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May 2011                                                                                                        Vol.1, No.4 for the community!

Skies Stay Clear for ETHD Groundbreaking


For as many rainy days that we've had this season, Eden Township Healthcare District (ETHD) lucked out on March 9th for its ground breaking celebration for the Eden Medical Building.  No clouds and no rain on this parade!


In fact, more than 30 local business owners, healthcare professionals, school officials, and local government officials turned out to join members of the ETHD Board of Directors and the construction management team, Nova Partners Inc. on site for the celebration.  After coffee and donuts, healthcare dignitaries and contractors donned hard hats and grabbed shovels to start the project by breaking ground.  
 shovel   (Above left to right):  Jeff Faulkner, BNB Construction, Carole Rogers, Eden Township Healthcare District Board Chair, Dev Mahadevan, ETHD CEO, David Marks, Nova Partners, Bob Swanson, representative for Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley and Kurt B. Anderson, Anderson Architects, Inc.


David Marks, Nova Partners & Kurt Anderson, Anderson Architects, Inc. (far right)



Mike Bush, Assistant Superintendant, Castro Valley Unified School 
District & George Granger, Board Member Castro Valley Unified School District
barb n carole

                                   ETHD Executive Assistant, Barbara Adranly

                                        and Carole Rogers, ETHD Chair (above)


grp shot grd brking

Suzanne Mathieu, from Bayside Realty visits with other ground 

breaking event guests. 





When completed the Eden Medical Building will be the newest and largest medical office building in Castro Valley. The project currently on schedule is expected to be completed in July 2012. The structure will house up to 15 suites for medical practices.  


Construction Begins -

the New Eden Medical Building


Now that the ground breaking ceremonies have passed, the real work begins for setting the foundation for the Eden Township Healthcare District Medical Office Building.  BNBuilders working closely with their subcontractors elevated the building pad and excavated the buildings footings and perimeter grade beam.  Crews have installed an intricate mesh of rebar in the foundation in preparation of the concrete  which will provide a stable foundation for the building.  Now that the outline of the building has been physically established, it has become clearer to the public, the area the building will encompass.


Moving forward, the rear bio-retention area has been excavated and the adjacent retaining wall has been erected.  The bio-retention area promotes a naturally filtering of rain water in the ground.  Rain water from the site will be directed to the bio-retention area, filtered and collected in underground pipes and released into the San Lorenzo Creek.   


The interest level of passerby's as well as our neighbors has got people standing by watching the construction as workers apply their trades. 


day care kidsThe photo above gives a new meaning to the term "official inspectors" as a group of interested youngsters from Castro Valley's Little Sunshine Learning Center stand with their teacher behind a safety fence observing the work with inquisitive minds.




Behind the scenes, prefabricated steel columns and trusses are being fabricated and in the coming weeks, the steel framing is scheduled to be delivered and erected. 


ETHD Advisory Committee Update -

    Agency Director Moves Committee to

    Take Actionbriscoe


The ETHD Community Advisory Committee (CAC) got a dose of reality from Alex Briscoe, (right), Director for the Alameda County Health Care Services Agency. Briscoe presented a talk to CAC in February which focused on the new Federal Health Reform Bill and its impact on Alameda County health care services. 


The new comprehensive health reform bill, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, signed into law on March 23, 2010 by President Obama, focuses on provisions to expand coverage, control health care costs, and improve health care delivery systems. This legislation created the largest federal initiative yet to fund disease prevention, with an emphasis on low-income communities. It started with $750 million announced Feb. 9. It includes $145 million for grants awarded to groups with effective strategies for changing neighborhoods.


While Briscoe admits the new bill is an important and welcome step in the right direction, it does not fundamentally alter the economy of health care.  "Many issues remain on the table," said Briscoe. "Medicaid expansion and insurance market reforms are critical components, as well as, reform of health care service delivery systems and focus on primary and preventative care. Those are still lacking." And in his opinion, local communities will need to tackle health disparities and step up to the challenge of providing solutions for health care access including better delivery systems.  


One possible solution mentioned by Briscoe during his presentation, revolves around a proposed health care services concept currently under discussion. Working in collaboration with Cisco Systems, HCSA is planning to investigate the feasibility of establishing "Community Health Centers" within Alameda County-based fire stations. The Community Health Centers would provide such health services as the treatment of minor injuries, primary and preventative care, inoculations, etc.

Briscoe points out that the general reputations of community fire departments can be considered a forceful catalyst for the transition of the average health care user receiving medical services (heretofore mainly available within the recognized confines of a hospital emergency room or free standing medical clinic) at a fire station. Historically, fire departments have enjoyed a strong positive identification with regard to the overall welfare of the communities they serve. Additionally, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and paramedics, already in place within most fire department organizations, are identified as a valuable health care personnel resource, that would need little, if any, additional training for the types of medical services they would be providing within the program. The fire department Community Health Center model appears to be a natural opportunity and potentially a win-win situation for an already stressed health care system, which includes ever growing demands on conventional health care providers and underserved health care consumers.    

As part of ETHD's mission "to provide quality health care services in high need, unincorporated areas of our community," the ETHD Community Advisory Committee is intrigued with the concept. Could this proposed venture be a possible health care services solution for communities such as Cherryland and Ashland? These are areas served by the District, that clearly have the need, with substantiating demographics indicating critical social and health-related areas of concern, such as, a high teen birth rate, low income populations, barriers to accessing health care delivery and a high proportion of families with children and single mothers.

