Avoid Getting Towed! Here's What You Need to Know!

Sure, it’s our job to tow illegally parked vehicles, but here is some friendly advice on avoiding tickets or getting towed in the city of Richmond. We know the benefits of clean and clear streets are of little comfort when your car is being towed, so follow these tips below.

Don't squeeze in.
You’re in a hurry, and you see a spot that’s juuuuust big enough to fit your car or truck. But this can get you in trouble. The city of Richmond has strict rules about distance. You could get a $40 ticket for parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or within 20 feet of a crosswalk at an intersection.

Watch out for street cleaning.
Forgetting to move the car on street-sweeping day is often the reason people get towed in Richmond. Be aware of when the city’s sweeping your street, and watch out for the cardboard signs they post. You can see the current street-sweeping schedule here.

Avoid the big no-no: Parking in a handicap zone.
Parking in a handicap space will get you the biggest ticket the city issues: $200. Ouch. Be careful – you can also get slapped with that fine if you park in front of a ramp constructed for wheelchair use. If you have a disability, make sure your tag is clearly displayed.

In certain situations, you can appeal.
Sometimes it’s really not your fault. If you get a parking ticket because the parking meter broke, a sign is missing, your car broke down or you had a medical emergency, you can appeal your parking ticket. Get more information, and the form you need, here.

And if your car does break down, or if someone has abandoned a vehicle on your property, call us! Seibert’s is there when you need us.

Take care and drive safe,
Randy Seibert