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Fairy Mail - Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! January 2007
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  • Who We Are: The Fairy Line Tale
  • The Gift of Fairy Friendship: What You Give is What You Have
  • Fairy Feedback: Consultant Testimonial
  • Jump Starting Your New Year's Resolutions!
  • Letter from the Editor

    Fairy Happy New Year to all of our Fairy Fans! We are delighted to enclose our first Fairy Mail newsletter, with informative articles, feedback and special offers to help infuse more joy and magic into your everyday reality. Have you ever visited my self-help website, www.drlindarose.com? There you will find many interesting articles for inner growth and fine-tuning your mind to make this an exceptionally productive new year. In this edition of Fairy Mail, find out why your New Year’s resolutions typically don’t make it to the end of the month. I am also very charmed by the story of “Fairy Friendship” contributed by our managing editor, Fairy Melissa. We hope that you will share this newsletter with all your friends and family – may this be a year filled with magic, joy and unlimited possibilities!
    Fairy blessings,

    Dr. LindaJoy Rose

    Who We Are: The Fairy Line Tale
    Fairy Florentina

    Six years ago it became the mission of therapist and self-help author LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D., to create a truly unique line of all natural products that rejuvenate your body, enchant your soul and enrich your imagination. Through her practice helping patients overcome childhood trauma and working with kindergarteners in the Head Start program, Dr. Rose was inspired to create innovative products for children and adults to help them overcome their fears, engage heir imaginations and infuse a little bit of joy and whimsy into everyday reality. By blending the scientifically proven benefits of the power of suggestion, aromatherapy and the mind/body connection, Dr. Rose has developed an array of engaging creations from luxurious bath and body products to one of a kind collectible figurines and gifts. The entire line is fairy themed because fairies are the symbolic muses and protectors of nature who foster creativity, femininity and fun.

    Dr. Rose worked very hard to use only natural ingredients and soothing essential oils for the best products that are the best for our planet. Because of her unending passion and dedication, The Fairy Line was born and is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds!

    In 2005 Dr. Rose relocated from Newport Beach, California to Tampa, Florida - essentially trading one coast for another! In addition to being a national and international wholesaler, and launching a Home Party Division, the business opened its premier retail location in October 2006, The Fairy Line Natural Boutique, at The Citrus Park Mall to develop brand awareness and local presence. This experience has generated a tremendous positive response and the line will be opening at The International Plaza in Tampa this February.

    Also in 2007 be on the lookout for the publication of Dr. Rose’s two children’s books, Drew and the Dreamtime Fairy and Fairy Tea Party (Trademark, The Fairy Line Company). The new year will also see the launch of Fairy Tea Party (Trademark, The Fairy Line Company), a whimsical event service perfect for girls of all ages, for all occasions! Fairy Tea Party will offer natural, delicious flavored teas, treats including fairy-cakes, fun crafts and positive games, music and more to create a magical, memorable experience.

    The Fairy Line provides so much more than just beautiful healing tools and beauty products: it offers an innovative experience to delight the imagination and take a reflective pause so that you can recharge and revitalize. It is also because of consumers, associates and fellow fairies like you that The Fairy Line has been able to successfully grow and create an engaging community.

    The Gift of Fairy Friendship: What You Give is What You Have
    Fairy Alexis and Fairy Melissa!

    A true friend brings light to even the darkest situation and their very presence can brighten our day. As true friends ourselves we find peace in knowing that we, too, offer that same light to others, whether it’s a nonjudgmental ear, a kind gesture or the simple joy of laughter. Some people have strings of acquaintances and know someone wherever they go, but having genuine friends is extremely rare. I’m lucky – I have one.

    Alexis and I have been best friends since we were 9 years old, when all that mattered was riding our bikes and staying awake past midnight at sleepover parties. At that age, we amused ourselves with simple games and could spend hours being silly and, more importantly, just being our innocent selves.