A follow up letter to Briscoe from ETHD CEO, Dev Mahadevan, requested that Alameda County Health Care Services Agency "consider the Ashland and Cherryland Areas in the District as potential pilot sites for the Fire Station-based Community Health Centers."  And in mid-March several members of the ETHD Community Advisory Committee, including ETHD Chair Carole Rogers, submitted a "Letter to the Editor" to local news media outlets voicing their support of such an initiative, (see ETHD Chair's Letter).

The ETHD Community Advisory Committee continues to be  committed to working with and supporting the efforts of Alameda County Health Care Services Agency developing and initiating such a program.


Financial Update -  April 2011


For the third quarter ending March 31, 2011 (Q3'11) the District had a Net Loss of $1,166,301.  This loss is $986,996 better than the reported loss of $2,153,297 for the last third quarter ending March 31, 2010 (Q3'10).


The primary reasons for the decrease in the net loss was  the District had lower grant expense of $636,197 due to the suspension of community grant awards, and lower legal fees of $553,687 related to the Sutter Health dispute over the future of San Leandro Hospital.  Additionally, interest expense was lower by $63,590, salaries & wages/consulting expense was lower by $49,749, and management fees were lower by $46,155.  The reduced management fees were due to the change in property management services for the Dublin Gateway site.  These savings were offset with $162,455 of election cost.  Election cost is an expense the District incurs every other year, if there is an election for the board of directors.

Interest income for Q3'11 was down by $69,776 compared to Q3'10.  The Districts Q3'11 realized loss on their investments were higher by $49,894 and unrealized losses were higher by $115,575 compared to Q3'10.

We are actively negotiating a lease for all of the first floor space of 4000 Dublin Boulevard, which is Building One of the Dublin Gateway Center.  This should substantially increase the cash flow from the building. 

                                                                     -Michelle Robles

ETHD Board Member Retires - Two Photos a Long Time in Coming!
dvorsky This photograph has been a long time in coming - it was taken November 17, 2010 when former ETHD Board member Harry S. Dvorsky, M.D., (left) retired from the ETHD board. It's a great picture of Dr.D., but alas, it was misplaced for the past five months. And so, we have been searching in our email archives to find it before we published the announcement of Dr. Dvorsky's retirement.
The second photo within this photograph, held by ETHD Board Chair Carole Rogers, is another great picture and was also a long time in coming - it commemorates the 12 years that Dr. Dvorsky has graciously served on the Eden Township Healthcare District Board. His contributions over the years to the Board and our community have been many!
Thank you, Dr. Dvorsky, for your time served on the ETHD Board and the time you have waited for this long overdue photograph and acknowledgement.       
                                                                   - Jonnie Banks      



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 This Issue

Eden Medical Building Ground Breaking
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ETHD Advisory Committee Update
ETHD Board Member Retires
Letter from the ETHD Board Chair
A Message from the CEO

Letter from the ETHD Board Chair  


A recent visit by Alex Briscoe, Director of Alameda County Health Care Services with the Eden Township Healthcare District Community Advisory Committee, prompted the writing of the following letter and its distribution to local news media editors. 



March 21, 2011




The purpose of this letter is to support Alameda County Health Care Services Director Alex Briscoe in his pilot proposal to locate "Community Health Centers" in local fire stations within our local communities. We understand he recently received a grant from Cisco Systems to accomplish this.  This is an exciting project and will allow our community to have better access to primary care provided by a valuable healthcare personnel resource already in place, Fire department paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).


The Eden Township Healthcare District Community Advisory Committee recently voted to send a letter to Mr. Briscoe congratulating him on his vision, and to request that he consider locating these new Health Centers within Ashland and Cherryland/Alameda County.  These are areas served by the District and recent healthcare data indicates they are severely impacted with poor access to primary care, and high morbidity and mortality rates for heart attacks and diabetes.


The ETHD Community Advisory Committee is committed to working with and supporting the efforts of Alameda County Health Care Services Agency and Alameda County Fire Department in developing this program. We are requesting the community's support for this request, as well. Please send us a message of support for our efforts to our District website,, our Facebook page (Eden Township Healthcare District), or Twitter (ethdorg).




Carole Rogers, Chair  
Eden Township Healthcare District


Michael Gregory,

Dr. Jennifer Ong,

Susan Reisz,

Dr. Vin Sawhney,

and Roxann Lewis

ETHD Community Advisory Committee Members


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A Message
from the CEO



The Eden Township Healthcare District continues to work towards improving the health of the community it serves. Our latest effort is to build a medical office building on the Lake Chabot Road site across from the Eden Medical Center campus.  


The District has owned this property since 2004 and has intended to support the needs of the Eden Medical Center campus. Originally, the thought was to provide additional parking but the plans changed. The buildings on site were slowly vacated and eventually, it became clear that to bring them up to current code would be much too expensive for medical office space that was obsolete by current practice standards. Some of the physicians who occupied medical offices on the Eden Medical Center campus had to move since the offices were being demolished as part of the construction of the new hospital at Eden Medical Center. Some of them moved to the temporary building that the District put up on this site and began planning for the new medical office building. 


The District can provide office space at a lower cost than a developer primarily by spreading the cost of the building over a longer time period and by being able to borrow money cheaper than a commercial developer. This translates into lower rent and in the current market, a feasible new building, where a developer may not be able to make it work. This allows individual physicians and small groups to be able to rent space in a state-of-the-art building rather than a converted building that is 30 or 40 years old.



We are expecting to fill this building with medical and healthcare professionals and support services (like a laboratory). The building should be ready for occupancy by the summer of 2012.




                -Dev Mahadevan
                       ETHD CEO
                       May 2011



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