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October, 2011

In This Issue
CTAAP Member Honored for work with Sacred Heart University
Updated TB School Screening Guidelines Released
Update on Connecticut Vaccine Refusal Study
CTAAP Member Dr. Richard Whelan Profiled
Guidance from DPH on Mold and Air Testing
WIC Announces Switch to New Infant Formula Products
CTAAP Member Honored by Sacred Heart University

From Left to Right:   Dr. Patricia Walker, Dean of the College of Health Professions, Sacred Heart University, Dr. John Petillo, President of Sacred Heart University, Dr. Harry Romanowitz, Sheila Romanowitz,
and Emily Rohman, Assistant Director for Alumni Relations, Sacred Heart University.

Dr. Harry Romanowitz was selected to receive a Community Partner Award from the College of Health Professions of Sacred Heart University.

This distinguished award is given to an individual who has demonstrated extraordinary collaboration to further the educational goals and mission of the college.
It was presented at a ceremony at Sacred Heart University on September 25.



Updated TB School Screening Guidelines Released

The Connecticut State Department of Education recently revised their tuberculosis screening guidelines for Connecticut schools.  The guidelines were last updated in 2005.  These most recent guidelines were developed with input from the Connecticut Department of Public Health, the Connecticut State Department of Education, the Connecticut Advisory Committee for the Elimination of Tuberculosis and the School Health Committee of the Connecticut Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatricians.


Because local boards of education determine when to test for TB, these policies provide guidelines and suggestions on when TB testing would be recommended.  In addition, the report recommends guidelines for testing of school personnel. 


Open this link to view the guidelines.   

TB School Guidelines.pdf


For more information contact Lynn Sosa, MD, Deputy State Epidemiologist Connecticut Department of Public Health, at 860.509.7723 or at


Update on Connecticut Vaccine Refusal Study

In 2007, Dr. Susan Leib surveyed CTAAP Members on vaccine refusals.  Her findings were published recently in the July/August 2011 journal Public Health Reports supplement "Assessment of Vaccine Coverage."  The paper is entitled Pediatricians' Experience with and Response to Vaccine Safety Concerns and Vaccine Refusals:  A Survey of Connecticut Pediatricians.   Pediatricians reported an increase in parents' concerns over vaccine safety and an increase in vaccine refusals.  More than 30% of responding The full report is available on line at :

Dr. Leib wants to thank all the Connecticut pediatricians who completed the survey and hopes that they find the results interesting and useful.



CTAAP Member Dr. Richard Whelan Profiled

In a recent issue of the BranfordPatch, Dr. Richard Whelan's 33 year career in pediatrics in the Branford area was profiled.  Dr. Whelan describes his early years developing his practice in North Branford and the ups and downs of his career.  Congratulations to Dr. Whelan and we wish him a long and healthy retirement. 


To read the full article open this link. 


Guidance from DPH on Mold and Air Testing

DPH is reporting a recent spate of children unnecessarily removed from school because of mold concerns.   Often times, parents will request an air test because they believe that their child's illness is caused or exacerbated by mold at their school.   Generally, air testing in homes, workplaces or schools is not recommended for a number of reasons.  Often the most effective treatment for mold is to determine how and why the water is entering the building and repair the problem.  In addition, the test has a low accuracy rate and high cost. 


DPH has developed information for physicians on mold basics that explains the relationship between indoor mold exposure and illness, as well as guidance for diagnosing a mold related illness.


Open this link to see the complete set of recommendations.

DPH Mold Guidelines.pdf   


For more information you may contact Salina Hargrove at DPH - 860-509-8095 or



WIC Announces Switch to New Infant Formula Products

The Connecticut Department of Public Health has announced that Enfamil Premium Infant and Enfamil Pro Sobee are the new primary infant formula products.   You may access the following documents for more detailed information on the changes.  


Introductory Letter

Medical Form Required for WIC Formula

Clinician Guidelines for Special Formula Orders

WIC Approved Formula List    


For more information go to or contact Maureen Wojtczak at or call  890-509-8084.    



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