    As we grew older, life got more complicated with boys, school and the social climate of adolescence. Through everything we always had each other to voice our honest thoughts, to ground each other and to offer that much-needed hug now and again. Having Alexis was like having a sister, only better because although we weren’t born as family we became family.

    We went to different high schools and sometimes wouldn’t talk for months, as life tends to get in the way. But we could always pick up where we had left off as if nothing had changed. That’s the thing about genuine friendship; time or distance cannot diminish it.

    After graduation Alexis headed to the University of Tampa and I stayed up north. After one semester of hating school and life in general, I called Alexis crying in my dorm one night, asking if I could visit her in Florida. My spirit immediately lifted hearing the gentle voice of my best friend. I transferred to Tampa the next fall and, reunited with Alexis in the land of sun, I found happiness.

    At UT we joined the same sorority and became roommates. College is a time for transition and self-discovery, but in that whirlwind we were blessed to have the foundation of our friendship. Whenever I felt lost or confused Alexis would bring me clarity, strength and support, since she knows me better than I know myself.

    Now, after 13 years of friendship we’ve graduated from UT, share an apartment in South Tampa and have connected on the next phase of lives: our careers. We work for The Fairy Line; a company devoted to bringing joy and whimsy into everyday reality through its all-natural, one-of-a- kind products.

    Created by world-renowned author and psychologist specializing in hypnotherapy, Dr. Linda Joy Rose developed The Fairy Line to help children and adults feel safe, empowered and uplifted. The ideals instilled through these specialty items resonate with Alexis and I because, like the gift of friendship, we also believe in sharing hope and happiness with others.

    Alexis, who has always been a fan of fantasy and fairies, is the graphic designer for the company and I am LindaJoy’s executive assistant and managing editor of our various newsletters and publishing company, Quantum Mind Press (due to release Drew and the Dreamtime Fairy this spring.) We are also part of The Fairy Girls of Tampa Bay, dressing up as fairies at our retail centers and charity events to promote the line and share the positive messages behind it. Fairies are the muses of imagination, creativity and heart, reminding us that an ‘inner fairy’ dwells within each of us. When Alexis and I when were little girls we were at our most fairy-like state – filled with wonder and pure joy. As children, it’s easy to believe that magic and unlimited possibilities exist, yet as adults we can grow cynical and world-weary. The Fairy Line offers children an opportunity to foster the positive power of the imagination and gives adults a chance to regain some of the hope and whimsy that has been lost over the years.

    The ideals and qualities represented by fairies include being a good friend. A true fairy friend is considerate and thoughtful of her friend’s needs, is trustworthy of her closest secrets and will accept and love her unconditionally. That is a lot to ask of another person, which is why such genuine friendship is exceptional and should be cherished. If you are blessed to have a fairy friend in your life, be grateful and be sure to remind her just how remarkable she is to you!

    Fairy Special: A unique and thoughtful way to show your fairy friend how much she means to you: Decide which of our 14 fairies reminds you most of her or which one would give her the most solace and support and send her that art card and crystal heart necklace as a token of your fairy friendship. This is a simple, fun way to spread joy to one of the most important people in your life. See the discount coupon below!

    Fairy Feedback: Consultant Testimonial
    Fairy Luminara

    I’ve been a Fairy Line Consultant for nearly 8 months now. While I have not held a home party as of yet, it has been very easy to meet the minimum purchase amount every 2 months! I simply brought a few catalogs to the office, along with some products for the girls to experience first hand, and the products practically sold themselves! The Good Love Karma spray is a favorite with my co-workers! They run into my office whenever something good happens and insist that it was a result of the Good Karma spray!

    I also have been able to easily meet the minimum purchase requirement by purchasing the products for myself! My top 5 favorites are: Afterglow Lotion in Be Bronzed, Good Love Karma Spray, Rainforest Shampoo, Rainforest Conditioner & Rainforest Lotion. The Afterglow Lotion is hands down my absolute favorite product! I am very fair skinned, and love the way the lotion gives a nice glow to my skin, making me look healthy & radiant - even without a suntan! I also put a small dab on the bridge of my nose, my cheek bones, my forehead & chin, which makes me feel 10 years younger due to the youthful glow that it gives!

