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10 Things Woodbury Foot Care Centre Podiatrist Want to Tell You!
Common Winter Foot Problems
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10 Things Woodbury Foot Care Centre Podiatrist Want To Tell You!

1.  When you go into a shoe store, your salesperson should measure your feet.  Many People think they wear the same size shoe for the past 30 years.  This is not true!  As we age, our feet often get bigger and sometimes wider. Our ligaments become more relax and our feet often change.

2. Your feet don't need to smell! You can use drying agents or sprays on your feet.  You can wear sweat resistant socks or a cotton synthetic sock that absorbs perspiration.  We also sell bromi talc powder, which is awesome for foot odor and perspiration!

3.  Toe separators, bunion splints, and yoga toes do not help! If you have a structural problem, a $6 device isn't going to reverse anything.  These are structural problems, which need x-rays and a surgical consultation. 

4.  Running shoes are specific for running, Buy the type of shoes you plan to wear for the activity.  If you plan to do multiple activites with the same shoe gear, buy a cross trainer.  It's also best to buy shoes in the afternoon when your feet are swollen.

5.  If you have dried cracked feet, use a cream or lotion twice a day.  Avoid creams with alchol base.  Use creams that have urea  to help moisten and penetrate the skin.  We have a few types of creams at our office for purchase.  You can also use your flex spending to buy these creams.

6.  Bunions do not get better without surgery! They progress as we age due to abnormal gait.  They are structural  problems that can be trated with surgical intervention.

7.  Custom Orthotics is a wonderful way to slow down the boney deformities or prevent reoccurance after surgery.  The over the counter "custom-fit" orthotics are a gimmick! They will only help if you need some arch support or padding but they are nothing like the real thin! Orhtotics are like eyeglasses for the feet.  They are made to correct specifc biomechanical ailments that help control your gait.

8.  If you have a foot or ankle problem, call your podiatrist @ 856-384-1333!  Many people call an orthopedic surgeon, which most do not specialize in the foot, hence are not up to date with the best treatments.

9.  Do not mow the lawn, rake leaves or shovel the driveway in flip-flops or slippers.  Many injuries happen not wearing proper footgear!

10.  Stay active and wear proper shoes with proper socks.  If any foot or ankle ailments, call our office for an appointment.  Remember, we have the state of the art x-ray machine and diagnostic ultrasound at our Woodbury office.  Any questions or problems, feel free to call 856-384-1333 or email: sjfootdoctors@verizon.net
Common Winter Foot Problems
1.  DRY, ITCHY FEET -  Believe it or not, both of these complaints will often root from the same problem! Warm, dark, humid enviorments create a delighful home for fungus! Dry feet are a sign of sweaty feet and sweaty feet are precursor to fungal feet.

2.  Wet, Cold Feet - With all the snow and slush in the winter it's difficult to NOT get any in your shoes.  Children leaving wet boots in the hall and walking around in socks, just lead to problems.  Keep your feet DRY and safe with the Aetrex Copper Socks*

3.  Heel Pain - You're shopping, sledding, skiing and all while your feet are taking a beating.  Increased activity, weight changes, improper shoes can all lead to serious, unmanageable foot pain.  Be sure to wear great supportive shoes all through this activity packed season.

4.  Ankle Sprains - It's icy and slippery out and you have so much to do...FAST.  Decorating, shopping, skating, sightseeing...all this activity in such a short amount of time cam significantly increase your chances for sprained ankles.  Again, be sure you're wearing the correct shoes for your activity, and slow it down.
SJ Food Bank
Why Hunger and Homelessness?
Homelessness and Hunger are two key social issues that many forget about.  Due to a shortage of affordable rental housing and an increase in poverty, homelessness has risen dramatically over the past twenty years.  Many other factors contribute to the increase of of homelessness and hunger including increased foreclosure , poverty, lack of work opportunities, decline in public assistance, lack of affordable housing, healthcare, increased domestic violence and mental illness.  Many believe that ensuring jobs that pay a living wage, increased support for those who can not wor, affordable housing, and access to health care can end hunger and homelessness in the United States.
If you would like to help please feel free to drop off cans goods at our offices! We will be sending the food to Eastern High school which has a daily pick up.

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