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September, 2011

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Adolescent Confidentiality
Lead Paint
Help for DCF Teens Transitioning to Adulthood
Renew AAP Membership In Order To Vote
AAP News Features CTAAP Member Madhu Mathur
Temporary MD Position
Adolescent Confidentiality


Many of our members have questions about adolescent confidentiality.  We highly recommend Adolescent Health Care:  The Legal Rights of Teens which is published by the Center for Children's Advocacy.  Copies are available for $20.


Adolescent Confidentiality 



Lead Paint

We have long known the devastating effects of lead poisoning on childhood development.  Unfortunately, a recent study commissioned by the State Department of Education and the State Department of Public Health confirms lead paint's continuing impact on childhood academic achievement.  

The study conducted by Duke University assessed the impact of lead paint on standardized test performance.  The authors found that because of the racial disparity in exposure the education achievement gap can be attributed in part to the effects of lead paint.  They also found negative associations that were statistically significant at blood lead levels well below the current Centers for Disease control and Preventions's blood lead action level.

These results emphasize the continued importance of protecting children from lead exposure.

To see the full memo from the State Department of Education open this link. State BOE Lead Paint Memo.pdf

To see the full 13 page report open this link. Lead Paint Report.pdf

For more detailed information contact:




Help for DCF Teens Transitioning to Adulthood

A statewide community provider is assisting DCF adolescents who are moving into their first apartment or dorm room to acquire items that they want and need.


"The Right Stuff" program asks teens "What do you want for you room?" and then finds people to donate exactly what the adolescents requested.   Typical requests could include just the right shade of comforter or the truly hip rug for a dorm room.  In addition, the program encourages donors, especially churches or community groups, to create longer-term relationships with the youth by adopting them in broader ways over time.  Many DCF kids who go away to college have no home to go to for breaks and holidays and donors to this program can provide a welcome refuge for vacations and breaks.  


If you would like to become a donor, contact Robin McHaelen at 860-232-0050 or go to the True Colors website: 


Read Full Article:

True Colors Helping Young Adults With 'The Right Stuff'


Renew AAP Membership In Order To Vote

The national AAP election opens for voting on September 1.  In order to vote, members dues must be paid and up to date and they must be a Fellow, Specialty Fellow, Retired Fellow, or Emeritus Fellow in good standing.


Members in good standing will receive an e-mail announcement from the AAP Election Coordinator during the first few days of September.  It will contain their personalized link to the election ballot.  The ballot link may also be accessed by logging on to the Member Center of the AAP Web site.


Members experiencing problems voting should contact the Customer Service Center, M-F 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Central Time at 866-THE-AAP1 (843-2271) or e-mail at:

AAP News Features CTAAP Member Madhu Mathur
This September's Issue of Community Pediatrics Update features Connecticut's own Madhu Mathur who practices in Stamford.  Dr. Mathur's work is highlighted because of her success in community pediatrics.  She has been particularly effective in establishing medical homes, initiating obesity programs and improving immunization rates. 


For the full story please open this link.


Temporary MD Position
Child and Adolescent Health Care, LLC with offices in New Haven and Woodbridge seeks a part-time pediatrician for short-term coverage during a maternity leave. Work schedule would be 1 to 3 half-days a week seeing mostly sick kids. Approximate time period from January through March. 
Please contact


Jillian Wood
Executive Director
104 Hungerford Street
Hartford, CT  01606
P:  860-525-9738
F:  860-727-9863

CTAAP Teleconferences



September 20th

12:00 pm

Immunization Hot Topics - Perinatal Hepatitis B and Influenza


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October 13th

7:00 pm

Oral Health Training

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October 20th,  2011

Breastfeeding -

Tongue Tie


Special Events



November 4, 2011

9th Annual Yale Pediatric Update