    The greatest benefit of being a Fairy Line Consultant came to me during the holiday season! I did not have to go out into the chaos of the malls & stores to do my holiday shopping this year because I purchased most of my gifts from Fairy Line! I cannot even begin to convey how much stress this removed from my life! My theme this year was "inner peace" and what better way to share the gift of inner peace than through Fairy Line products? I can certainly attest that avoiding the chaos of the stores brought me an abundance of inner peace this holiday season! I look forward to the other upcoming holidays & special events (birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, etc.) to help me continue meeting my minimum purchase requirements, and avoid the chaos of the shopping malls!
    ~ Kim Patrice Arthur – Orlando, Florida

    Send us your Fairy Line stories, whether you are a consultant, associate, consumer or simply a fairy fan! Email [email protected]

    Find out how you can become a part of a rapidly-growing, empowering organization of women! Email [email protected] for details.

    Jump Starting Your New Year's Resolutions!

    So, did you make any resolutions this year? And if so, how many of them are still on track now that we are in mid-January? Statistically, most New Year’s resolutions do not last even three weeks. This fact might lead you to believe that setting positive goals for the year is a futile exercise. However, the reason that resolutions fizzle out as quickly as New Year’s champagne is that you may not understand the dynamics of the subconscious mind.

    Whether you want to break a persistent negative habit, such as smoking, or create a positive one such as getting on a regular exercise program, the secret of success lies in making the new behavior second nature to you. Most of us attempt change by forcing our will power to cooperate with our goals. This usually results in a having great enthusiasm for a few hours or a few days, but then quickly running out of steam.

    Will power is a faculty of consciousness - the part of your mind that comprises roughly 10% of your total mind power. In order to bring about any permanent change, you must first convince the subconscious mind, which is seven to eight times stronger than your will power! Consequently, the new behavior becomes virtually effortless.

    Let’s consider the most common ways that we plan or declare our New Year’s resolutions: I ought to quit smoking; I am going to try to lose some weight this year; I would like to get into a regular exercise routine. In these familiar examples, your best intentions would be almost immediately cancelled out, simply because this language is vague to the subconscious mind and cannot be translated into action.

    Here are some tips for rethinking your New Year’s resolutions and giving them a fighting chance in 2007:

    • Always state your New Year’s resolution in the positive, avoiding words such as try, don't, maybe, can't, failure, etc. Don't describe what behavior you want to move away from (example: I want to quit smoking); State it as a behavior you are moving towards (example: I am creating healthy lungs, a clear mind and high vitality).
    • Use the present tense. The subconscious mind responds best to sugestions hat are stated in the now. For instance, "I will make exercise a part of my life" is totally ineffective as a way of activating the subconscious. Instead, "Exercise is a part of my daily routine; I am taking advantage of every opportunity to exercise." This is a proactive way of engaging your mind's potential.
    • Repeat your resolution to yourself mentally or out loud, several times a day for a 21-day period. If you can do this for a full 21 days without a break you will greatly enhance your chances for creating permanent change.
    • At least once a day, spend a few moments (30- 90 seconds) seeing, imagining, hearing, or feeling the positive outcome. For example, if your resolution is to maintain your ideal weight, hold that image in your mind as you take a few deep and gentle breaths.

    Fairy Jae-Lin
    We have changed our location in the Citrus Park Mall from the Center Carousel to Main Street right outside the Gap! Come visit the fairies!

    On February 7th we will be opening at Internaional Plaza between the Grand Court and Neiman Marcus, outside of Mayors Jewelers.

    We are launching Fairy Tea Party (Trademark, The Fairy Line Company) next month! Offering a magical experience for girls of all ages! To reserve your party or for further information, Email [email protected]

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