Our 14th Season
The Mill Brook Gallery & Sculpture Gardens

is pleased to present
Four Legged
Celebrating our
Animal Kingdom

Sept. 17- Nov. 14th

Please note: September 17-19
A percentage of each sale will benefit
the Concord-Merrimack Country SPCA


September  19th
1 pm - 5 pm


Join the cavalcade of animal lovers at Mill Brook Gallery for an artistic celebration of the animal kingdom.

Twenty-nine artists showcase their talents in this exciting visual arts menagerie featuring  premier area artists.

You can lend your support to a noble cause! In addition to this truly astonishing exhibit, we are hosting a fund-raiser for the Concord-Merrimack SPCA. We appreciate and recognize all of their efforts on behalf of New Hampshire's animals.


Megan Bogonovich, Walker Boyle,
Jane Butler, David Carroll,
Megan Chapman, Rosemary Conroy, Jeffrey Cooper, Elli Crocker,
Donna Dodson, Peter Dudley,
Liz Fletcher, Gary Hamel,
Mary Iselin, Al Jaeger,
Carol Lake, Wendy Klemperer,
Madeline Lord, Heidi Lorenz,
Glen MacInnis, Victoria Mauldin,
Melissa Miller, Annette Mitchell,
Andy Moerlein, Gloria Najecki,
Fleur Palau, Lynn Peterfreund,
Ilene Richard, Adele Sandborn,
Bob Shannahan and Patricia Verani


Gallery Hours
Tuesday - Sunday
11-5 and by appointment

The Mill Brook Gallery
& Sculpture Garden

236 Hopkinton Road
Concord, NH 03301

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A few highlights from this
family-friendly exhibit

Bob Shannahan (of Wooly Mamoth fame) conjures a prehistoric horse from all natural materials.

David Carroll (MacArthur "Genius" award winner) contributes delicate watercolors and pencil drawings of turtles.

Glen McInnis crafts large wall turtles in clay.

Jeffrey Cooper
(NH Furniture Masters) provides animal-inspired wooden benches for children to ride.

Victoria Mauldin
(from New Mexico) puts you face-to-face with amazing horses.

David Carroll
Painted Turtle
by David Carroll

James Munoz_Abenaki Dove_terra cotta
Rabbit Paradise
by Fleur Palau

Percy Fortini-Wright
Bull Dog
Ilene Richard

Victoria ` eye to eye
Eye To Eye #3
by Victoria Mauldin

                                   Pamela R. Tarbell, curator