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Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! September 2007
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  • FAIRY THERAPY™ Animal Therapy
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    Fairy Greetings!

    These late summer, pre-fall days offer an idyllic opportunity to spend some restorative time in nature. We have so much we can learn from the natural world; particularly the gift that animals possess for "being in the moment."
    Have you heard the song Black Horse and the Cherry Tree (great song!) by KT Tunstall? The very first words "Well, my heart knows me better than I know myself, so I'm gonna let it do all the talking" are as wise as they come.
    There's no doubt that our lives would improve enormously, on an individual level as well as collectively, as a species, if we can learn to listen and communicate with our hearts. This does not mean that mind should be obsolete! As humans, we have been gifted with amazing analytical skills, allowing us to learn and evolve, but minds can easily become clouded and trap us into believing a lot of false information.

    This month's Fairy Therapy comes from Fairy Queen Zadhara, the Protector of Animals, who has mastered the art of speaking from her heart and shares her skill for spending a few soulful moments in communion with a gentle animal spirit.

    September also brings two important milestones for Fairy Line: The first is the long-awaited release our first children's book in the "fairy life lessons" series, Drew and the Dreamtime Fairy. (more info on this below);

    Our second milestone is the opening of our 2nd retail location at the Westfield Brandon (greater Tampa) Please come and visit if you are nearby.
    We will be opening at Sarasota Square next month.

    Until then, may your days be filled with magical moments


    Drew and the Dreamtime Fairy

    Drew and the Dreamtime Fairy: This is an enchanting tale about a young boy's magical encounter with the Dreamtime Fairy. Having trouble sleeping because of bad dreams, Drew learns the self-empowerment of fairy dust and how it inspires magical dreams and helps him overcome his nighttime fears.
    This beautifully illustrated book, is 34 pages long, written by Dr. LindaJoy Rose, reveals the secret formula to expanding your imagination. Each book also contains Drew and the Fairies' magical recipe: a 5 gram packet of our natural, sparkling Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams
    This is the first of our "fairy life lessons" series and bound to become a classic; you can adapt your reading style and impact children from1 year old to 11 years old!
    Note: We will be happy to add a beautiful lavender boa fairy dusting wand to this order for only $5.00 and gift you one of our 3D holographic "Crossing the Fairy Line" keychains. Just indicate this on your order form and we will adjust accordingly.


    In the magic fairy forest,
    There is a place where dreams are made.
    They gather many gifts of nature
    And bring them to this hidden glade.

    Sifting all the parts together,
    The dust is made with loving care.
    To guide the dreams and hopes of children,
    And spread the magic everywhere.

    The fairies gather through the night,
    To dance and sing in pure delight.
    For this is what they love to do -
    Bring joy and fairy dust to you!
    copyright 2007 The Fairy Line, LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D.

    A laminated card with this poem accompanies each of our exclusive design snow globes. Check out Fairy Luminara, The Snow Fairy's snow globe as well!


    How do you describe magic? To try and put into words the spell that was cast on my daughter's birthday is near impossible. We had a Fairy Tea Party and Hailey (forefront in the blue dress) was over the moon the entire day! She is a true fairy at heart and her friends have not stopped talking about that day. Most of them spent the rest of the weekend in their wings. (I have to admit that I had mine on for quite a while). Such a truly wonderful experience that will stay with her for the rest of her life -- in spirit and soul. I was so proud of the girls, so sweet, enchanting and quite fairy-like. A place in my heart forever! LindaJoy, you're the best.
    Donna Sweikow Clearwater, Florida

    FAIRY THERAPY™ Animal Therapy

    You can try this with one of your precious furry friends at home, or expand your horizons a bit and open your heart and mind to a variety of species! Inspired by honorable and compassionate Fairy Queen Zadhara, at separate times I had the magical occurrence of connecting with a crow and a lizard; those experiences, while very brief, were unforgettable and deeply healing.
    1. It is best to be alone and undistracted while doing this exercise.
    2. Begin by taking some deep breaths - at least 3-5, while bringing the focal point of your attention gently down from your head to your heart.
    3. Regard the animal with your eyes slightly narrowed and continue to breathe gently, while sending out loving waves of your intention through your heart.
    4. Sit in silence for several moments and perceive what messages you may be receiving, without judgment or analysis.
    5. Practice makes perfect! Do not be discouraged if your mind tries to take over.


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