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               March, 2012     

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2012 Teleconference Series
2nd Annual Pediatric Lobby Day
HIT Conference: Making It Work In Connecticut Pediatric Practices
E. Maurice Wakeman Lecture announcement
CTAAP Receives Dental Health Grant
Teen Safe Driving Grant Program sponsored by The Allstate Foundation
2012 Teleconference Series

This year's popular teleconference series will present 15 programs with top quality speakers on topics most requested by our members.  The programs will feature local and national experts offering practical advice on timely topics.  These convenient low-cost programs are physician CME approved and are typically offered at the convenient noon time hour.  We hope you will join the over 8,000 participants that have registered for one of our programs in the last 4 years. We kicked off our 2012 Teleconference Series with a program on insurance denials based on medical necessity. Upcoming programs will include baby-friendly hospitals, working with DCF, lead poisoning, development mile stones and more.


As part of this expanded 15 program series, we will now be charging a fee for CMEs or letters verifying participation for CEUs.  As always, anyone may listen in for free. 


If you would like to register for the entire 15 program series or view the series schedule please open this link.

Registration Form

2nd Annual Pediatric Lobby Day
The 2nd Annual Pediatric Lobby Day will be April 19 at the Legislative Office Building and Capitol in Hartford. We invite all CTAAP members to join us. Our legislative priorities for this session include a ban on tanning for people under 18 and increasing physical activity in schools to 20 min per day for children up to 5th grade.

Many other issues affecting children's health are being addressed during this session. Please join us if you are interested in any other issues being addressed. 

We are pleased to have both CCMC and Yale New Haven Residency Programs join us. Prior to the lobby day, we will be offering both residency programs training in advocacy at the state level and speaking to legislators.

We hope our members will participate in both activities. 

If you are interested, please contact Jill at:


Hit Conference:
Making It Work In Connecticut Pediatric Practices

CTAAP will offer a live program on Health Information Technology on Friday, June 1st in Orange, CT from 8:00AM - 2:00PM.   This conference will offer information on the basics of electronic health records (EHR), meaningful use of EHR and navigating the changing EHR landscape. In addition, speakers will address Connecticut-based information sharing systems and strategies for implementation in small practices. We will also offer advice on EHR security and privacy issues.   A portion of the program will be dedicated to tips and advice from a local Connecticut pediatric practice that has fully implemented an EHR system. Lastly, technology experts will be available for personal consultation to answer participants' individual questions. More information will be available soon. 


Open this link to register for this program. 

HIT Conference Registration 

E. Maurice Wakeman Lecture
The E. Maurice Wakeman Lecture is named after Dr. Wakeman,

a pediatrician  in a private practice in Guilford and a partner for 33 years with Guilford Pediatrics. He was a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and an associate clinical professor of pediatrics as the Yale New Haven School of Medicine. He served for two terms as the Chairman of the CT Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. He also served within the leadership structure of the AAP. Dr. Wakeman, one of Connecticut's finest pediatricians, was a friend, leader and mentor to pediatricians, and counselor to many children and their families. He died in 1996.


The CTAAP is honored that this year, Dr. David Schonfeld, MD, FAAP, has agreed to speak. His topic is Supporting children in the aftermath of a crisis. David J Schonfeld is the Professor of Pediatrics Director at Thelma and Jack Rubinstein, National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement Director, Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical and Professor Adjunct, Yale University School of Medicine.


Please join us on Wednesday, April 18th for the E. Maurice Wakeman Lecture. (12 pm at The Fifkin Auditorium, Yale University School of Medicine.)


Foundation for Children Receives Dental Health Grant
Foundation for Children recently been awarded a grant to implement a multi-state dental health program.  This program, spear-headed by the inimitable Dr. Joanna Douglass, will offer pediatricians hands on assistance in providing infant oral health services. Three states are participating in the program: Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  As part of the grant, dental hygenists will travel throughout Connecticut offering in-office training to pediatricians who would like to provide infant oral health services.  

For many years now, CTAAP has been providing infant oral health teleconference training.  This new program is focused on those practices who need extra support to implement the program.  

Recent trends in infant oral health are alarming with a large increase in infants undergoing general anesthesia to treat caries. This recent New York Times article highlights the urgent need for improved dental health. 

For more information contact Jillian Wood at


Teen Safe Driving Grant Program sponsored by The Allstate Foundation
The American Academy of Pediatrics and The Allstate Foundation are joining forces in 2012 to reduce teen driving deaths. As part of the Teen Safe Driving Grant Program sponsored by The Allstate Foundation, eight AAP chapters (Alabama, California 4,
Connecticut, Iowa, Illinois, New Hampshire, New York 2, and Pennsylvania) have been awarded $25,000 each to develop novel approaches to strengthening graduated driver licensing laws and improving teen driving safety.

To read full article click here
To download report click here 


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2012 Series
Upcoming Teleconferences


May 9th 

Lead Poisoning 

Dr. Hilda Slivka and 

Dr. Lisa Menillo


Tuesday, May 22nd 

Developmental Mile Stones 

Dr. Carol Weitzman


Tuesday, June 5th 

State of Connecticut's New Vaccine Registry