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Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! April -May 2007
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  • Fairy Feedback - Testimonial
  • FAIRY THERAPY™ #2- Bahari's Balancing Breath -
  • Letter from the Editor

    Fairy Greetings to All!

    As a therapist, I specialized in helping adults heal from childhood trauma. It was during my volunteer work with preschoolers in the Headstart program that I began to develop the Fairy Line products, as a way of giving children gentle coping tools to help them feel safe and empowered.

    More than ever, we need to be mindful of how our reactions to recent traumatic events affect our children. Children are more aware than we realize; impressions of violence and fear permeating our society make deep imprints on their subconscious minds and create long-lasting behavioral patterns that are based in fear and insecurity.

    If your children are exhibiting signs of restlessness, anxiety, excessive fear, difficulty sleeping or nightmares, these imagination-enhancing and natural botanical products will help ease their underlying fear and stress: Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams, Fairy's Breath Anti-Monster Mist, and Baby-Bonding Mist. Another amazing product is Fairy Drops Serenity Essence, a homeopathic remedy (similar to Bach's Flower Rescue Remedy, but with MUCH less alcohol content!) that works on the subtle energy systems of the body. This is an excellent stress-buster for you and your pets as well!

    Our latest Fairy Therapy™ is "Bahari's Balancing Breath." Taking only minutes to do, this will bring you (and your children!) instant relief as you find yourself tapping into the unlimited healing potential within.

    Until next month - may the fairies fill your life with joy and hope!




    As we expand into exciting new (fairy) realms, such as: Furry Friends Fairy Line, Fairy Couture, Fairy Fresh (green and earth-friendly) cleaning goods) and many other fairy fun projects, customer feedback is a vital tool in pointing us in the right direction.
    If you would like to fill out a marketing survey, that would take less than 10, minutes, kindly hit "reply" to this email and cut and paste these words in either the subject line or at the beginning of the email:


    Upon completion of our simple feedback form, we will send you a coupon for a FREE Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams (5 gram envelope) and Fairy Boa Dusting Wand!

    Maribelle-baby small

    Fairy Line Naturals™ are not just for kids!
    With Mother's Day just around the corner, check out some of our pampering products for that special woman in your life, such as our Rainforest Fairy Spa Collection - a delightly scented (Ylang-Ylang, Ginger and Green Tea) set of personal care products that are filled with exotic eco-essences and free of toxic ingredients, such as sodium-laurel-sulphates (SLS)

    If you want to indulge Mom's more romantic side, check our Tamara's (the passionate fairy!) Tempting Creations, such as Afterglow lotion in either Precious Gold or Be Bronzed. Our favorite staff recommendations are the Flame of Love soy candles; containing no paraffin or beeswax, these amazing candles burn warm, not hot - and turn into exquisitely scented and silky massage lotion that can be drizzled on any part of the body for massage. Any Mom appreciates a massage!

    All of these products will be on special through Saturday, May 13 (see coupon below) either at our store or using the online coupon below.)

    Fairy Feedback - Testimonial
    dust-wand combo lav

    Dear LJ,
    Since learning about your company last Christmas, my daughter and I have been in love with all of your products. The message you are communicating to children is so refreshing in these troubled times. My daughter, Maddy, and her friends love the evening ritual of spraying Anti-Monster mist under the bed and in the closet. Then they dust the sheets and pillows with Fairy dust.
    One morning, Maddy and her friend Sara were sleeping in. I went to check on them. The most beautiful sight was the two girls sleeping so peacefully with little sparkles of Fairy dust on their cheeks. It was then that I realized I wanted to be part of your inspiring company. It has been a joy getting to know you and I am so thrilled you have asked me to consult with you on the Fairy Tea Party ™project. All the girls had the most amazing time at the very first tea party.
    The memories Maddy and I are building each day with you and Fairy Line will stay with us for many years to come. I am so proud of all you have accomplished in your life. Thank you for sending such a positive message to the world.

    Your friend,

    NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Fairy Anne Jousou is our talented Project Development Director! We feel blessed to have her as part of our ever-growing creative staff.

    FAIRY THERAPY™ #2- Bahari's Balancing Breath -
    small bahari

    Bahari is the Sea Nymph and our Fairy of Inspiration and Intuition. One of the most powerful ways of tapping into the creative well of the collective unconscious is through focused breathing. And as you breathe with intention and control you balance your mind, body and spirit. Dr. Andrew Weil, a noted pioneer in mind-body medicine emphasized that if you were to do one thing to improve your health, it should be to regulate your breathing!

    Finding a quiet place and allowing yourself to be without interruptions for 5-7 minutes, close your eyes and imagine yourself near, immersed or floating upon your favorite body of water - a stream, lake, natural spring, ocean, river, etc. This technique is particularly effective in a bath or hot tub. You will be taking 16 long, deep breaths - each time you will breathe in to a mental count of 16 and breathe out to the same count of 16.
    Let your mind do what it will, but the more you can return to focusing on the breath in spite of mental distractions, the greater the balancing effect. When you have finished, slowly open your eyes and return to conscious awareness. You can also spend a few moments "communing with the muse" and seek inspiration or guidance on issues that are occupying your life.

    COUNTING ON YOUR FINGERSbr> A great way to keep count of the 16: Touch the tip of your left thumb to the tip of your forefinger. That will mark the first breath. Move the tip of your thumb down to the first finger joint (2nd breath), now down to the third joint (3rd breath) and now to the base of the finger (4th breath.) Continue this with middle finger, ring and pinkie for a total of 16 breaths.


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