collector's card for your room that can displayed and even framed.
    We now have 27 stickers so collect enough for 3 cards and 3 chances at the Fairy Wheel of Fortune!
    If you are one of our distant fairy fans, we would be happy to send you a starter card with your website order with 3 stickers - we will add 3 stickers with each purchase and when you have 9 we will happily spin the wheel for you and include your prize in your box!

    healing balm

    We usually publish one of the wonderful testimonials that we get from our cherished customers and consultants, but this month I would like to give my personal testimonial on my favorite and most-used product.
    As the creator of this line, I love all the Fairy Line products and I use many of them on a daily basis, but the one product I find myself grabbing at least 4 times a day is Florentina's Magical Healing Balm. In fact, I have several jars around the house!
    Made from a recipe inspired by the fairy of healing, this balm is exceptionally natural, free of any additives; Extracts of St. John's Wort, Comfrey and Calendula (all renowned for their healing properties) are infused into a base of beeswax and olive oil with just the right amount of essential oils of lavender and mandarin.
    The best way I can think of to "brag" about this product is to list all of the uses that I have personally discovered, as well as the ones we have heard about from you. FIRST AID: Soothes scratches, bites, stings,cuts and bruises. Overtime it can diminish scarring and stretch marks. Great for getting the itch out of mosquito bites! Helps with minor burns.
    BABY CARE: Diaper rash and other skin eruptions.
    BEAUTY TREATMENTS: Lip balm, under-eye treatment, cuticle creme. Use on eyebrows to shape. Apply to hands and wear cotton gloves for an hour to soften skin. Rub on the soles of your feet or massage into aching muscles.
    FEMININE STUFF: Instantly relieves chafing! Wear on lips and dab under nose when having PMS or pre-menopausal symptoms - the essential oils are very calming.
    FAIRY ALERT: Because some people have sensitivity to certain herbs and flowers, make sure to do a patch test before using. Not intended for internal use! FYI - We have never had a complaint about this product.
    I hope that you will become fans of this versatile fairy-inspired product and agree that it is the best $14.95 investment that you have ever made!

    FAIR-APY™ Connecting with your Fairy Muse

    Kakakhara, the Fairy Muse, versatile and brilliant, has many creative messages to impart and invites you to develop a relationship with your personal patroness of the arts.
    If Thalia, the Muse of Comedy tickles your fancy - tivo or tape some of your favorite shows and listen in intervals of 10-15 minutes. If Terpsichore, the Muse of Dance pulls your creative strings, put on some music that inspires you and DANCE, even if it's only a few minutes a day! Is Clio, the Muse of History and Writing, whispering original ideas for a dramatic screenplay in your ear? Commit to translating those ideas to paper or computer screen for 10-15 minutes every day. Maybe that urge to invest in a telescope and track the nighttime stars is Muse of Astronomy and Science, Urania's way of awakening a new ambition.

    Whatever Muse murmurs from within, do your best to commit to at least 10-15 minutes most days a week and you will undoubtedly uncover a new outlook on life.


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