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At CoxHealth, we're working to prevent diabetes and heart disease. With innovative research, dynamic health tools and year-round screenings - plus the region's most experienced team of cardiovascular specialists - we're dedicated to making sure the body's strongest muscle stays that way.
244 pounds lost and counting
Four years ago, Margaret's doctors told her she would be lucky to live another year. She knew she needed to make a lifestyle change. She was terrified to take her first step into The Meyer Center, but the team welcomed her with open arms. That and surgical weight loss have helped her lose 244 pounds - and she's still going!

Margaret's Story: Finding the strength to change my life

Kick the habit with a little help

Shawna knew she wanted to quit smoking, but she needed some help. She turned to the TIPS program at CoxHealth. The one-on-one support, expert tips and having someone hold her accountable were the keys to Shawna's success.



Shawna's Story: I'm free from smoking  




Tackling diabetes head on

Donna was shocked when her doctors told her she had type 2 diabetes. That was a disease that happened to other people, not her. The diagnosis was the motivation she needed to take control of her life. She has since lost weight and brought her blood sugar levels to a normal range. 




Donna's Story: I won't let diabetes control me  




Stopping a heart attack in its tracks

Hosea wasn't feeling well. He was very fatigued and he knew something wasn't right. He went to his doctor and learned he had a blockage that was preventing adequate blood flow to his heart.



Hosea's Story: I'm glad I saw the warning signs 

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Heart attack risk quiz
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Grocery store tours
Grocery store tours
Tour a grocery store with a registered dietitian and learn the best shopping practices for nutrition.

Healthy recipes

Grilled Tuna Kebabs 

These grilled tuna kebabs are a heart healthy meal in one. Colorful bell peppers and squash help make this seafood recipe a pretty and healthy entrée.


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HealthSense Magazine 

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