Red Sail Sports Newsletter Newsletter Volume 14
April 2007

From now through November 30, 2007, dive enthusiasts are invited to enter our 20th Anniversary Dive Package Contest. The Grand Prize is a six-day dive package for two with Red Sail Sports in Grand Cayman. TOTAL PRIZE VALUE = $1,200US

The prize package includes:
A Daily Two-Tank AM Dive (6 days), 50% OFF a Night Dive, A Sunset Sail, A 10% Retail Discount, A Red Sail Sports Anniversary T-Shirt, Transfers to/from hotel within Seven Mile Beach area for diving. NOTE: The Stingray City dive is not included.

Congrats to our first winner!!!
Tamara Russell from Texas

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  • We're Opening Our Doors & Sails in St. Kitts!
  • News From Red Sail Sports Grand Cayman
  • News From Red Sail Sports Aruba
  • News From Red Sail Sports Hawaii

  • News From Red Sail Sports Grand Cayman

    Getting married? Planning your honeymoon? Then grab the summer issue of Destination Weddings & Honeymoons. An article features beautiful images of a bride and groom photographed right here in the Cayman Islands. It offers information about when to go, what to do (Hint: Red Sail Sports!), and where to stay. Read the Cayman Islands cover story here .

    Red Sail Sports Grand Cayman is pleased to announce a partnership with the Ritz- Carlton, Grand Cayman as its preferred supplier of scuba diving and watersports services for its guests. There is even a Red Sail Sports representative at the hotel seven days a week to answer questions and make reservations. Visit the Ritz-Carlton's website here. (Photo provided by the Ritz-Carlton) A view from the beach..

    The dock at Morritt's Tortuga Club has been re-built and is now in service. Here, guests of Morritt's can now enjoy convenient boat loading, plus complimentary storage facilities.

    News From Red Sail Sports Aruba
    Red Sail Sports tours the new decompression chamber

    This past December, history was made when a diver was successfully treated for DS (decompression sickness) in Aruba's brand new decompression chamber. Previously, divers experiencing DS were flown to Curacao or Bonaire for treatment. Now, divers may be treated quickly and safely in Aruba's new state- of-the-art facility. Managing Director of Red Sail Sports Aruba, Peter de Hoop adds, "We are very pleased to finally have a decompression chamber on the island of Aruba, where so many people come to dive and enjoy the beautiful world below."

    In cooperation with PADI and Project A.W.A.R.E., Red Sail Sports Aruba is hosting Beach Clean-up Day on April 21 from 8am - noon. Approximately 80 volunteers are expected to help clean the area between the California Lighthouse and Wariruri. Because Aruba's most beautiful natural resources are its beaches, continuous dedication and educational awareness is essential to preserving this environment. To sign-up, volunteers may phone 011 297 586-1603. All participants will receive a free T- shirt and snorkel sail! Click here for more information about Dive for Earth Day.

    THE JET SET'S NEEDS ARE NOW MET! Aruba is a jet-setting island that has attracted the luxury market for decades. Now, Aruba's first private jet facility, which officially opened in January, is offering travelers with private jets easy access to our beautiful island where the weather's always warm, the trade winds always blow, the water's always inviting, and the people are always friendly.

    No Work & All Play: A recent participant of a corporate games contest. Aruba is now a full service Destination Management Company. Email: dmc@redsailaruba.com for group event information.

    News From Red Sail Sports Hawaii

    When the Kaimaka or "Eyes of the Sea" made its appearance in Kona on the Big Island, it was met with wows from the local Harbor folks. Honokohau Harbor is filled with fishing boats, catamarans, and sailing vessels, so locals are used to seeing luxury vessels sail in and out of the Harbor, but the ultra stable, 50- foot Kaimaka catamaran made a lasting impression on many of the onlookers.

    Since its arrival last summer, Kaimaka has been moored in Anaeho'omalu Bay, Waikoloa, where it attracts many visitors. Visitors see Kaimaka landing on the beach and migrate towards it in hopes that this is the catamaran they will be boarding (though there is one other "cat" at A-bay that does not belong to RSS). Kaimaka's reputation is spreading with travel agents and group bookings for VIPs because of Red Sail Sport's well-known customer service, plus the vessel's sheer size and exquisite beauty.

