July 2011

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The Story of the Lexiebean Foundation
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A Day with the Brooklyn Cyclones

Kids get to go on the field! 

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An Evening with Theresa the Medium

7:00 -- 9:00 P.M.

Hear from your loved ones on the other side and discover what messages they have for you.

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Lexie's Legs  

Needs You!

We have some events coming up and our running team needs some fresh legs! Come along, have fun, and run for the cause!   

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Volunteer Spotlight

Vince Salvia, devoted board member and The Lexiebean Foundation's most tireless supporter, ran a 5K Mud Race on June 25th. Together with Connie Crump, they raised $2200 for the Foundation!  


Vince and the rest of the Lexie's Legs team will be running 5k's throughout the rest of the Summer and Fall. Our team members are: Vince Salvia, Connie Crump, David Lee and Dan Wilson.  Click here to sponsor our team, or for more details on how you can join us.   


In the months to come, we'll keep you updated about each of our Lexie's Legs team members. Thanks again for your support!


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Dear Friends,


Welcome to our first newsletter! We're looking forward to letting you know what's new and exciting at The Lexiebean Foundation.


Let's start with a brief introduction about who we are, how we got started, and why we do the things we do.


The Story of The Lexiebean Foundation


Alexandra (Lexie) Falabella was a pretty, normal little girl. She loved ladybugs, laughing with her parents, and playing with her little brother and sister. (Fighting with them too. We said she was normal).


Just two days shy of her 6th birthday in 2006, Lexie was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a brain tumor. Now, LeaAnn and Joe Falabella learned firsthand what it meant to have a child with cancer.


The costs can be staggering. Out of pocket expenses, even if you have insurance, can average about $35,000 a year! Plus, there are non-medical costs to consider, like childcare for other children, transportation, meals, and accommodations while your child is in the hospital, and more. And then, of course, there's the emotional toll that having a sick child can take on every member of the family.


Lexie passed away on October 5, 2009, but her story doesn't end there. A few months after she passed, LeaAnn and Joe decided that they wanted to give help and hope to families just like theirs in honor of Lexie. And so, The Lexiebean Foundation was born.


Our mission is to help ease the financial and emotional burdens that childhood cancer places on a family. We help with mortgages, car payments, and other household expenses. We also strive to provide care and comfort to sick kids and their siblings with gift baskets chosen specifically for them.


But we can't do it without you! Your support lets us help families in need and helps us keep Lexie's memory alive. Every time we help a sick child and their family, we like to think that Lexie is smiling.


Check out our upcoming events and please join us if you can. Plus, get some helpful tips on what to do or say when a child has cancer by reading "Lexie's Corner."


Thanks again!


All the best,


Your friends at The Lexiebean Foundation


Lexie's Corner


Inspiration and Motivation for those touched by cancer


Ten Things You Can Do to Help a Family Dealing with Cancer


1. Just do it. Don't wait to be asked what you can do to help: offer and show up. Cook a meal and drop it off. Send a gift card to their favorite restaurant. Mow the lawn. Shovel the sidewalk. Walk the dog. Do their laundry. Lend a helping hand with all the little chores that might get neglected (they'll be so grateful).


2. Offer to babysit, drive, and entertain siblings. Keeping kids on their regular routines can help them cope emotionally. A night at the movies or a home-cooked meal at your house (plus homework help) can do wonders for the kids and their parents.


3. Just listen. Don't interrupt with stories about so-and-so who went through the same thing. Listen to what they're saying and let them know that you'll always be there when they need you.


4. Stay positive. They're already down, so don't spend the little bit of time you have with parents and kids being negative. Stay upbeat, and be the friend who makes the kids (and parents) laugh when you can. Maybe even acknowledge that the whole thing stinks.


5. Give the gift of your time. Mom and Dad need a break (even if it's just 20 minutes for a walk around the block), so give them a homemade gift certificate for babysitting services-and show up whenever they need you.


6. Check in regularly. Let them know you care. Lots of phone calls and emails pour in during those early months, but real friends don't just fade away. Caring for a child with cancer can be a long haul; make sure you don't slip off the radar.


7. Give them pre-paid phone cards. These are a must for parents who can't use their cell phones in the hospital.


8. Visit the child and parents in the hospital. Drop in and sit with the parents for a spell and bring newspapers and magazines (a must for those long days). If the child is an older teen, drive his or her friends to the hospital to visit.


9. Drop off books/music/iTunes® gift certificates. Mom, Dad, and the kids will love you for it.


10. Join the cause.  Help them by raising awareness about childhood cancer. Do a cancer walk-a-thon, run a lemonade stand and donate the proceeds, or write a check. Get everyone involved-from little kids to big seniors.



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