In the good ole summertime! 

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In the good ole summertime !


July 2011

crape myrtle
Crape myrtles are the color of summer
plant some now !
In this issue
New Shipment of Citrus has arrived
Sourwood Trees in stock - Lily of the Valley Tree Fragrant Summer Blooms!
Red Maples & Sugar Maples - Plan for a Fall Color Extravaganza by planting Now
FREE PLANTS...Churches - Schools -...Organizations - Municipalities
Byers' Choice New Arrivals
New T-Shirt Display.
Who Grew Zinnias this year???
Dear Triple Oaks Friends ,
Hope you are surviving the heat and watering deeply. Remember that you want to encourage plant roots to go down deep to protect them from summer's heat and winter's cold.  It is ok for plants to dry a little in between watering, but do not let them wilt!

Come see our awesome herbs. Basil is lush and fragrant, parsley is fantastic and can be put in the ground now for use until winter and then some. Come get some herbs today. Buy three and the fourth of same price is free when you mention this newsletter . 

Mandelvilla Plants 50 % 0ff when you mention newsletter.

I love the beautiful tropical mandevilla vines. The red ones are my favorites, but we also have white and a few pink. You can buy them now at 50 % off the original price. We have quite a few as we got them in a  bit late this spring and missed the Mother Day's demand for them.  However, it is not too late to put one out on your deck, pool mandevilla redpatio or front porch. Repot it and feed it well to make it beautiful and your watering a bit easier. I like to keep a saucer under my topicals so they have more water in this hot weather. 

Did you know that these lush, colorful plants can be brought in over the winter and kept in a sunny  window. With some care they will remain beautiful and with enough sun even bloom.

Check other summer blooming hardy shrubs such as awesome hibiscus with huge blooms, crape myrtle, vitex, butterfly bushes, glossy abelia, knock out roses and lots more. Add some summer and full color now.

 hibiscusmonarch on butterfly bushhibiscus pink


Renee Seeds 50 % off. Get ready to plant fall greens and herbs. Save many such as tomatoes peppers and egg plant for early spring indoor planting. Get them while they last! 


See herb 25 % coupon at bottom of newsletter.

citrus tree
New Shipment of Citrus has arrived

 We just received a shipment of beefy Citrus trees including Improved Meyer Lemon, Seedless Lisbon Lemon, Eureka Frost Lemon, Kaffir Lime, and Pineapple Sweet Citrus. These plants are in one gallon pots and will soon send out lots of new growth and fragrant bloom. They need to grow outside in the sunny summer humidity and do not need to come in till late October or early November depending on the weather. We love to have a few in sunny windows all winter ! They are fragrant and colorful when the fruit ripens.

   Citrus always tastes better when tree ripened and picked at the optimal time.  That is even possible in our northerly climate growing them in containers and bringing them inside during the winter.   My Mexican Lime is almost ready this year and I'm going to savor them inside of a cold Corona on a hot day.  ( LK likes a slice of tangy orange in a cold glass of Blue Moon brew)

Sourwood Trees in stock - Lily of the Valley Tree Fragrant Summer Blooms!

Sourwood or Oxydendrum arboreum also known as Lily of the Valley Tree is a rare sought after native (to the Mid South/Appalachia) tree with wonderful summer fragrant flowers and some of the best red fall color of any tree.  We have a nice collection of them in stock now for summer/fall planting, these trees are around 7-8' tall in containers and are big enough to make an impact in the landscape but small enough to fit in a car and plant yourself.  Plant them now for a magnificent fall display in the landscape.



Buy 3 Sourwood Trees and get FREE delivery & installation!!!Limted offer only until till  July 30, sourwood2011.




Red Maples & Sugar Maples - Plan for a Fall Color Extravaganza by planting Now

We have a great selection of beautiful maples in stock including Acer rubrum 'October Glory' and Acer saccharum 'Legacy' which are two wonderful native trees known for their great fall color.  Red Maple is the one you see in local south Jersey wetlands, called Red Maple due to the Red flowers in early spring.  October Glory is known for wonderful red and orange fall color.  Legacy Sugar Maple is also a star in the fall with amazing bright yellow and orange fall color that glows in the dark!  Plant the two together NOW for stunning fall color.






Buy an October Glory Maple and a Legacy Sugar Maple together and receive $250 off the installed price!!!   



butterfly buckeye
Churches - Schools -  non profit Organizations - Municipalities FREE PLANTS
These are only certain specially picked plants, preferred customer's organizations are eligible and you must call first or email  to set up an appointment with 'Joe only' to see the plants. 


We are clearing out our growing areas of less than perfect plants that need a home and need to be nurtured.  If your church, school or non profit organization is interested in free plants, give us a call to discuss it.  We  will require a letter from the organization to indicate the plants will be used in public plantings, and you must take a sizable amount of plants and they all must be planted and watered.  This opportunity is not for individuals or homeowners.   There is a limit so first come basis will be used.
byers new
Byers' Choice New Arrivals !
the fall gals are here and look at that gingerbread house. Stop by for order form fora limited  Special 2011 gingerbread witch . 
Join our Byers club to participate in fall and holiday specials and events. Byers are a great made in the USA collectable!


 with Advice on a T-Shirt!

New T-Shirt Display
 great shirts for nature lovers, gardeners and everyone on your list. 
I just love these colorful shirts and especially like the words of wisdom on the shirts. 
See them also at our Vineland  Landis market location. sizes sm.  up to  2 x lg ! 







Read the advice on just a few of our many t-shirts with advice!!  

t shirt


t-shirt butterfly


Who Grew Zinnias this year???

Pictured are Zinnia's grown from seed, Renee's Garden seed from Triple Oaks.  Its not too late to plant them, and one packet of seed makes way more flowers than you have vases.  I have little bouquets in several vessel's around the house and am now getting creative with bottles, ball jars, shot glasses and any way to display them.   
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