    We are very happy to have Kaimaka as an addition to our company, as it has certainly given us a competitive edge.

    We're Opening Our Doors & Sails in St. Kitts!

    Red Sail Sports is proud to announce its fourth tropical location, opening our first two retail shops and our first catamaran to the public by the end of April in St. Kitts. This lush Leeward Island with a rainforest, three dormant volcanic peaks and gorgeous white sand beaches is 1,300 miles southeast of Miami in the azure Caribbean Sea, and has been a favorite stop of cruise lines for many years. Our 53 foot luxury catamaran, the Balia, is currently sailing from Aruba to St. Kitts to take passengers on snorkeling, sunset, dinner sails and romantic full moon cruises, as well as journeys to the neighboring island of Nevis.

    Our "News From The Reef" editor sat down with Red Sail Sports St. Kitts Operations Manager, Harvey Lang, about his exciting position on a new island. Here are our questions and Harvey's candid answers...

    Q: How does it feel to be back with Red Sail after 13 years?
    A. It feels great. I've been wanting to work for Red Sail since my tenure on Aruba from 1990-1993 as Retail Manger of its shops.

    Q. Tell us about St. Kitts. What attracted you to move there, besides the gorgeous tropical terrain, constant trade winds, French history and warm Caribbean waters?
    A: All of the above, plus the opportunity to be involved with a new operation from the beginning on a new Island for Red Sail Sports. I guess you could call it a true entrepreneurial endeavor.

    Q. What will RSS sell in its St. Kitts retail stores?
    A: Initially, we'll be starting with two stores. "Red Sail Sports" will be our usual resort store featuring men's and women's swimwear, T-shirts, polo shirts, caps, sandals, sun care, masks & snorkels, etc. But "Island Life" is going to be our upscale sportswear boutique for men and women, featuring the very fashionable Tommy Bahama, among other well-known labels.

    Q. How large will the first retail stores be?
    A. Each of these two stores will have almost 900 sq ft of selling space. If you've been to any RSS store, you know that's a LOT of merchandise for snorkelers, divers, sailing, and anyone who loves the beach or tropical weather.

    Q. Where will your stores be located?
    A. The stores are located next to each other at Port Zante, Basseterrre, St. Kitts. This is the downtown cruise shop port and capital city of the island. Today, there's a great deal of activity because the Queen Mary 2 is here during her round-the-world cruise.

    Q. When is the first store opening?
    A. We expect to open our doors before the end of April.

    Q. How many retail locations do you plan to open in the near future?
    A. As many as can be successful!

    Q. Have you ever sailed on the Balia before its repositioning to St. Kitts?
    A. Yes, indeed. When she was new in Aruba.

    Q. What kinds of sailing excursions are you planning for the Balia around the island?
    A. Daytime snorkel trips, sunset sails, and evening dinner cruises, plus charters, if requested.

    Q. Why should a watersports enthusiast visit St. Kitts vs. its neighboring islands like Nevis and St. Estastius?
    A. Because St. Kitts is still unspoiled by rampant tourism. And it's got a wonderful, diverse ecological base with a rainforest and several dormant volcanoes. It's truly a paradise for an outdoor lover.

    Q. Though you won't be offering diving trips just yet, what's your favorite dive site around the island?
    A. I've been told that there are some lovely sites, specifically River Taw Wreck, a 144' freighter off Frigate Bay Beach; Monkey Shoals, a circular reef off the southwest coast; and Coconut Tree Reef, one of the largest reefs off Basseterre Bay.

    Q. How are you adjusting to your new life on the island?
    A. I'm doing fine.

    Q. What's your favorite watering hole?
    A. Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack.

    Q. What's your favorite local restaurant?
    A. Caio is a good, friendly Italian eatery.

    Q. What's your favorite overall restaurant that a visitor shouldn't miss?
    A. For an excellent dining experience, I highly recommend Marshalls. It's outstanding!

    Q. What's your favorite tropical drink?
    A. The local concoction is Carib beer! And it's brewed right here!

    Q. Anything else you'd like to share about St. Kitts?
    A. Yeah, c'mon down!

    Click here to see where St. Kitts is located in the Caribbean.
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