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April, 2011
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Spring Cleaning!
Spring Cleaning and Mental Health

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 Spring Cleaning! 

  This morning as I walked into the garage I saw it again--that pile of stuff; bags and boxes of treasures passed on from my and my husband's parents who were ready to have it out of thier own houses. And now I am ready to have it out myself! 


There is something about the onset of spring that brings on a compulsion to declutter.  As green things emerge outside the world starts to look new and sparkly clean, and it feels good to bring that sense of renewal to our bodies, minds, and physical space where we live.   Take the time this month to shed what is no longer useful and bring that sense of vitality and newness into your own life!


In Good Health!


Spring Cleaning and Mental Health
Stephanie Smith, PsyD--Front Range Psychological Associates   


Many of us think about our health around the first of the year when we make resolutions: lose 10 pounds, start working out, quit smoking.  But by April, many of us have not only given up our New Year's resolutions, but have also stopped thinking about our health altogether.  Instead of focusing your spring cleaning solely on your home, why not do some spring cleaning in the area of mental health too?  Some areas that might need tidying:

Money.  Money can be a significant source of stress this time of year.  Taxes are due and summer vacation balances need to be paid.  Take an honest look at your budget.  Are you spending within your means?  Is your money being spent on things that are important to you?
Time.  I like to think of time as a commodity just like money.  If your first priority is your family, does your "time budget" reflect that?  If not, you may be experiencing strain and stress.  Find yourself not being able to enjoy relationships, work, and hobbies because of lack of time?  It might be time to re-think your schedule.
Friends.  Healthy relationships are essential to mental health.  I encourage folks to be mindful of who they are spending their precious time with, and how those folks affect their mood.  Feel drained after spending time with the neighbor down the street?  Might be time to re-think the friendship.
Work.  Many of us spend a huge percentage of our waking hours at work.  It then becomes critical to our mental health that we do everything we can to make those hours positive.  How is work going?  Are you still happy in your position?  Even if you can't (or don't want to) change jobs, there are plenty of things you can do to feel more fulfilled in your current position.  Set new priorities and goals, alter how you interact with your co-workers and boss, set a "no work-talk" zone at home as a way to separate work and home life. 

Good luck tidying up your mental health this spring.  With just a little extra attention and effort this might be your most psychologically healthy spring and summer yet.

For More information on Dr Smith, please see her website.  You can also follow her on twitter or her blog!
Detoxification: Spring Cleaning for the Body 

Kaycie Rosen Grigel, ND


One of the big buzzwords these days in the natural health industry is "detoxification."  There are many products out there marketed to cleanse the colon, remove heavy metals, or purify the body in some way.  So what is all the hype about, what are we actually doing, and is it really good for the body?

In naturopathic medicine, we work on the premise that if the body has optimum nutrition and is free of obstacles, it will come to a state of ideal health.  In this context, if we gently encourage the body's elimination while focusing on optimal nourishment, it can yield great health benefits. Drastic regimens that promise to rid the body of filthy years of buildup don't necessarily promote health and nourishment. However, taking the time to be intentional about avoiding those things that are obstacles to health and replacing them with health-promoting foods and routines can do wonders for the body.  Spring is an ideal time for this regimen and this can work like "spring cleaning" for the body.

Basic Principles of Detoxification:

  • Avoid foods that are potential allergens or that you know don't agree with you
  • Avoid foods such as alcohol, refined sugar, and caffeine that are generally detrimental to health
  • Eat nutrient-rich, whole foods
  • Drink plenty of water to flush anything that is trying to leave the body
  • Support the systems of elimination

 There are four primary routes of elimination in the body, which are responsible for getting rid of anything the body does not need.  These include the liver, kidneys, skin, and intestines.  We can support these using herbs, through foods and drink, and by promoting sweating through exercise or sauna.  If we can do this gently in a supportive way while giving the body ideal nourishment it can greatly improve our overall vitality.

Possible Benefits of Detoxification:

  • Increased energy
  • Weight loss
  • Decrease in Joint and muscle pain
  • Decrease in Skin rashes and breakouts
  • Improved digestive function

If you have further questions on detoxification, please feel free to email me at !

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Vibrant Health Alliance:  Service to the Community
As you may know, each spring the Vibrant Health Alliance engages in a service project for the Golden Community.  This year, we are supporting two organizations:  Colorado Steppin' Out for Kids, a local group that provides a school wardrobe for kids grades K-8, and Hope Phones, an international organization that sends used cell phones to Africa to help expedite medical treatment for people who would otherwise have to walk many days to access health care.  You can help by bringing your unwanted cell phones to any of our offices and dropping them off, or by donating to Steppin' Out for kids. 
For More information on the Vibrant Health Alliance, see our website
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