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'Berts: The Better Place to Stop 


You've been introduced to our 'Berts Buck Stops. You know that our six locations offer high-quality gasoline all around Richmond, getting you in, out and back on the road as quickly as possible. But what you may not know is that five of our 'Berts Buck Stops house a Better Day Café, serving up a wide selection of freshly prepared food items all day long.


For your hunger: Come in, pull up a chair and chow down on some chicken strips, hot wings, pizza sticks, corn dogs or JOJO's. Most Better Day Cafés also feature a Bullets (now open at our Gaskins Road location) where you can grab a delicious Angus burger or chicken sandwich at a great price.


For your family: Choose from a 12-piece or 8-piece fried chicken meal, hot and ready to devour at a moment's notice. 


For your sweet tooth: We've got premium ice cream and milkshakes galore, with a variety of flavors that include chocolate, strawberry, butter pecan, moose tracks and cookies and cream. And don't forget our fried pies, a local favorite. 


So the next time you stop by a 'Berts to refuel your car, don't forget that our Better Day Café can help refuel YOU, too. Don't be too quick to get back on the road; come on in and visit with us a while.

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Food Truck Frenzy



If the food truck frenzy hadn't already hit Richmond, it certainly made a splash in the city this summer.


To clarify, we aren't talking about your average ice cream truck or 1980's "grease truck." We're talking gourmet food, served up quickly at a great price - on wheels. The trend got its start in Southern California, spreading quickly across the country as everything from cupcakes to curry began to churn out of these on-the-go restaurants. And with the launch of the first ever Richmond Food Truck Court this past spring, foodies in the area have grown to crave the unique cuisines of the Boka Truck (Asian-Mexican-American fusion tacos with French technique), Dressed and Pressed (Gourmet salads, truffled tater tots, panini's) and Thai Cabin (Curries, noodles, and meats). You can find the trucks scattered downtown during lunchtime, or check the Food Truck Court schedule to see where they're meeting next! 

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