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Strike a Major Blow to the Dolphin Meat Business
June 2011

We have an excellent opportunity to deal a major blow to the business of selling dolphin meat in Japan.

The killing of dolphins continues despite such huge efforts as The Cove and years of BlueVoice coverage.
What can stop the killing at Taiji?
Answer: killing the market for dolphin meat.
And that can be done by showing the meat is dangerous to human health. We now have a unique opportunity to do that (see below).This approach is working. Demand for dolphin meat in Japan is falling. The fishermen are getting desperate. It is urgent that we do further tests and present these findings at the IWC which begins July 9th.

One of our generous supporters has given BlueVoice a matching grant up to $3,000 to be used for testing for toxics in dolphin and whale meat. This is a wonderful opportunity to see your donation double in value.

You can play a real role in ending the slaughter of dolphins at Taiji by going to our donations page now and making a generous contribution, knowing it will be matched.

Our colleague at Elsa Nature Conservancy in Japan has obtained samples of dolphin meat from Okinawa from dolphins killed at Taiji. Taiji is trying to sell dolphin meat to Okinawa in order to make up for falling demand in Taiji. If we can show the Okinawans that the Taiji dolphin meat is heavy in toxic chemicals we can cut off that market and slowly strangle Taiji's dolphin meat business helping to end the killing.

Our latest tests of dolphin and pilot whale meat from Taiji done in May of this year showed extreme levels of mercury and PCBs.With this information and the data we will gather from Taiji dolphin meat purchased in Okinawa, we can cut the demand for dolphin meat in Okinawa.

We will also test meat from whales that are being killed in the area of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Not only will we test for mercury and PCBs but also for radiation.

The IWC is an ideal venue to publicize these findings as it is attended by international media, and in particular, a strong contingent of Japanese media reps.


For the dolphins and whales,

Hardy Jones

P.S. My book, The Voice of the Dolphins has now been released in a Kindle version, as well as an eBook with embedded video.

Ongoing Campaigns

We are preparing a report for the IWC on intelligence in humpback whales along with a film that proves Greenland is abusing its permit to hunt humpbacks. We hope to reverse the quota granted to Greenland to hunt 27 humpback whales.

We are also writing a report on the presence of brucellosis in marine mammals and the threat of disease transfer from dolphins to humans who come into contact with raw dolphin and whale meat.

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