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Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! February 2007
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  • Fairy Tea Party, A Magical Adventure of Fairies, Fun and Friendship!
  • Fairy Line Naturals at the International Plaza!
  • Fairy Feedback: Consultant Testimonial
  • Letter from the Editor

    Fairy Greetings to All!

    Next week I return to Newport Beach (original home of The Fairy Line!) as a guest speaker at a conference, debuting Fairy Therapy(tm). This is my newest healing modality, designed to recapture the joy, imagination, and creativity of childhood. Throughout my career as a therapist, my specialty has been creating alternative mental health systems for tapping into the unlimited potential of the subconscious mind via manageable and easy-to-implement techniques.

    We all seek positive change, but realistically, this doesn’t happen without focused inner work. In the hectic pace of everyday reality, it’s hard to commit to lengthy meditation sessions and retreats of deep self- examination. Fairy Therapy (tm) is a series of simple and playful techniques and exercises, inspired by the Fairies and the elemental kingdom. Most of these will take only minutes a day and will help transmute stress, negativity, and anxiety -- while teaching you to be “in the flow” and more physically and emotionally grounded. Starting next month, one of these original exercises will be included in every newsletter, so be sure to keep all your friends and family in the loop by forwarding this newsletter and inviting them to subscribe. Until then, have a Fairy Happy Valentine’s Day and may the Fairies shower you with joyful blessings!


    Fairy Tea Party, A Magical Adventure of Fairies, Fun and Friendship!
    Fairy Tea Party

    The coming weeks will bring the highly anticipated launch of Fairy Tea Party(tm), a magical themed event service for all ages. Through these dynamic, unique celebrations we enchant the imagination and foster positive values such as protecting nature, honoring friendship and caring for others. Our all- inclusive packages will transform your special day into a whimsical world of fun and fairies: we provide beautiful fairy wings and hair garlands for dress-up, ultra-healthy rooibos tea in a variety of delicious flavors, table decor, invitations, gifts and favors.

    During the party we provide engaging, fun- filled activities to build character, stimulate personal growth and awareness -- all in the lighthearted spirit of the fairies of course! For example, each party begins with the Fairy Friendship Circle where everyone recites the Fairy Code of Honor, a whimsical poem that encourages high ideals such as love, generosity and compassion. In addition, each girl gets to play-act the role of one of our Fairies, who represent exalted virtues and personality traits. Fairy Tea Party(tm) weaves fun with learning, so every moment is truly magical!

    We offer a variety of packages to suit any taste or budget, from easy-to-use kits to fully-fairy-facilitated parties. We also provide free consultation sessions for you to choose the party of your dreams.

    Essentially, Fairy Tea Party (tm) is the antidote for this time of global strife and increasing stress, allowing us to take some time to reflect, pause and enjoy the everyday magic that exists all around us. Children and adults alike will delight in these ideals while taking on a sense of responsibility for oneself, for others and for the environment. It is our mission through Fairy Tea Party (tm) to provide not only a wonderful occasion but a rewarding, memorable experience.

    Fairy Tea Party(tm) will be available in March -- For further information or to reserve your party, please contact [email protected]

    Fairy Line Naturals at the International Plaza!

    For those of you in the Tampa Bay area, we hope you will come to meet us personally at our new location at the International Plaza where you can take advantage of our special Valentine’s Day offer: 20% off our Flame of Love Massage Candles. These beautifully scented candles are made with cosmetic-grade soy-oil and essential oils so they burn warm - not hot - for a sensual or therapeutic massage. "For Valentine's Day, it's all about playful intimacy. Surprise your loved one with a gift you can both enjoy," says Dr. LindaJoy Rose. For our non-local readers, we have included an internet special -- see the coupon below!

    At our new Fairy Line Naturals boutique at the exclusive International Plaza, you will find our magical display just outside Mayor's Jewelers. To support our commitment to the environment, the unique design uses natural materials to replicate an enchanted forest. A birch tree weaves through the display, shimmering dragonflies sit atop branches and images of our original Fairies peek out through the foliage.

    Fairy Line Naturals is a place to be entertained, enchanted and enlightened. Here, we invite you to meet our lovely fairies and take your time browsing as you let our products delight your senses and revitalize your mind, body and spirit. You can also choose your free "Fairy Fortune of the Day," try on some fabulous hand-made Fairy Wings from our collection and bring your children for fairy dusting and a gorgeous free sticker featuring one of our original fairies. You can join our Frequent Fairy Club to be eligible specials, coupons, get advance previews of new products and earn free gifts. We also have a Fairy Godmother Club for additional discounts. Stop by our magical, natural boutique for our grand opening weekend!

    2223 N. Westshore Blvd.
    Tampa, FL 33670
    (813) 872-9300
    Right outside Mayor`s Jewelers, near the Grand Court

    Fairy Feedback: Consultant Testimonial
    Fairy Florentina

    Hi there all you fairy consultants and customers! I am the youngest representative of The Fairy Line at the age of eighteen. I am also an accounting student at Western New Mexico University and newlywed. I am a junior in college with high hopes of becoming a hospital administrator. My friend, Steve, introduced me to The Fairy Line about six months ago and I have been selling ever since. I am still building my customer base here in southwest New Mexico and learning all the tightropes of business. But when I meet a new customer I have the awesome ability to tell them about my own preferences in the line and products I highly recommend. I think that The Fairy Line's beliefs inspire a lot of happiness and should be basic ideas to every person. I look forward to getting to know more of you and building my business and business skills in working with The Fairy Line. I also look forward to the new innovations and discoveries we all make. Thank you and may the fairies watch over you!

    ~Torey L. Reese, New Mexico Representative

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